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Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil & Samvridhi Hair Pack Review : Forget hair fall & Enjoy hair growth !

Nothing nourishes dry-frizzy hair faster than a hair oil. I am a hair oil lover and love using coconut oil and oils extracted from herbs to nourish my hair!

You don’t always have to invest in fancy, popular name hair products for your hair. Sometimes the best hair oils are actually very simple and made from natural herbs. One such hair oil I fell in love with recently was 'Banjara's samvridhi hair oil'. Why is this different from other fancy hair oils? Well it is natural oil enriched with henna, shihkakai, neem, pipalli, olive oil and coconut oil to name a few. I’m all for natural oils as natural oils are amazing for hair. I make sure I keep my hair far far away from chemicals and heating.

 A hair oil with the goodness of so many rich herbs was tempting and I had to give 'Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Oil ' a try! A good hair oil with herbs from mother nature is something everybody with gradual hair fall should try. The oil works wonders on my hair.

Your hair's best friend is a good hair oil processed with natural herbs. Using natural oils processed with herbs makes hair softer, longer and even stronger. Basically hair needs oil. Read away to know how this hair oil fared with me...

Know The Brand - 'Banjaras':

You know I love everything on sale and that is how I came to know of this brand. A few face washes and face packs from banjara cosmetics where up on sale and I being a natural skin care lover just couldn't stop myself from buying them And after using their face wash, face cream and face pack I must say I am a fan of their natural products. the best thing about their products is that they are affordable and we get a touch of nature nourishment without having to spend a lot! I for one love products from their brand , my new favourite is their hair oil and henna hair pack from their Samvridhi hair care range ! With these two I am sure my hair is getting the best natural care!
 banjara samvridhi hair oil

Price and Quantity:

INR 199 for 125 ml

Shelf Life:

3 years


 banjaras samvridhi hair oil

Variant being Reviewed:

 Banjaras' Samvridhi Hair Oil

One Word: 

herbal natural hair oil


Comes in a sturdy see through plastic bottle with open screw cap. the top nozzle has a hole in the middle which when poked helps in pouring the desired amount of oil and ensures the oil does not spill all over. All in all the packaging is sturdy and travel friendly!


It is slightly sticky and flowy like other hair oils and gets easily absorbed into the scalp.


Has a strong herbal fragrance which fades away after some time.

Shade/ Colour:

Light orangish-brown in color due to the presence of rare herbs.


The screw open cap along with a small hole in the centre makes it very easy to pour the desired amount of hair oil in my palm. I start applying it from the front of head to the back, slowly massaging it into my scalp and then the whole length of my thin long hair. I then leave it for 4-5 hours before applying the hair pack from the same range. I then leave the hair pack for another good 15 minutes before washing my hair with a herbal shampoo or a paraben -free shampoo.

My experience with Banjaras Samvridhi Hair oil:

If you are selling a herbal hair oil with claims its going to reduce hair fall  I am all for it! Plus the absence of mineral oil makes even more tempting. I am happy I got my hands on this hair oil. I have been using this for quite some time now and I must say I am pretty impressed. Even though I would not go on measuring my hair to check if the brand claims to promote hair growth up to 8cm in just 8 weeks is true , I am definitely going to keep using it as it hasn't affected my hair in any way. Let me tell you what, some of the nautral hair oils in the market actually have a reverse effect on my hair , might be due to the presence of mineral oil but this one by Banjara's has improved the texture of my hair and my hair fall has reduced !
But there is no denying it needs massaging completely into my hair and the best results are found when i use it along with the Banjara's Samvridhi hair pack!
Over use, it strengthens the hair roots and prevents excessive hair fall. When you oil regularly, the dandruff issues will get resolved too. I started oiling regularly and the scalp itchiness had gone. My scalp is oily but the length is very dry and damaged. This Bankaras Samvridhi hair oil suited my hair type. I have very fine limp hair and oiling my hair helps me. There is an improvement in the texture of my hair.
I can honestly conclude that the oil has helped in reduction of hair fall and the length of my hair does seem thicker. I use this oil thrice in a week and the piling along with massaging has helped me relax and it has aided my hair loss problem! I have very (Very very very!) fine hair which is dry and prone to breakage . After I wash my hair I have noticed my hair has got more volume which means its growing thick *jump of joy*
After watching numerous videos on hair growth on youtube and failing to control my hair fall this oil has fared well when compared to various things I tried before.


Easily available online and offline at your nearest local store. You can buy it from here

Whats Good:

  1. Its loaded with rare ayurvedic herbs
  2. Improves hair strength
  3. Has powerful presence of hibiscus and olive that help fight hair loss.
  4. Boosts shine
  5. Enriched with goodness of bringhraj, methi , sesame oil that stimulate hair follicles for hair growth
  6. Promotes hair growth and thickness
  7. Massaging of this oil helps in deep conditioning of fine hair
  8. Stands true to its claim of rejuvenating dull and limp hair
  9. Affordable
  10. Easily available
  11. Sturdy packaging makes sure there is no spillage
  12. Travel friendly
  13. Light weight texture
  14. Non-greasy
  15. Works wonders when used with the banjaras hair pack
  16. Helps to tame frizz
  17. Does not contain mineral oil and is a natural hair oil

What could be Better:

  1. The fragrance though being pleasant is quite strong and many might not find it nice, I was one of them!
  2. The 8 cm in 8 weeks claim shouldn't have been included. 
Banjara's hair oil

 banjara cosmetics
Banjara's hair pack

DamselInHeels Rating:★★★★/5

Would I buy this product again?

The hair oil boasts of several ayurvedic herbs nourishing the scalp that stimulate hair follicle and promote hair growth. And the brand claim certainly stays true to an extent ! I can swear that I saw the difference from the first wash. I absolutely loved their samvridhi hair pack but the hair oil is something I used on for a whole week and concluded that it was the one for me. Being a super affordable hair oil this is one hair product which going to stay permanently in my hair care regime!
Yes, I would DEFINITELY buy this hair oil until I have lustrous hair but for the hair pack , which I have fallen head over heels in love with I would certainly buy it again and again and AGAIN!

Do I recommend this? :

If you're thinking of using a hair oil overnight – look no further than this one. A heavenly blend of the most relaxing oils you can imagine, all packed into one bottle. There’s mind-relaxing sweet birch bark, anxiety relieving lemon balm, soothing Roman chamomile and calming lavender. You'll get some seriously good beauty sleep with this massaged into your scalp and summer-parched locks.definitely recommend it those who are on a lookout for an incredibly affordable ayurvedic hair oil which stays true to its hair growth and hair fall reduction claim!

Final Verdict:

Using a ayurvedic hair oil will completely change your hair care routine forever - no exaggeration!
If you find yourself with seriously damaged hair, this hair oil's blend of 10 natural ayurvedic herbs and 3 oils will give a new life to your limp and lifeless hair! If thinning hair and damaged roots are your main concerns, you'll love this hair oil. Definitely give it a try !


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