Saturday, February 21, 2015

An insight on Panjab University…

Panjab University is situated in Chandigarh and was established in 1882 at Lahore. PU is one of the oldest universities in India. University has 188 affiliated colleges spread over Punjab and having one rural Regional Centre at Kauni, and 3 Regional Centres at Muktsar, Ludhiana and Hoshiarpur.The University became an Inter-State Body Corporate catering to the newly organized states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and U.T. of Chandigarh.
The Punjab University has always believed in pursuing excellence and in teaching and research in science and technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports. The University like all other A rated universities supports excellence and innovation in academic programs.You can read a whole lot more about this renowned college on Wikipedia!
PU is also popularly known for its promotion in excellence in research, scholarship and teaching and is committed to attracting and supporting the best students and faculty who excel at teaching and research. For more than a century, it has served various societal needs with distinction.

The university has 75 teaching & research departments and 15 centers for teaching and research at the main campus. Panjab University campus is spread over an area of 550 acres (2.2 km2) in sectors 14 and 25 of the city of Chandigarh. I was surprised to read that few of our famous celebrities and successful people have been graduated from this university, which include the like of actress and model Gul Panag, our former Prime minister of India – Manmohan Singh, First woman IPS Officer- Kiran Bedi and Nobel Laureate Biotechnologist -Hargobind Khorana.
You might want to know why Punjab University is ‘The best university’ when it comes to excellence and quality infrastructure, You must have already known its one of the oldest Universities in India and is a University which has been recognized by the UGC as the "University with Potential for Excellence". The State of Art infrastructure is marvelous  plus Punjab University has appointed the few of the best Qualified faculty to teach excellence to all those enrolled in the university.
Panjab University also sets the bar high when it comes to Good placement record and provides academic collaboration with Oxford Brookes University ! Isn’t that something you have always wanted for your children or for yourself ?  You’ll be even more amused to read that Panjab University also has Coaching assistance for Civil Services Examination as well as other competitive examinations. All this and so much more makes it a university that has made a mark for itself. Panjab University Placement has also been made easier now.
The goodness of this university does not stop here , the university has four museums, a botanical garden and a garden for medicinal plants on the campus. How supercool is that? You temme ! Also one more interesting thing about this university is that it has a Community Radio Station - Jyotirgamaya: 91.2 MHz! I am totally loving this !

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Phone Vs Valentine !

"I am single and loving it." How many times have you heard this sentence? Well a million times right ? That doesn't mean singles don’t celebrate valentine’s day ! They do but with their phones ;)
How many of you own the line "Main apni favourite hoon " better then kareena kapoor ? *Raises hand* I do ! So you must’ve figured out I am a selfie kind of a girl , I would date myself, yeah I am so full of myself :P They love is blind but hey I am not  ;)

Kareena Kapoor

You know you love your phone because it So when all of the mushy couples updated their mushy mushy pictures on facebook I uploaded mine with my superhero , my  Phone ;)

“Being alone — there’s a certain dignity to it.”
Sem Cimsek

So apart from getting to sleep diagonally on my bed and being able to get down from both sides of my bad, no strings attached relationship (No , I hate strings even on my shoes and in my dresses; ), no dark circles , no bullshit the best thing about being single is you get to click hundred's of selfie’s and use your phone 24x7 without anybody asking you to shut it ! Ha !
So next time anybody leers at you during feb 14th shove your gorgeous phone on their face :P

Lemme list five reasons why I would prefer my ASUS phone over a man anyday !

1. No complexity only simplicity please: There are already too many complications in my life, and the inclusion of a man just triples them. They bring a lot of ‘You should love my family (no matter how much they hate you) , love my work (Doesn’t matter if he works for AIB or acts in RGV movies) , wear what I like (If he wants you to wear what Vidya Balan wears) reply to my phone calls (Even if you are in the middle of an important Shopping section, shop less (I don’t care that you are shopping in your money I can’t take it that you shop so much) and blah blah blah! But ASUS uses intelligence technology and personal attitude helping me and lets me live my wonderful life !
23 Reasons Your Cell Phone Is The Only Valentine You'll Ever Need

2. Responsiveness: Ever heard of a relationship with no compromises ? Naah . Never with a human. But guess what ? ASUS phone handle multiple tasks and gives better experiences there in giving perfect performance without compromises ;)
No more ‘Tum mjhe bhaaw nahi deti’, ‘ ‘Tum phone nahi karti’ , ‘Tum mujhe space nahi deti’, neither anymore of we both are a couple , its important we compromise sheez !

3. Forever and ever: Humans change. Always. Be it for good or bad. You cannot be sure when they leave you. Either they find someone better or they think their careers are important than us or they think its only them who are dedicative towards their partner but hey when your ASUS phone is your valentine it won’t leave you ever ! With longer battery life Intel Atom processor , it is energy efficient so now you can tweet , click numerous selfie’s and play without worrying about your battery dying !
I can spend all day together with my ASUS zenphone and never get sick of it ! :*

4. My photographer: ASUS zenphone along with its 6HD display has an excellent camera ! Plus holds my memories and won't judge me when I click a million selfie's! Oh sheh forget him asking out to help you click a few pictures ,“What will you do with these many photographs?” - this is what he will ask when you are clicking your own pictures !! Men tend to get tired and bored when it comes to clicking pictures of others ! Ha ! And with cricket world cup in full swing you might be shoo’ed away even before you pop a question ! But ASUS phone will ALWAYS be there for you ! Wow and HOW ! Advanced 13MP camera supported by intel lets me capture pictures like a pro ! Better pictures, more self confidence :P

Sonam Kapoor

5. Doesn't complain to match my outfits: You ask a man to match his tie with the outfit you are wearing and he might wear it once ir twice after which he will turn irritated ! Well well not the same in my ASUS phone’s case! My ASUS phone has interchangeable color cases so I can change and mix match with my outfits :D Zen cases slide and voila my phone is party ready in minutes ! Plus I get to dress my phone according to my mood and personality , you hardly get to do that when its a man in question ;)
15 Things We All Wish Our Phone Could Do

I just loved the ASUS phone 'Ill be my Valentine' add :* Its so me !

Until next time,

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why Join Bangalore University ?

I completed my education and graduated in Bangalore. And my university was affiliated to Bangalore university. It is no doubt Bangalore University one of India’s leading centers for higher studies in all streams of academic studies.
Bangalore University was established in the 1960’s , the university is divided into six faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce and Management, Education, Law and Engineering like any other A Grade colleges. It has over 400 affiliated colleges and 51 post graduation courses. How wonderful is that ?! The constituent colleges include Central College, MES College of Arts Commerce and Science (That would be my college) University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering and University College of Physical Education.
Bangalore UniversityWhy choose Bangalore University ?
Lets take a look into this university which is located in Garden City of Bangalore,and it is one of the premier educational institutions in the country. The University has successfully completed 40+ years of fruitful existence and has come to be hailed as one of the largest universities of Asia , mind you not India but Asia ! Bangalore University ranks 13th in the list of 50 top Universities in the Country *wow*. Bangalore University has achieved milestones by establishing MOU5 with Universities and Institutions of national and international repute. Also with its highly experienced faculty it makes sure right values inculcate among students while encouraging them to work harder to succeed ! Other than these it also excels in following fields I have listed below which is why you won’t think twice before getting yourself or your children enrolled in this wonderful University ! Lets take a look at these:
  1. Bangalore University is UGC recognized (University Grants Commission) ! If a university is UGC recognized its bound
  2. Its accredited by AICTE and NAAC !
  3. Bangalore University is spacious which is sprawled across 1100 acres of land .Bangalore University has identified halls of hostels for students along with a separate hostel for women students is also functioning on the Jnana Bharathi campus. It caters to a student population of more than a three lakh population consisting of students! The University is striving to provide access, expansion and excellence in higher education.
  4. Now coming to one of the best part of BU , it has this ‘Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Ragging’ ! How awesome is that ! I mean after reading a lot of ragging cases sprouting in renowned colleges it’s a good thing to see a university take a stand against it!
  5. BU takes pride in Quality education to meet challenges !
  6. Not to forget Bangalore University has hired Highly experienced faculty to make sure the students get the best out of everything!
  7. Introduction of new technologies in teaching and research also is a common practice in BU!
Now coming to the most important feature of a university we check upon before you enroll your kids! The fee applicable for each student ! Bangalore University charges fairly to each student along with accommodation charges . The fees vary according to the course you are applying.
Know more about Bangalore University such as Reservations for each category, course and fees here Bangalore University Fee Structure here.
.So what are you waiting for? Go enroll your kids or get yourselves enrolled in one of the most prestigious university in Bangalore ! ;)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear Abbu, you are a great dad !

My blog started off as a place to vent, a place to share the things that I loved and things that I hated and quickly grew into a lifestyle. I feel I am connected to whatever I post on my blog, because that’s the way it is. A few days back I happened to watch a very meaningful TVC ‘#Greatdad’ by SBI life on television And today I want to open up on one person I have looked up to.. My dad. The greatest of all.

Coming from a fairly not so rich family my dad along with his brothers hail from a village.  My dad moved from Lucknow to Bangalore to make it big. You've heard it before – you come to a city for a better life. For him Bangalore looked like a shiny, princess-cut symbol of hope. Finding a job on your own in a place you don’t belong might seem tough but its was far more worse 25 years back. Opportunity doesn't come knocking – you had to go out and get it.

A year later my mom joined him here in Bangalore. There were hurdles and a lot of difficulties . There was hope. There was despair. There was disaster. But nothing shook him. He kept moving on. Everytime one step closer to what he had dreamt every single day. And there were haters.

Fast forward he was gifted with three daughter and a son. He shared his business secrets with his brothers, gave way for them to take the route of success without having to work hard. Soon there were a lot of people and family kin moving in here.

To this day, my father heads into his office every morning and works hard till 11 at night. It’s the reason we have bread and butter.   Imagine this 7 days a week for over 20 years with just one holiday every month. Just so his children could stay happy and live the life he never could.

Remember when I said haters? Well yes ! Most of which turned out be the ones he had fed , fed the damn people with his own hands, they were the ones who had shared his family’s surname. Then came the bad years, they made him suffer from hell. Of course we couldn't do anything. We were small. Helpless. So was my mother, so helpless.The worst thing is to know that those who made you go through hell belong from your own family. You know what that feels like? It kills. But you go through it. You catch up with deadly frigging deadly sugar and heart diseases for all the stress you took. But you keep moving on. You do it anyway. Because you’re a frigging fighter.

He overcame everything. He learnt from mistakes. he befriended those who were good and shut those who were snakes. He knew his children will be proud of him, someday. They would realize how great a dad he was.

My dad has taken such a big role in my life. Whatever I needed even if it was on the other side of the world my dad would go get it. I love him with all my heart. He always made sure I do my best in whatever I do. Even though it might be hard or tiring my dad makes me do it, I know it's the best for me. My dad is the PERFECT , my role model! It was my dad helped me when to do my homework in my childhood, carry me on his back,play cards with me, gave me inspiration when I need it...taught me to be loving, funny,never to take anything  seriously, to be upright & show respect for authority,standing up for what is right and helping those in need.And then the day came when he told his daughter he would be the happiest if he could see her get married to a prince. Everything seems to be fine. Everybody are happy. He finds a prince and gets her engaged. But then out of nowhere erupts the tsunami of pain.

The prince he thought he found for his little princessy daughter turns out to be a womanizer, a psycho a maniac. And then all hell breaks. The engagement breaks, big mouthed people who never use their brains start using their tongues, rumors spread. Its not the engagement it’s the shitty pity your own relatives throw at you. He has 3 daughters , and this happens with the very first one. He is broken . He can’t stop thinking of what might come. He hides his sorrow.. But ofcourse we know it. He pulls himself together so we are not affected. Because after 21 years of struggling and dreaming you become stronger. And no matter what you put my father through he will still ride a bike to stay fit. He will give up on Jalebis and frigging chicken. Because he can. Because he is frigging awesome. He’ll still believe in God, and thank him for all the bad things coming into his life. Because even though everyone else thinks the baddies are ruining it, his faith is so strong that he refuses to be defeated. He smiles, laughs, hopes and is still the fabulous dad !

My father is one of the most selfless and courageous people I ever know, and to have him in my life is my greatest inspiration. His charm, understanding , sense of humor and willingness to overcome every fear– all qualities I love about him so so dearly. Those, along with his business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and his selflessness. Inspite of everything he stood by my side. With the first heartbreak to the first tsunami of pain , you know your dad will always be there, for you.

I just know that I will try to live every single day like it is my absolute last. He’s inspired me to take chances , to forgive people and has motivated me to keep pushing, especially when things get tough. My main focus in life right now is to work hard enough to attempt to give back even half of what my Abbu has given me.

He is the ‘great dad’ I would shoot a TVC on if given a chance ^_^

Have you watched the SBI ‘#GreatDad’ video? Whom do you relate to when you hear ‘Great dad?’ phrase?

Until next time

Stay happy!