Sunday, March 22, 2015

International Day Of Happiness : I am a happy mess!

Things that make me happy ..
I have been asked a hundred times what happiness meant to me, although its hard to to come up with a definite answer on what happiness actually means , My first thought is always that happiness is in all the small things in my life. Either be it seeing my loved ones after a long long time, mom ke haat ka khana, discounts on my favourite brands, baking the perfect cake, well clicked selfie’s or even free wifi ;)!
You might’ve heard that happiness is a state of mind. Sometimes I am so happy and suddenly a single thing goes wrong and all the happiness experienced before wears off that very second. Its something I hate about emotions. So how does one manage to stay happy all the time? You don’t. Simple. Happiness is out there in everything but that doesn’t men all our paths are going to be flowery all the time. Hence I make it a point to stay happy and when sadness or problems hit me I face them with a smile because facing my problems with  bright ‘I can change this’ is also something that makes me happy. It sounds messy right? Lol what can I do I am a happy mess ! :D
International day of happiness is celebrated on 22nd of March every year and on this occasion I would like to share a few simple things that make me happy and brighten up my day :))
  1. Smiles galore: A smile from my parents. Watching the people i love, smile.
  2. Unexpected sweet things: Unexpected hug, from parents, from someone I admire, from him, from siblings <3 . An Unexpected DM :P .An unexpected kiss from someone I love. An unexpected surprise visit from my BF, especially when I least expect it. Receiving an unexpected compliment :)
  3. Shopping: Shopping during a sale, Shopping when I am bored, shopping from flipkart, shopping when someone else is paying :P, A fifty per cent off.Shopping from GV ^_^. Window shopping. Shopping for cute jewelry.
  4. Weddings: Indian weddings (Not the big fat weddings) mischief, Joota churawofying ceremonies, the rituals , the drama, mehendi, dressing up. Makeup. Dolling up. Buying new clothes. And the Food ! Love everything about weddings ^_6
  5. Sweet gestures : Holding hands. Looking into someone’s eyes. Receiving a handwritten letter.Phones on call waiting at twelve sharp. Being given chocolates for free because I was nice to someone. Morning hugs from my mom.
  6. Food: Mom made food. Food that I cooked and everybody couldn’t stop gushing over how delicious it was :p. Fighting for the last piece of cake. Trying my hands on innovative cooking. A bowl full of my favorite ice-cream. When I reach home from a really tiring day and find out mum has made my favorite dishes. Tea with biscuits. Donuts.
  7. Randomness: Twitter. New followers . New clothes. Books. Loads and loads of fictional books. Movies. Watching animated movies with my little niece :) Cartoons. Makeup. Blogging. Heels,the higher the happier. Wind in my hair. Long conversations. Self pampering. Work appreciation.
  8. Precious things : A bouquet of flowers. Roses. Diamonds. Jewelry . A simple ‘I love you’. Wait did I mention heels already ? Heels , high heel, mid heel any heel make me happy :D
Happiness can differ from one person to another. But happiness is the best make up women can ever wear. And I agree with Coco cola when they say ‘happiness is anything that brings a smile to your face!’ So what does happiness mean to you ? Watch the TVC and share with me what it means to you in the comments :D

Monday, March 16, 2015

School of style : India’s first video magazine !


The Internet has drastically altered the way in which latest style tips and fashion based news are put forward for viewers. first it was paper magazines and then the e-magazines but the latest to have made a grand entry is India’s first ever video magazine where beauty –travel bloggers along with fashion personas share style tips along with relationship and DIY ideas with us ! Its so much more than just a video ! these videos with all kinds of style tips, latest fashion news and videos that most of the Indian population can connect with has had a profound impact and is here to rule !

There are days I want to experiment with my eyeliner and there are days I have wanted to try some very complicated hair braids during summers hairstyles and I watch youtube videos again and again until I master these things!

Youtube undoubtedly the most visited place when a person wants tutorials on trending hairstyles, DIY ideas , makeup tutorials and even saree draping tutorials , but #LakmeSchoolOfStyle brings to us so much more than that ! ‘LakmĂ© School of Style’ is a first-of-its-kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world, but also created a platform for all fashion and style bloggers a fame and recognition field.  Famous fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen to Indian viewers under one platform ! I happened to check out a couple videos on 11 things a woman must not do to other woman ( Funny and humorous!) 5 things Sex and city taught us ( Do check it out its awesome ), and 5 shoes a man must own , see so much diversity ! But there were two to three videos which I found very helpful , lemme share them with you !

1. The first video I liked was a tutorial with a tutorial on contouring and highlighting by Sahibba Anand: For me no matter how many times I read magazine slots, beauty blogs , I cannot , I simply cannot get the contouring and highlighting part right! Its not that its complicated, its just that sometimes I end up with wrong products or wrong makeup brushes or sometimes with the wrong tips. Hence videos like this one shot beautifully with the mention of the shade of the make up product and step by step process of applying the perfect bronzer and foundation is a life saver for girls like me.

2. The second video which caught my attention was ‘5 must have bags for women’ by Sanjana Banaik: It’s a simple yet beautiful shot video where Sanjana lists 5 must have bags for women. I love fun posts and this one was a simplistic and chirpy video. I do have this thing that she picked up bags from top most labels, I just wished she had picked up bags from brands that most of the Indian women could connect to. Most of the bags cost way too much <atleast for me> :P (She picked up a Louis Vuitton structured bag, Botega venneta clutch and a Gucci Holdall bag ) #Iwant :/
I am loving the collection videos on YT Lakme School of style channel ! Have you checked it out yet ?

This post is a part of the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity at is association with #Fame'

Until next time,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A trip to remember…

Life is a roller coaster and it is full of those moments when you want to bang your head against the wall or the moments when you want scream on top of your voice to vent out the agony you are going through. So what is your stress fix? For me it’s a long drive all by myself listening to something peaceful , be it the chirpings of happy birds or the sound of my mom’s chatter or heavy shopping while there is a sale or paying a visit to my grand parents !

Its true that when one feels anxious and stressed out it can have a negative impact on both health and one one’s emotional state of mind. No matter how hard you try to forget your sorrows and put behind your tensions your body and mind have other ideas.I was not spared either. I remember there was this awful day when all hell broke and I was surrounded by negativity. It felt like I would choke on my stress and pessimism if I did not go out and get some time for myself. That is what happens when you have a horrible fight with your loved one and you simply can’t put your ego down along with your boss complaining on your working abilities even though one has given her 100% , plus to seal the deal is everything you shortlisted products on sale go out of stock (Ask a woman how it feels, it sucks big time. SUCKS MY SOUL TO SEE them out of stock!) And then begins the complaining ‘Why me!’ So yeah, that awful day I  and I cried some more lol I wished there was a option in life to undo everything or I hoped to have the invisible coat like Harry’s or magically disappear from this awful sorry bygone Earth. Well nothing of the things I wished happened and the closest to the things I wished was the option of running away to my grandparents place. How mean of me to visit them because I wanted to feel good and not visit them when I was happy . yes, I am mean, but grandparents don’t mind that (Lucky me) and within no time I had my bags packing. Also did I tell you I had these hefty shopping and domestic bills to pay (All thanks to shopping for things I do not want) . So yes I made a phone call calling in sick and needing some time to recover (I was sick hokay, sick of all the problems in my life!) and off I was to live the most memorable day of my life !
When I finally reached my grandparents place, I felt slightly better. When I am at my grandparents place its always peaceful, happy and meaningful. Not to forget my cousins, super friendly neighbors there (some are damn hot;) ,and the environment there puts me into a happy state. But this time my I was all tensed and happiness was not in question. I felt like the most troubled person on Earth bestowed with infinite problems was none other than me and myself ! The thing with grandparents is just by looking at us they can banish and disembark all the stress ! No kidding, the moment they set their eyes on me , I could see in their eyes they knew I was troubled and both of them looked with such love that I felt at ease. To top it was the tight hug they gave. And that day I observed everything they did. Finally that day I realised that life could be simple, again but only I wanted to. My grandparents even at the age of 60 had several problems yet they managed to smile, laugh, chuckle and stay happy no matter what.

They never quit wearing superhero capes, my grand mother goes to the farms even now , and both of them believed in simple living. born and bought in a village they are used to hard working and the surprising thing is they still love working and would regret if they quit the hard work. Spending time with them and the night time where we enjoyed light talk over problems and how one should face them left me breathless and turned me into a new leaf. At the end of the day I was touched by the simplicity of their lifestyle and regretted not having noticed how happy they were when they kept things simple. I still remember by Grandpa cheering me up and advising me how one had to let go of the ego to win the battle . I learnt a lot of things that day; I couldn’t wait to get back and sort things between the both us! It was the most optimistic I had felt in a long long time. I remember my grandparents telling me to quit the job if I felt it was pressurizing me . They told me that money should not be the center of everything , and then that moment I felt free , I knew I was going to call it quits with my present job and find work which I would love to do and at the end of the day I would feel proud of it ! That day I decided and made a lot of important decisions in my life ! I decided to focus on one thing at a time. My grandparents were right, I did not have to do everything right at the moment. I had to take it slow. After a few days when I left I was a changed person. II t felt like it was the first time I was breathing. But you know what no matter how much I thank god for blessing me with such wonderful grandparents I can never thank him enough!
I may be a little biased but I declare my grandparents to be the best grandparents of the world! Well well I do share half of their DNA, after all--but I've concluded that my grandparents are really admirable people. After that day I take every problem and deal it with zeal, finesse and enthusiasm. My grandparents have set a great example, and I will and do endeavor to propagate all their best qualities.

And I thank to have given me an opportunity to share my #Together moment and relive it again!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A date with coffee in Bangalore…

What do you do when sometimes you sleep late at night (in my case everyday) and get up early in the morning feeling like huge rock. Dead and not ready to move no matter what. You simply cannot leave your bed but you have to its Monday morning or its an important day at work or an examination you were dreading ! Well well that’s when coffee comes into the picture. It turns out when I don’t have coffee, I lose all ability to hold a conversation. I float away in a sea of solitary thinking. Also I like my coffee with crisp biscuits !
Date with Cofee
Nothing like a cup of coffee when I am drained of all energy. There is nothing that awakens my senses like the aroma of brewing hot coffee wafting through the air. Plus the weather here in Bangalore always screams for a hot cuppa of coffee! ^_^  Thanks to coffee shops strewn all over Bangalore now I can spot a coffee shop in every street ! I am not a frequent visitor to coffee shops as I prefer homemade coffee or coffee provided at my office ( I would be a dead plank if not for the coffee at my office) plus I hate black coffee. But once in a while I and my friends meet up at a coffee shop and catch up on everything. Lately I drank coffee at Barishta Lavazza and it’s a beautiful place which is not very crowded unlike other coffee shops, just a little too pricey though.

Me during work hours.

Few of the coffee shops I enjoyed sipping my coffee along with desserts was is the most happening cafĂ©- CCD ( Thank heavens there are two CCD outlets nearby my office!) . Costa coffee is also my favorite coffee joint hands down.. Love the seating and ambiance there. Good for unwinding after a long day or just chilling with my friends. But yes – pricey and fancy! But hey its tones better than those numerous over priced cafes serving watery coffees. All and all Bangalore has few of the most delicious Coffee shops , I advise everyone who has the likes of coffee to explore Bangalore cafes and their charm the next time on your visit to this city ! Most of the cafes in Bangalore are warm and inviting.
There’s also Brown tree in Malleshwaram , I have heard raving reviews as to how good the coffee is there and unfortunately I never got the time to sip coffee there. Well that would be the cons of being too attached to social network.
A few months ago Starbucks tweeted a happy wala news for coffee lovers in Bangalore!
And No I haven’t got the chance to visit Starbucks, but I plan to sometime soon. Also I am curious , has anybody been to Starbucks at their place? How much does a cup of coffee cost at Starbucks ?
If someone brought me coffee and biscuits I would be on cloud 15. And this is exactly my state when I don’t get coffee on workdays !
Coffee is my solution when I want time by myself! I simply brew up some coffee and drown myself in a thriller novel. Coffee shops in Bangalore are so many but guess where you’ll find the best coffee in Bangalore ? At my home ! Mom ke haath ki coffee iz the best hokay ! Nothing can beat that ever ! :D
The rains are now fast approaching , how do you like to spend time during the rains? Sipping coffee at coffee shops with a friend or at home while watching a movie or reading a book ? Temme!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jab I Met Optimism!

Learn to love yourself and everything else will follow suit..
Whenever I feel sad or gloomy I simply turn on the radio and listen to happy and chirpy Bollywood tracks and mind you it has been very helpful till an extent. Motivation for me comes in many forms for example if my loved one is happy by my baking I happen to work harder to broaden their smiles. Or if my dad says ‘ well done beta’ after I have excelled in something , I just know nothing can ever go wrong! It is true that a single moment can sometimes be a cause of so much inspiration and optimism and Bollywood has been my optimism buddy !
I have always been fond of movies that bring in a good change and speak of optimism. And my moment of optimism which will always remain with me as a fond memory is while watching two of the Bollywood’s biggest hits. Call me old fashioned or drama Queen but two movies actually changed my life and lit a flicker of hope in me every time I watched it. One such movie that has been my all time favorite and a movie that always pushes me to be happy and have a positive outlook on things is Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met !
Jab we met to the rescue
No kidding , the first time I watched it I did it because I was a massive fan of Shahid Kapoor and since the first time I have watched I simply cannot get over it ! Every time I feel low I end up watching this movie again and again. Also I remember the time this movie was released I was going through a breakup. My life had taken a stall and had hit a full time low. And then I watch the movie and trust me it affected me so much ! My perspectives changed and I started de stressing . the movie taught me so many things. Who can forget the moment in the movie where Geet has the most wonderful way getting over painful memories by burning a photograph of your ex or cussing ! And no, I am not as talkative and dramatic as Geet but her personality is something I swear by !
  Optimism, optimism and some more optimism
The moment I watched Jab we met my heart was filled with different kind of happiness, it was like someone had shown me the right path (Given the circumstances you can understand why I am stressing over the happy heart part :P) It had the weirdest effect on me , so much that all of those who knew commented on how I had changed in a short span of time, in a good way ofcourse ;)G-8 (2)
I learnt to refrain myself from stressing too much ! the movie taught me to cope with stress. Kareena’s character teaches the importance to release all frustrations that are held inside, and that too in a never before seen way !
I was filled with hope that life is not over after a breakup and there is no dead end , I started taking things light heartedly and did not fear from taking up for a little adventure every now and then :D

Not all of you would agree to the method Geet uses to get over painful memories which is getting all abusive on phone but it was the best thing for me (No, I did not bring this in use:P ) but the fact that life would be so much easier if we looked  at the positive side of everything was showcased so beautifully here that now after so many years (it was a movie released in the year 2007) I look up to this movie as a source of optimism ! It showed me you can be vulnerable but you can be beautiful in your own way!
And now I have learnt to enjoy the little things in life and now I enjoy my life to the fullest! And its not just about Geet its about the how one should embrace life no matter how many hurdles cross your way ! It gave me hope that it was never too late to be what I might have been!
So yes the moment I watched Jab We Met my life did change , SO MUCH! It is filled with positivity and it’s a movie I will always #lookUp to when I am not in my sane mind! :) What is your moment of optimism ?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Summer’s biggest blockbuster is here !

When who and who’s of B-Town gather up you know something big is cooking !
tvcWith World Cup action in full swing almost all trending topics on twitter surround around the Matches ! So its not surprising to see our Indian team Captain Virat Kohli’s name trending on Top charts when there is a match between India and the other country ! He is a star in the cricket arena and cricket frenzy people worship his dedication ! But lately Virat Kohli is being part of flying rumors that he is all set to make his Bollywood ka sabse bada debut.. well I am not buying this ! But hey you never know ! I watched this trailer released a few days back and it got me thinking if Virat Kohli was actually making his Bollywood debut in real!
Come to think of it the video is actually hilarious . It has all the biggies of Bollywood from Anurag Basu of Barfi fame to Pritam and hottie Ranbir Kapoor ! And lastly the video ends abruptly with cricket captain Virat kohli’s. Confusing. Hmm.
The surprising factor is that everyone present in the video are boasting ! YES , boasting ! Director Anurag Basu is unabashedly taking all the credit of a movie , and then enter Pritam saying actors and actresses just lip sync on his songs and its him who is the real star! Terris Lawrence of Dance India Dance fame says its all about him ! And then we have Ranbir Kapoor, correct words would be ‘Meri Entry Now’ . But the interesting part is that Virat Kohli is also part of this venture so I got thinking as to what actually could this be and where were the stars getting by making this video sound its all about them ! But having both Ranbir and Virat as brand ambassadors for Pepsi its clearly evident that this is a TVC ad been shot with all the big stars including cricketing superstar Virat Kohli !
Pepsi TVC  Summers biggest blockbuster
Nevertheless this TVC consisting of so many stars is intriguing in every sense. This could probably be this summer’s biggest TVC release ! And after Pepsi released the video trailer I simply can’t wait to see what the outcome could possibly be ! One thing is for sure with so many wonderful and talented stars venturing for this TVC , this ad is sure to be a hit among Indian fans ! And the thing going on with the stars in the video as to why its all about them , well for that we just need to be patient and lookout for the release of the cool TVC !

Have you watched the trailer video yet? What do you think is cooking up ? Share with me in the comments !

Monday, March 2, 2015

Trending: Sparkle On With Sequins.

Sequin trend Sparkle on with sequins
Sequins are clearly a girls best friend! They are undoubtedly a great way to add a little glamour and glitz to an outfit without over doing it. I am sure many of you own sequined dresses or an apparel with sequins! Sequined fabrics have been seen transitioning from occasion wear to daywear and into the party dresses market over the last few seasons! You don a sequined outfit and all eyeballs are automatically driven towards you.  The runway and party dresses are full of sequined apparel!
Every girl is entitled to own a sequined gorgeous party dress ! There is this bling factor about a sequin dress/jacket/skirt that it saves you from being an eye sore. Who said sequins were only for those who experiment or have loud fashion sense ! With dresses with just a belt sequin design or just a little sequin detail too can make a statement, that’s the power sequins hold!I am totally in love with the sequined dresses! So why not shine like the star that you are while out on the town celebrating and partying ?!
sparkling star sequinned look
This season allow the bling to hit you full blast! As designers and brands coming up with innovative sequin dresses, let's usher in the festive season with our wardrobes shining (literally). For all those ladies who want to experiment with sequins but not entirely take the bling route can play it safe with airy light weight sequined dresses. 
Sequin Party dresses are one of this season’s hottest trends as we can readily witness from the runways and our Bollywood celebs spotted wearing the same. Sequin dresses are the easiest way to look glamorous with just one piece of cloth.
The best part of a a sequined dress, top or jacket is that it speaks for itself. It is a statement piece in itself, so you can keep the rest of your look simple including makeup, accessories and the purse. A sequined dress and a bold lip color and you are ready to rock that party and shine like a star ! So this season, when in doubt - wear sequins! Let your sequins do the hard work and be prepared to lose your sparkle throughout the night.
Have you bought that show stopper sequined dress of yours to sparkle at a party? temme ! :D
Until next time