Saturday, May 14, 2016

3 Most Beautiful Cities Of India: My idea of a perfect vacation

Lucknow is one city that is close to my heart after Bangalore. Although my parents hail from Uttar Pradesh I haven’t had the chance to vacation in Lucknow neither got a chance to take a trip to explore Lucknow.

I have been to Lucknow many times, but just till Railway station and from there a car picks us up and we travel right to our village located somewhere in the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh near Kheri district. Such is my sad plight. Eversince I was a child I was fascinated by Indian historic culture and its beauty and Lucknow is associated with the Nawabs and their culture and I have always wanted to explore it. Sadly I used to visit UP only when one of my closest relative would get married and that too once in 6-7 years.

Hence it has always been my dream to go on a beautiful serene vacation to Lucknow and explore its beauty. But a journey travelled to lucknow via different routes is what my perfect vacation is made up of! I have always been fascinated by 3 cities in India and unfortunately I haven’t got the opportunity to explore all three of them. Life in Bangalore is busy and taking out time to vacate within India is not everybody’s idea for a great vacation place in my family. Every time we plan to go on a vacation its somewhere posh and international but nobody wanted to travel and explore within India.
Its been my dream to explore beautiful Hyderabad, dazzling Delhi and the Lajawab Lucknow! I hate travelling or vacating all by myself or even with bunch of friends. Perfect would mean with family <3 ! Hopefully someday I will take out the time to vacate and explore these 3 beautiful cities..

I simply love journey’s by train. The fun, the frolicking and the long peaceful moments of staring outside from a moving train #Bliss ! *Mega sigh* Plus I am huge foodie and perfect vacation would be incomplete without exploring the beautiful food served in Hyderabad, the famous cuisine of Delhi and Lucknow is one of the best places for a foodie ! Everytime I journeyed to Lucknow we would go straight to our native village which meant , no staying in a hotel . But my perfect vacation would include a hotel that would have a swimming pool, a beautiful view, best cuisine, and super awesome decor *cheeky grin*

Perfect vacation for me includes factors like choosing the right weather, packing the right clothes, travelling with my loved ones, exploring historical monuments, clicking loads and loads o pictures, travelling by all three modes road, rail and air and staying at a beautiful and serene hotel ! As simple as that :)

The weather should be breezy, like spring, neither too hot neither too cold. Booking tickets at a good price also an important factor as money saved while booking tickets means another reason to shop on my vacation! I am huge shopaholic and when it comes to clothes and jewelry i lurv shopping for them, hence shopping at Delhi and in streets f delhi also has been my dream. I have read numerous blogs and articles as how awesome Delhi is when it comes to shopping, the same for Hyderabad and Lucknow !

Perfect vacation is incomplete without the perfect luggage. My vacation would include a journey from Bangalore to Hyderabad via train, then after I have explored Hyderabad I would love to travel to Delhi from Hyderabad by train again (Trains be awesome, except that there are many thieves lurking around!) And from delhi to Lucknow by Bus ( I am huge fan f travelling by bus ! The antakshari, the dhabe pe khana …damn!)

But once my vacation is complete and I have explored all of my three beautiful cities, I am sure me and my loved ones would be exhausted by all the travelling and the baggage would double for I plan to do loads of shopping, hence I plan to travel back home by Airlines ! I am fond of travelling though Jet Airways and would like to travel by the same. Being back home with all the memories, photographs and shopping without having to face any difficulties while travelling is my idea a perfect vacation.

What is your idea for a perfect vacation? A perfect vacation is not necessarily somewhere to vacate in a posh place or in a foreign country, for me it is exploring Indian culture.. Share your thoughts below.. I would love to hear what you think of my perfect vacation! :)


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