Thursday, March 2, 2017

In Nature, With Nature- Going The Natural Way with Banjara’s

Nature is soothing.. Nature is relieving . Nature is relaxing. Nature is rejuvenating. Nature is healing.
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Don’t we all love natural skin and beauty care products ? Not just for they ensure the safety or our skin  but because they have numerous benefits that work beautifully with the skin. We all love natural products but have we ever cared of Mother nature? Lemme explain.
How many of you are addicted to beauty and personal care products? Addicted to it so badly that you would make sure  buy every new beauty, cosmetic or personal care product that has won your heart with its promising claims? Were you unaware of the harmful chemicals they contained that would harm your skin and wouldn’t stop at that but go on to harm mother nature? This is a message we should spread to avoid damaging our Environment. Its high time we took note of this and took better care of our nature. This message is beautifully explained in a lovely video by a trusted Organic and herbal brand – Banjara’s, the products of which are made from the most natural, high-quality ingredients, carefully selected for their ability to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.
I like their way of conveying the message of taking care of our nature so that it can take care of us in return ( #meandnature). It is important to remember that products made from conventionally produced ingredients can have a negative environmental impact which is why one must choose natural based products over chemical based products. Its disheartening to know that most of us chose chemical based personal beauty products as the manufacturing of such chemical-heavy health and beauty products puts the chemicals, and many more, into the air and water, damaging our nature.
We often start the new year with resolutions to change and do things differently. This time I made a resolution to stick to natural products to the hilt. It’s a time to renew and restart. When it comes to your food and my beauty regime, I always opt for organic and natural . This way at least I can be sure I am doing yourself, and the planet, a great deal of good.
Nature has its own ways to heal our skin . It was not easy for me to stick to my resolution. But thanks to brands like Banjara’s , going the green way just got easier ! Banjara’s promotes using nature based products and I am in love with their Samrvidhi hair oil and Samvridhi hair pack for now ! When you're accustomed to doing things the way you always have, you may not see why you would want to switch up your routine. But once you start using natural based products like Multani mitti+ orange scrub face wash from Banjara’s you see the benefits of choosing nature based products.  Also I have experienced great results while using natural based beauty and health products . After I was highly satisfied with the results garnered by usage of  natural and herbal beauty products I felt a need to adopt a new, natural lifestyle with health and beauty products that could help me look and feel great.
Reversing this spread starts with each and every one of us. All you need is to make small changes, such as replacing a harsh hair oil by an organic and eco-friendly one. And the great news is there is always a  healthier and safer alternative. The key is to be more conscious of our choices, read labels, and encourage companies that are making safe and environment-friendly products. With so many amazing brands and products to choose from, we naturally-minded herbal beauties are no longer limited to choosing from insanely overpriced celebrity brands . With nature based brands like Banjara’s one can ensure you are getting everything without harming your health or the environment. Bes part is that they have products the whole family can take benefits from ! From Here are a few products you can try from their Herbal range . Banjara’s Samvridhi hair oil and Multani Mitti + Orange peel scrub face wash (Does the work of a scrub & face wash!) being my two top favorites among all their products!
Also the fact that Banjara’s products are  cruelty-free, as they are not tested on any animals makes it even more better. Banjara’s is also  listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies !
Banjara’s samvridhi hair care range and Banjaras mulatani mitti + orange peel  scrub have scored real well with me and have done wonders for my hair and face!The first time I used Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair oil and the Banjara’s Hair pack it was love at first use ! My hair felt rejuvenated and restored. My hair felt alive after I washed the hair pack cum cleanser off! Its a must try for all natural based oil lovers plus its so affordable. I am done with my first tube and I can hardly wait to buy my next one. Where as the oil is a gem for it showed great results in preventing my hair from breakage. I  now use it on regular basis and have made of a ritual to use it on my hair tips after every bath.
Another favorite of mine from Banjara’s is their orange peel facewash ! Loved it! It acts as a gentle scrub plus cleanses face. You can read my review Here: Banjaras Samvridhi Hairl oil and the review for the tan free face wash here: Banjara’s Orange+multani mitti Tan removal facewash.
You can also first try their samples to see how they fare . Click here to get free sample from Banjara’s.

I love that their products are high-quality, but very affordable, and that you can select based on your age and requirement. My mom loves herbal products for her hair. I am going totally recommend her to try the Banjaras Brazilian herbal hair dye. You can also try the Banjara’s papaya and multani mitti face pack, this one I haven’t try and believe me its topping in my wish list for this month!
have you tried any of my Banjara’s top favorites? Are you ready to plunge into natural beauty with Banjara’s? Do tell me !
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