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Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygiene Wash Review

medimix intimate hygiene wash

Feminine Hygiene Scenario Of India

Women have tons to talk when it comes to make and beauty tips. There are millions of blogs out there on make up and beauty and hairstyles and what not! But sadly,the very important topic of intimate hygiene is a rarely a topic conversation among Indian women. Is it either because we are shy or we aren’t aware of the harmful effects normal soap and body wash can cause our intimate areas! I am thankful to Medimix for coming up with an affordable and handy intimate hygiene wash , a savior to bid goodbye to all my intimate area woes!
It wasn’t until recently one of my family friend informed me that I should be use a dedicated "vagina wash" that's specially pH-balanced. To be truthful I wasn’t aware of such washes even existed until I heard it from her! I am prone to infection and irritation in my intimate area and have tried many home remedies , unfortunately none of them worked for me and how I wish someone had informed me earlier about an intimate hygiene wash!How many of us even think about caring for it until a infection pops up?
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Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygeine Wash

I have always had a liking towards Ayurveda products , I firmly believe in the power of herbs. And when I was introduced to Medimix intimate Hygiene Wash , I was more than happy to give it a try. It is stated that Medimix is world’s first intimate hygiene wash formulated with Cholayil & rich secrets arising from Ancient Kerala Ayurveda.
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Price & Quantity: INR 150 for 100 ml
Medimx swatch
Texture: It is transparent and contains runny liquid . Very little amount is enough to wash at a time!
Fragrance: It reminds me of a herbal flowers, I liked the fragrance a lot !
medimix features travel friendly packaging
Packaging: Medimix Intimate Hygiene wash comes packed in a plastic transparent bottle with a press open cap which removes the exact amount of product to wash at a time. The packaging is cute and feminine and hassle free ! #Melikes !
Availability: Easily available at online stores and general stores. You can buy on snapdeal here
Direction to Use: Take a dime size onto the palm, apply it on the intimate area, lather it & then rinse it off
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Why choose Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash?

Indian women and Medimix have a strong bond, I have myself used and seen many women in my family use Medimix soap for decades. I was more than happy to try an intimate wash from a brand I have always trusted.Medimix intimate wash performed exceptionally well for me and stays true to its claim. I had no complains with the wash, zero irritation, the product worked like a charm! So gentle on the skin and it turned on to be very helpful in reducing the itchy feeling during periods. Medimix scores very well when it comes to keeping infections at bay ..
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Choosing the best Feminine wash is very important as intimate washes help in keeping intimate sensitive skin clean and hygienic. Here’s why you should medimix intimate wash:


  • Helps in reducing  irritation, infection & itching by maintaining the pH balance.
  • It is suitable for daily use
  • Free from harmful chemicals like SLES, Nitrosamine and Parabaens
  • Contains Lactic acid which helps in natural vaginal acidity and prevents burning sensations & irritation!
  • Affordable & inexpensive when compared to other intimate washes.
  • Maintains intimate health by keeping it fresh & clean
  • Mild fragrance that kills bad odour
  • Moisturizing and keeps dryness at bay!
  • Sturdy packaging
  • It prevents moisture loss and does not irritate your skin
  • Gentle & smooth application
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • I found that the press cap was a little too tight , other than this I couldn't find any con !
Suitable for sensitive skin

In a Nutshell

In India women are the soul of a family , women love taking care o their families,exactly the same way intimate hygiene is an important part in a woman’s life and women should take care of their personal hygiene as well …and medimix intimate hygiene wash is one of the best intimate washes and worked wonders for me !

Until next time,
Najmun Nissa

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