Thursday, July 21, 2016

Goodbye Starbucks, I have Vero in my life…

Ever since my friend got back from her vacation, she can’t stop raving about the perfect espresso she had in France. And all her coffee speak has gotten me craving for the perfect cup of cuppa too. And so began my journey to hunt for the perfect cup.
I’ve been heading to Starbucks quite a lot, and somehow that just didn’t cut it.  Till I was called over for coffee last evening. My friend Vinitha had just got a new coffee machine and she promptly invited me over. It was a new brand called VERO Infuso and thankfully for me the folks at Vero Coffee made exactly what I needed.
Vero 2
The espresso was absolutely divine. The caffeine hit was just right and exactly what my body had been craving. And the machine, just drop dead gorgeous. Within seconds you get the perfect cup of coffee. And not just espressos, it makes lattes & cappuccinos too with its brilliantly frothy milk frother. And to my surprise the coffee comes in 4 different flavours - Seven Seeds, Arabica 100%, Anamalais & Coorg Coffee. So excited, I decided to try my hand at making a cup.
I grabbed the Coorg Coffee capsule and inserted in the machine. And within seconds came out a steaming cup of espresso. And within minutes I was making coffee like a specialist.
And within minutes I was on the Vero Coffee website ( and ordered myself a machine!
Cant wait for it to get here! Good coffee mornings ahoy!


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  1. This vero coffee machine is so good.I am so happy that now I can make star buck level coffee at home.I found its price reasonable too.I would strongly recommend it to all.