Monday, July 25, 2016

Jewelry Haul And Tips To Care For Your Inexpensive Jewelry

Jewelry is one thing we women love and don’t want to part ways with. I recently did a jewelry haul and found it hard to find a good place to store them and found that a pair of earrings turned green after I wore them thrice so I did a research on how to take proper care for costume jewelry.
Ill share a few tips I learnt and now follow religiously so my new precious jewelry items don’t rust or turn green! But before that lemme show you what I picked up for my haul! :D

Here are a few tips and tricks you better follow so your jewelry lasts longer than usual!

1. Use clear nail polish over your favorite jhumkis or earrings , this way the color remains intact for a longer period of time. I haven’t used clear nail polish but intend on trying soon.
2. Cleanse your costume jewelry after every wear ! This might sound tedious but hey if you love something you gotta take care of it ! Use a soft cloth.
3. Store metals separately : As metals when stored together react with each other and the jewelry gets damaged hence its better you store them separately/
4. Store em the smart way! You’ll have hundreds of tutorials on the net to store your jewelry in a creative and smart way ! I use large ceramic tea cups, plastic boxes and jewelry cases to store them but most of all i
5. Chemicals and water at bay: To prolong the life of all your jewelry its best not to take a bath or swim with them and remember to not use hairspray and creams while you have your jewelry on.

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  1. Useful tips and tricks. thanks.
    And now i have lot of idea how should i wear my jewelry from