Sunday, July 10, 2016

Importance of growth in Kids !

Don’t we all want our children to happy and healthy? Oh yes we do ! All parents do too! In order for your children to be raised in a happy and healthy environment we need to bring in the right nutrition diet in our children’s lives. Most of the parents would agree about being extremely concerned about the well-being of children, and this concern is mostly around children falling behind on growth by not attaining the right height & weight as per the age.
Kids need to gain not only adequate weight but also adequate height  A child's height can also be tracked on a chart maintained by parents. Good nutrition, care and hygiene, especially in the first two years of life, are necessary to prevent children from becoming too short and ensuring correct growth. Growth in a child is also affected if a mother is undernourished or does not have proper nutrition during her pregnancy, the child may be born too small.

What could be the reason be behind your child’s slow growth?

Lets consider a few factors why your child might be suffering from growth problems:
-Does your child’s meals have too little 'growth' or 'energy' foods in them? According to me all those who think their child is affected with slow growth should include foods that help children grow like green veggies,beans, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, grains and pulses. The daily inclusion of animal-source foods in the diet helps in growth of a child too. Another excellent substitute for increase of growth in children is giving them Horlicks Growth+ which is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years. Those who lag behind in height and weight should give horlicks growth+ utmost importance. Horlicks growth + contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that enable children to catch up on lost growth. 
- Your child might not be eating often enough. When a child reaches 6 months , it is important that a child is given other foods along with breast milk. And kids aged 3-4 years should be given foods 3-4 times a day. Inadequate nutrition is a main factor for slow growth in a child.
- Your child is refusing to eat or suffers from illness often: You might want to include healthy eating habits in your chi;ld to avoid illness and if he dislikes eating bring in nutritious drinks like Horlicks in his diet!
- Do you leave your child alone much of the time or in the care of an older child? If yes then it is important you give more attention to your child and interact with him during mealtime!
-Is the food and water given to your clean and free from germs? It is important this factor is given utmost importance a child’s growth depends on what he eats ! Give your child clean and filtered drinking water and food which is not smelly. Try adding green leafy vegetables in your child’s diet.
In order for a child to be aided with normal growth we must make sure the child has good nutrition, enough sleep, and regular physical exercise. Hence for good growth in a child make sure you have given equal importance to all the three factors mentioned above.

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  1. every parent wants their child to be healthy and happy and therefore spends tons of money on the good products the healthy hygienic foods but sometimes its important to consult the dietrician to see if your child is getting all the essentials for growth and strong built.