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How To Wear Pearl Jewellery The Ethnic Way? 14 Jewelry Styles To try this Wedding season!

Different ways to style pearl jewellery with Indian ethnic wear ensemble
Diamonds are so yesterday. Pearls are now preferred to diamonds.Pearls being the oldest of gems are very much affordable unlike diamonds. Many of them consider pearls as a sign of royalty. Pearls are undoubtedly a timeless beauty. Best very few have mastered the right way to wear pearls.
The popularity of the pearl is not a surprise as pearls form a flattering effect on any complexion and their can be-worn-with-anything charm has spellbound almost all fashionistas around the globe. Their glamour, their mystique, their beauty,their sparkle and the extraordinary way they can draw attention to a facet of the persona has left me breathless.Many would agree that nothing could have been as economical and effective then shining like a star the way pearls do! the appearance of pearls being simple and vintage makes them great accessories to don at office, or during night and even when running daily errands!
Women in India and across the globe have shown their affection for this gem in many ways. Who doesn’t love the pearl accessories and clothing line showcased by Chanel? Wearing pearl jewelry the correct way will help you look sophisticated and fashionable. Gone are the days when only grandmother’s wore pearl strands and studs. In this century pearls are a favorite among women and girls of all ages.
However you might have noticed pearls have found their favorite place among those who wear pearls with jackets , blazers, office wear, crisp shirts, lace dresses, shift dresses and skirts. Pearls are making a comeback,then why should we not style them with Indian dresses. What about Indian attire, have you ever doubted wearing pearls with ethnic wear? If not then its time for you to wear your favorite pearls with Indian attire !f you are a lover of traditional designs, then you’ll love these jewellery pieces where gold, diamonds, kundans, and polki are used along with pearls to craft beautiful antique pieces.   exquisite designs with meticulous care and unmatched affection.
Now that we all know pearls are a staple and a must have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe lets accessorize them with ethnic attire and create a style statement like never before. Have you always wanted to know how to wear pearl accessories the ethnic way? 
Here are 10 fantastic ways you can style pearls effortlessly with ethnic Indian wear and still look royal, when using these simple rules . Here we see the best ways to wear pearls the traditional way.

[1]Pearl Necklaces:

pearl necklace multi strands
A pearl necklace looks absolutely stunning with traditional Indian wear. Lustrous sea pearls when stringed with uncut diamonds, gold and emeralds look amazing with bridal wear in india. Best when worn with Ghagra-choli dupatta or Heavy shararas, they complete the muslim bride’s wedding look.
Pearls being classic when paired with other precious stones form jewelry that works for almost all occasions and looks wonderful with the most loved Indian attire- the Saree! The is no denying that pearls have an effortless elegance about them and can be paired with sarees either to look dressed up or dressed down. Here are few ways to style your beautiful pearl necklaces with the gorgeous flowing nine yard saree.
How to Style a Saree With Pearls:
ways to style sarees with traditional pearl necklaces
how to style pearls with sarees

[2]Hyderabadi Pearl Satlada:

hyderabad pearls satladas
Hyderabad is famous for its pearl jewellery. For years Hyderabad has romanced these lustrous white gems. Also known as the pearl capital of India , the satlada pearl necklace is a famous from Hyderabad.The nawabs of Hyderabad in the past centuries were known to posses love for pearls and hence craftsmen and traders love trading and crafting pearls in Hyderabad. Other than hyderabadi Pearl bangles one of the most popular jewelry designs of India is the seven stringed necklace, the ‘Satlada. Lets see how you can style this beautiful stalada necklace with :
Jacket blouses: Wear them solo with jacket blouses and let the satlada do all the talking.
Shararas: A sharara is heavy in volume and a satlada will definitely balance the whole look, make sure you skip the choker here.
Designer lehengas: Satladas look brillant with designer lehengas which are high on design and minimal on bling.You can also find hyderabad pearls online.

[3]Pearl choker:

pearl choker
Statement pearl chokers are an absolute must have for every season. When you want to draw the attention to your accessories, a pearl choker is the best way to do it. A pearl choker will look lovely with sarees and lehengas. Mostly seen on bride’s who wear chokers and layer it with other necklaces , the choker adds to the whole glamour's look. Here are a few ways you can style the classic pearl choker with:

[4]Pearl anklets:

pearl anklets
All of us know the correct anklet meaning and anklets are a favorite among Asian women. Women in my village consider wearing anklets auspicious and traditional for married woman. But with changing times the modern woman has used the beloved ankle accessory to decorate their feet . Now give your ankles some love  by wearing these delicate pearl jewellery styles with graceful lehengas , Reshme Langa or the Langa davani.
Pearl anklets can be worn with simple salwar kamees suits also as daily wear. they are a favorite among house wives who prefer to wear it with cotton salwar patials an simple sarees.
It's an easy way to up the glam factor with everything from flip-flops to pumps.

[5]Pearl Rani Haars:

pearl rani haar
Pearl necklaces come in different variants and one such traditional pearl neclace variant is one with multiple strands of pearls mixed with other gemstones , be it kundans or uncut diamonds, called the extravagant Rani haar!These milky jewels are quickly becoming a popular choice with both brides and wedding guests in the form of Rani haars.
A beautiful Rani haar stringed with earls is a sight to the eyes and the length of the necklace makes it easier to pair with Indian attire . You can ever wear a short pearl neclace or a pearl choker and then layer it with a Rani haar necklace to make it look more grand and glamorous.
Pearls being a gem among the most adaptable of gems looks beautiful when stringed in multiple strands with other gemstones. A Rani haar made from freshwater pearls, gold and diamonds is every Indian bride to be's dream ! A rani haar can be worn with a wide range of styles and clothing options like kurtis, sarees, bridal lehngas made from Rich fabrics and boat neck crop blouses.

[6]Pearl Matha patti:

pearl matha patti
If you are not aware of what a maatha patti is , let me tell you. A matha patti is where a maang tika is attached to multiple strings of pearls and adorned on the forehead. Mostly seen on wedding brides a matha patti is delicate an ethereal. The combination of pearl strings and maang tika in the middle will make you look like a maharani on your wedding day
A matha patti can be worn by the bride on sangeet, mehndi or on the day of wedding. It looks lovely with mostly lehenga cholis and extravagant bridal sarees.

[7]Pearl jhumars:

pearl jhoomar
I recently shopped for a jhumar and must tell you its a must own for every pearl and craftsy jewelry lovers! A jhoomar is a Pakistani-style tikka worn on the left side of the head.
Best worn with Indian attire like Kurta-Pallazzos Pakistani suits, Ghagra choli with netted dupattas, Shararas, Anarkali salwar suits, designer bridal wear and flowy langa skirts on sangeet. When worn with all these outfits ,the triangular shape of the jhumar adds a glamorous touch to a gorgeous Indian outfits.
If you want to do something different with your look than just going the traditional way, then this noticeably vibrant accessory made up of pearls alongside gold or silver is the way to go. You can get the Rani haar customized according to your preferences, mix freshwater pearls or akoya pearls with gold to make it look even more stunning.

[8]Pearl Maang tikka:

pearl maang tikkas
Maang tikka’s are a favorite when it comes to accessorizing them with Indian bridal outfits . It an ornament minus the pearl strings unlike the matha patti , the tikka is a solo headpiece placed on a woman's forehead.
An Asian bride can prefer large statement maang tikkas with pearls dangling at the end to have a distinct look on her special day.
Maang tikkas look best with salwar kameez, kancheevaram sarees or lehenga cholis.

[9]Pearl Bangles:

pearl bangles
Hyderabad is a city which is famous for its huge range and collection of beautiful bangles. seaking of pearl jewelry of Hyderabad, one can’t forget to mention the breathtaking collection of pearl bangles that one finds in the city of Nawabs. No pearl loving lady in the land can do without a pair of these special Hyderabad bangles. Pearl bracelets are so yesterday, its time to wear those gorgeous pearl bangles!
Pearl bangles look gorgeous with heavy lehengas,Kanjeevaram sarees, Sheer sarees, half saree and simple shararas. Little girls can wear cute pearl bangles with Pattu Pavadai’s!

[10]Pearl Rings

pearl statement rings
It's an easy way to up the glam factor with everything from flip-flops to pumps.Pearl jewelry is hottest fashion trendy without any seasonal variation. pearl rings look glamorous with royal saree gowns, bridal wear and mono colored shararas.

[11]Pearl Jada:

pearl jada
South Indian jewellery is incomplete without a jada. A jada is along hair accessory worn by the southern brides on their long black plaits to decorate and make it more beautiful. If you're an hair style enthusiast, then make the splurge on this pearl jadas for they craft a beautiful look. Bride to be’s can style their hair with this pearl hair ornament as a jada with pearls will only make you look fantastic and feel beautiful no matter where the day takes you.
They look best when paired with traditional sarees like kancheepuram saree, Chittinad saree and mysore silk saree.

[12]Pearl Earrings:

Pearl traditional gold jhumkas
Simple pearls and double sided pearl earrings look good with traditional kurta and patialas. But jewellery designs look with gold and pearls designed for ears are mostly in the form of chand balis or jhumkas. Jhumkas with pearls look understated and look absolutely gorgeous with floor length anarkalis, temple sari and hand loom sarees.
pearl earrings sonam kapoor saree style
Pearl drop earrings, chunky pearl studs and pearl chandbalis look stunning with sarees, Sonam shows us how! I love, what about you?

[13]Pearl pendants:

Pearl pendant jewellery style
Pearls pendants look classy will make your Indian Formal wear such as chudidars, crisp cotton sarees and kurta-leggings look more stylish. A pearl pendant necklace is sure to make you stylish when you head to the office!

[14] Pearl waist belts:

pearl waist belt for sari]
A sensuous saree look is incomplete without a saree belt and pearl waist belts is the new to enter the trend. Wear these sexy belts with sheer and net sarees to create the dare it sexy siren look! Bride’s can also pair these belts with their silk sarees!

[15] How To Style With Tahitian Black Pearls:

Even though jewellery made from fresh water pearls or akoya pearls are the most favorite, Tahitian pearls , the exotic dark pearl is not far behind!
If you are looking for something unique and different than the ordinary creamy pearls , these naturally dark valuable pearls go almost well with statement sheer sarees, rich cotton sarees and net sarees! If you want to add a hatke touch to your ensemble Tahitian black pearls could be the best choice!
However tahitian black round pearls are rare to find but other fun shapes like drops and ovals in exotic dark colors are highly-sought . Love the way Karishma Kapoor has worn her tahitian pearls with a saree!

Hopefully you will find these styling tips, ideas and inspirational looks useful when you want to wear pearl jewellery with Indian traditional attire or desi outfits.Hope we have motivated you enough to integrate pearls into your look in more ways than one!


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