Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 Golden Hacks To Turn Your Mornings Bright

Make Your Mornings Bright tips and tricks
We all are suckers when it comes to motivation and inspiration ..aren’t we? Possibly looking for it every nook and corner . The thing we don’t notice is that motivation and positivity lies within us , we just need to give it a push every morning. This push is what makes a good morning to a gold morning ! Clearly a morning spent happily or in a stressedful manner is the  main factor decides if the day is gonna turn bad or good for each one of us. The difference between a good day and a bad day is how you think of it in the morning. When you start a day with freshness and positive vibes it is clear that you establish a positive vibrational tone for the rest of the day.
When I get up in the morning I for one wake up and find myself in the most positive vibrational state. Sometimes I don’t , maybe because I have missed on my sleep and i am feeling groggy  or I watched a scary movie etc etc. I do make an effort to start my morning by telling myself ‘'how lucky Iam to still be alive and make all those things right ansd that adds up as a positive vibrational tone for the rest of the day for me. Hence to keep these positive vibes going, I started my day with good feeling thoughts.

Not ,many would agree with me as several questions pop up. What makes mornings positive? How do we make them cloudless and perfect every day ? How does one feel happy and get over the depressed, energetic or washed out state every morning?Well can’t answer all of them but I follow these simple habits that kickstart my day with. Sharing them with you so you can enter your day happy and relaxed which will increase your chances towards a healthy and productive day.
Prayer: I deeply believe that when you share your problems with the creator , they don’t seem to be problems after a while. There is something calm and refreshing when you bow your head down and ask for guidance or help on issues that are troubling me. Prayer helps me get a clear mind and feel protected. Simple!
Recharge Myself: I love meditationg for about 10 to 15 mins everyday and trust me I recommend you do it everyday in order to have a gold en start to your morning!For spiritual growth you think?Naah, its a kind of silent wala self-talk that keeps me motivated in the right direction . Ditch reading the morning newspaper, I did that and trust me it gave way to to loads of positive thinking opposed to the negative thinking of the morning news!
Look good, Feel Good Feeling: Not just women but men too would agree with this. How many of you feel in control when you are dressed impeccably and have an air of authority and good looks wala feeling?hence I make sure I wear what I think I will look good in , the comfort, the fit , the styling, these little details matter too. But most importantly its the oral hygience that plays a vital role in making our good wala mornings into golden mornings! How you ask? Get rid of the sweaty smell, bad odour and dirt we pick up from the previous day. I feel confident when I feel beautiful in the inside and outside! There’s no better way to rid myself of morning breath and begin my mornings with a warm bath and a good brushing. Thanks to Co;lgate for coming up with the 360° Charcoal Gold toothbrush which I have been using for a while, it helps in starting my morning afresh , leaving me feel minty , fresh and clean. The brush is a life saver for it cleans all germs and not just that it also acts up as a cleaner for my teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. You don’t think a quick brush over the teeth is going to vanquish all the germs, do you? It takes a good mouth cleaning brush to do that and to save us is the charcoal brush #Colgate360GoldMornings !
charcoal colgate brush
Breakfast : I firmly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I make it a point to eat a healthy breakfast as it provides the right amount of strength and energy to start my day on a positive note.
Affirmations: You may not be aware but a few positive statements you sya to yourself every morning will act as affirmations . It could be a positive statement you repeat to yourself everyday like “Today I will have a wonderful, happy and energetic day.”‘ . Other affirmatioms could be mustering up the courage to get up early from bed and smile for a few sceonds by the bedside or smile at yourself when you look into the mirror, just remember not to fake it.
The truth is that your thoughts, your attitude, and your actions immediately after you wake up in the morning have a very strong effect on how you’d be spending the whole day.
So yes these are my five golden hacks I recommend doing on a daily basis to turn your good mornings into gold .
wake up gold mornings colgate
Until next time
Najmun Nissa


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