About Me

Hello everybody out there
Its not that easy to be me!
I am a  normal girl living a super-ordinary life :D
 A Blogger by choice, a Shop-a-holic by nature, a foodie by birth, a Bangalorean at heart and an ardent movie buff!
Can speak English in British accent,I love Islam, Simplicity personified,Sitcom Fanatic, Fiction lover, Insomniac, Exuberant, Psycho Shopper :P, Believer, Talker, Jester, crazy Dreamer !!! Yes, I make this life WICKED :D

I Aspire to do something that would change atleast one person's life for the better. Food, books, coffee and movies bring joy! :))

I love my friends. Flaws, imperfections, weaknesses, insecurities and all. Not going to bring them down for being imperfect.People can break my spirit, break my soul, break my heart, but no one will ever break my will to go on!

Well I am just me ,and every day i learn more to be myself.

That's the difference between me and the rest of the world!
Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria! :D

My mail ID :  najmun.l.green@gmail.com
Twitter Handle: @Happychirpings
Instagram: @Happychirpings
Website: www.BlingSparkle.com
Facebook: Najmun Nissa


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  2. It is good to know about the super-ordinary life :D Well, you don't need to fly; Vampire Bat and Vampire Owl don't :D
    Btw, always a psycho-shopper? :P

  3. excellent work and undoubtedly you are so creative. following you babes ;)
    It will be great to have you on my blog ;) do visit and share your feedback