Friday, June 3, 2016

Introducing the Datsun redi-GO

Most people say that buying a car these days is a hassle free task but I disagree. Buying a new car, is surely not an easy task, especially now when there's so much choice.

I love shopping but you know what's that one thing about shopping which totally annoys me? - Making a choice. That's the toughest part. But do you know what simplifies this difficulty of making a choice? - That one product which stands out and forces you to have your fixed only at it. This was the case when I first came across the all new Datsun redi-GO! It's a car which you can't enough of and the one thing which acts like an icing on the cake is it's economical pricing. I was floored by its features, especially Datsun pro-safe 7 feature which makes the car reliable and durable. They have launched it in many colours and the ones I found most attractive were the red and green. I am in awe of this colour because of its lovely features. I would love to own it and take it on a long drive. Here's summing up the best about this car: Read on to know more!

Three features I loved the most about the Datsun redi-GO:
  • Sporty and classy interior:
For me it's all about the comfort, all other things are secondary. One look at the interiors of this car tells you that it's perfect combination of comfort mixed with class. The car has an interior with a spacious overall, modern dash layout, sporty fabric and a superior drive computer.  I love the comfort factor here and the look is also appealing to the eyes.
  • Datsun Pro-Safe 7:
prosafe 7
Safety is priority and this is something you should always check before buying a vehicle. The Datsun redi-GO is backed with the Datsun Pro-safe 7 system which ensures you have a safe and sound journey. Performance augmented brakes, high strength body shell, opti-view etc, ensure passenger safety. Cars are mostly for the whole family to travel together and this is when safety is very important. A hatchback which guarantees safety is the need of the hour, especially in this heavy traffic of Bangalore! 
  • Small Turning Radius:
This feature comes as a blessing for urban life. You find yourself under a tight spot every now and then. The Datsun redi-GO has a compact design which provides manoeuverability. One can make an easy full turn around with just a 4.7 metre radius. 

If I ever get to test drive this beauty, I would like to take it to Coorg. It's not very far from where I live the roads connecting Bangalore to Coorg are loaded with greenery and this will be a perfect outing while I get to test this sporty car. 

If you want to buy a new car, I suggest you go for this. It's perfect beast designed specially for urban living. What with its unique features like the Datsun pro-safe 7 and the small turning radius it's the perfect car which will help you beat your urban blues!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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