Monday, May 2, 2016

Touristor Studded Heels Review & Haul : How to Take Care of Your Bling Shoes/Heels

Heels that are blingy
Hello Shoppers!
Ever since the new year started Amazon has surprised me with the number of sales it keeps coming up with, to be truthful I have started disliking flipkart for not coming up with any kind of interesting sales but Amazon, its a whole new thing! Amazon has awesome sales everyday and on one such sale I bought 5 beautiful pairs of heels! Yes, yes, YES! *Grinning ear to ear*
Haul criteria: Heels and Wedges

Brand: They are from a brand name ‘Touristor’ (You can read about them and the products they launch here)who has also won the award for designing the’ most admired footwear retailer in East’ . They make shoes for women who our fashion conscious, discerning consumers, the brand offers a wide collection of trendy, fashionable ready to wear footwear line for all occasions.
Bought From:
Sale discount: Flat 80% off!
Satisfaction Meter: 5/5
Material: Synthetic
Quality Of The Shoes: I was amazed to find the quality of the heels to match the standards of high end brands like Carlton London and Lavie! I hadn’t heard about Touristor before and on finding the quality very good I went ahead and bought two more pairs of shoes (Pics not here) :D . Overall the sole and the color were satisfactory and the footwear will last for a long time. The blingy heels are studded and must be taken extra care for they are more prone to fall off or get damaged.The best part is they come with a warranty !
Packaging: They came in a sturdy shoe box package with the brand name printed on the boxes. The boxes had a floral vine design in orange which I found cute. You don’t need shoe boxes when the brand provides good boxes to store your shoes . I prefer keeping the studded heels back into the boxes after every wear, this way I can ensure the bling factor will be fresh and the heels will be less prone to damage!
High heel lover

review of touristor
I love all types of shoes and I think my shoe collection was lacking some bling hence I picked up this red pair . As you can see it has gold accents making them a pair to flaunt at festive occasions!These pair comes with a decent medium heel of 4.5 cm cone heel and velvet finish. They will look absolutely gorgeous when paired with a lot ethnic outfits and is perfect for festive and wedding wear! Very comfy and the studded gems don’t hurt . Love em!
Touristor studded heels
Velvet love
You can buy them from here on Amazon.
The next pick was a pair of silver high heels which are very comfortable like the previous one but I think one must be careful while walking as the sole is slippery in this pair!
Buy touristor from amazon
The next pair are my favorite ones and are pricey when compared to the other two . They come in a beautiful shimmery pink color and fit my feet like a glove . They are quite higher when it comes to the heel and has a beautiful heel in gold. Can be paired with gowns, lehengas and palazzos!
Touristor haul
Buy this pink studded delight from amazon here.Touristor
All those who own studded heels must have issues how to keep them safe and sound unless its time to flaunt them, right? Well we all know these are studded shoes and cannot be worn daily and must be kept safely some place until we need them. You don’t dust setting on your favorite pair , on which you have spent a fortune, hence it is important to take a little extra care!
So here I am sharing a few tricks and tips to store your studded heels safely, hopefully you’ll find them useful:
  1. Clean even if they are not in use: I highly recommend cleaning your shoes on a regular basis, depending on frequency of use. And shoes which are studded and are worn twice a year or only when you have an occasion must be cleaned even when they aren’t in use.  The cleaning method depends on the shoe's material. I clean my PU material shoes with a warm cotton cloth and let them dry before placing them back in the shoe box and stuffing them in the shoe rack.
  2. Get a shoe rack, or a shoe tree: All those who have a lot of space can get a shoe tree and others its important you buy a shoe rack. Keep your shoes organized this way you’ll have space and the shoes will be safe and not crumble and are less prone to damage.
  3. Always dry your shoes before you send them packing!: Once you have used your shoes remember to place them in an area with sufficient air circulation. Alternatively you can also use a hair dryer to rid them of moisture. Once the shoes are fully dried and you are convinced there is no moisture left , you can place them in shoe boxes or shoe bags and put them back in the shoe rack.
  4. Stuff em up to keep them in shape : Stuff rolled up old newspapers, towels or other handy materials inside of your shoes to maintain their shape when not in use.
  5. Keep em cozy and dry : Yes keep those sexy heels or cute flats dry and moisture free . Also avoid storing your shoes in shoe boxes for long periods of time as prolonged storage of your studded shoes can deteriorate the quality of your shoes, particularly in humid climates.


  1. Good tips to take care of the foot wears. :)
    And that was pretty grand heels collection :)