Saturday, November 5, 2016

BOHO CHIC- 20 Latest Bohemian Style Staples

BOHO CHIC- 20 Bohemian Style Staples Of 2016
We all want to break free from society rules and stereotypes. Many women love to even dress like they long for freedom and that’s where Bohemian style comes into the picture. Originating from the land of Bohemia, now located on the territory of Czech Republic, its one of the most sought after styles. More love to the land of Bohemia for coming up with such a unique free spirit clothing line.
Dressing the Boho Chic way is what many women now crave. It is one of the most fabulous and feminine styles that exist as trends in the world of fashion . Many designers have come up with various styles and dresses inspired by Bohemian/Gypsy style. Boho chic clothes speak of the yearning to break all the accepted rules and dogmatic stereotypes of the world surrounding them.
Now that we know Bohemian style is one of the hottest trends why not invest in a few boho chic pieces to perfect that Bohemian Goddess look?
What I like about the savvy Bohemian style is that it’s flowing and comfy but also edgy and feminine—all at the same time. If you also long to perfect the Boho chic look, make sure you own all the style staples . Dive into the magical world of the wandering and free living with these style staples!
  1. Tunic dresses:

    boho tunics
    boho tunic dress
    A tunic is a staple in Bohemian style. What we like about it is you can wear it alone, with some denim shorts or a pair of jeans. This makes it the kind of piece that you can put on year round. You can wear your tunics with either distressed denims and lace up booties or pair em with shorts!
  2. Slouchy knitted sweaters:knitted sweaters boho

    Going boho in summers is easy but in winters you need to add in some layers to perfect the boho look. The best way to add a bohemian wintery look is to layer it with slouchy knitted sweaters . You can pair these sweaters with fitted denims or skirts in vibrant colors. Wear a white tank or loose fitted white top under the sweater. If you do like dressing in bohemian spirit even in winters then knitted sweater is what you really need in your wardrobe! They make for trendy tops when the temperature hits a low.
  3. Ripped denim pieces: ripped cut offs

    Ripped cut offs are hippie inspired boho chic and is ideal for breezy days when you are in a mood for summer bohemian style. Pair these with tank tops, sheer crochet blouses or even comfy tunics. They also look great with flared and baggy blouses. Ripped denim jeans also adds a boho vibe to your outfit and you just need to add the right boho accessories to complete your look, and you are ready to flaunt your boho comfy side! You can even see that this boho clothing style is very similar to hippie style.
  4. Short shorts:short shorts

    Street style inspired bohemian outfits often have short shorts in denim! Shorts is often looked upon as piece of clothing that is shouts of freedom. Hence its a favorite when it comes to dressing up boho chic!
  5. Flared Pants : flared pants

    Flared jeans are saviors when you want to dress in a free living attitude in winters or when its snowing heavily! Wear your flared jeans with blouses and layer them with fringed coats or long capes in floral prints !
  6. Rompers:rompers boho

    rompers in vibrant color to light hues, yes ! Boho chic is all about joyfulness and openness to the world. Rompers are perfect , style them with funky boots or gladiators and a cowboy hat!The Bohemian style and hot Off the shoulder is trending and how ! A romper may be basic but that's why you'll love it! It is perfect for those days you just don't know what to wear!
  7. Loosely hanging mini dresses:loose fitted dress

    ”Free spirited”- This is one thing that pops up when I see someone wear a loose fitted min. This is another bohemian attire which women all over the world , age no barrier love to wear ! For a quick and comfortable outdoor ensemble throw in suede fringe ankle boots and a cowboy hat with that lovely mini ! Loose fitted dresses is sexy in its way.
  8. Crochet:crochet boho wearcrchet boho style

    Another Boho Fashion Staple are crochet capes , crochet dresses and crochet cover ups! Crochet is all about BOHO! Its best to pair your crochet tops with maxi skirts or ripped shorts !
  9. Denim or fur vests:denim vests boho

    Fur vests are pure love during winters. Wear them over bohemian tunics and white tanks paired with flared jeans. denim vets are best worn with denim shorts for a boho chic vibe.
  10. Maxi Skirts:maxi skirt stylemaxi skirt boho

    A great maxi skirt will be a piece that you turn to over and over again when crafting cool bohemian outfits.Free and flowy maxi skirts can be teamed up with different kinds of blouses to get that edgy feminine boho chic look. The best ones are simple, slit maxi, solid-colored,floral printed and not too heavy as they are the easiest to build outfits from.
  11. Dreamy Maxis :maxi dress boho chicmaxi dress boho

    Maxis with sexy slits and floral prints are a must for a boho chic inspired wardrobe!  These are the most sought after Bohemian attire for they are ideal for all year round. For a rocker chic look wear a belt with long capes and loads of heavy accessories. For a simpler look wear anklets with a slit maxi and go easy on the styling. For a free living look , wear a headband and carry a boho tassel bag. Maxis are the next favorites after maxi skirts ! It is also my favorite clothing from the Bohemian Wardrobe must haves!
  12. Comfy Capes & Kimonos: comfy capes boho stylecomfy capes

    If you are wearing lace tops or crochet blouses its best to cover up with a silk kimono or fringe cape. wear a boho inspired tribal cape over jeans/Maxi skirt or even minis to add the free style look to your outfit That’s all you need to create the ultimate low-key Boho style.
  13. Cool Cowboy Hats:cowboy hats boho

    hats a great way to get away with bad hair days and here’s the cherry on the cake, they are great boho accessories ! Pair em with your Maxi skirts or maxi dress for a chic outcome! Invest in wide brimmed hats as they look absolutely stunning when paired with boho attires.
  14. Lace Up:lace up boho attire

    Lace dresses and outfits add boho vibe to your ensemble in a stunning and memorable kind of way. I think lace is pretty and shouts of feminity. This soft and weightless fabric outfit is perfect to get yourself in the boho mood ! Wear your lace boho outfits to romantic dinner dates or dreamy dates with your loved one!
  15. Boots:    boho boots

    Boots look great with maxi , maxi skirts and dresses ! They are an essential pair that add a Bohemian gypsy vibe to your ensemble’s ! Stock up boots that chunky, ankle high and fringe suede ones ! Pair them with jeans for a more casual vibe.
  16. Anklets:       

anklet boho accessoriesboho anmklet meaning

Jewelry is extremely essential when it comes to pulling off the Boho look. Jewelry that speaks of freedom,peace and love combined together is what makes it truly “Boho. That is exactly the true anklet meaning ! A pair of feminine anklets raise your whole look to by a notch ! Invest in anklets that are comfortable to wear, they can either be made of multiple gold chains or a single strap chain anklet. Anklets give a breezy and sexy vibe to the whole Boho ensemble. Plus an anklet is ure to grab eyeballs and make your style stand out of the crowd.
  1. Headbands & Head wraps: headbands and headwraps

    Headwraps and headbands.can become ideal finishing touches for your boho-chic looks. Try a turban to make an edgy statement. Headbands in chunky silver or a simple beaded headband can make a huge difference.
  2. Rings:           boho rings buy

    Rings are a major part of Boho jewelry and the more the merrier when it comes to boho chic .rings can be tricky . But thank heavens bohemians loved picking up different elements from and didn't give a dime about their accessories matching their outfits. You can layer your outfits with loads and loads of rings in different materials. Statement huge rings or be it delicate knuckle rings, wear em all !
  3. Boho Jewelry:boho accessoriesboho bangles

    Its important that you find unique pieces of jewelry to go with your boho ensemble. Chunky silver jewelry, tassel layered necklaces, beaded bracelets and silver jewelry come into the boho category !You can also wear feather jewelry , it adds to the boho vibe!
  4. Bell Sleeves & Off Shoulder tops: bell sleeveoff shoulder tops

    Bell sleeves are super love for they add a vintage touch to all outfits. opt for off shoulder dresses and bell sleeved tops, they add a boho vibe to your whole ensemble instantly! Plus they are stylish as hell !
There’s a pretty good chance that pretty pieces of Boho basics might be hiding in your closet and a quick trip to a thrift store can help you to find more boho pieces and then you can create a complete Boho ensemble! Also remember to not  copy others’ styling , but to come up with something individual and creative, and also make sure you accessorize your looks, using them as primary accents.
Hopefully this blog post will bring you some inspiration on how you have to dress to look Boho chic.


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