Sunday, December 13, 2015

Beautiful Bangalore – Come Fall In Love!

There is no doubt that there are very few cities in India like Bangalore that have developed a lot since past 10 years. Bangalore in very little time has nestled modernity, tradition, culture and technology in such a harmonious way . People living in the city will agree for surely on this. It does has cons but the beauty and 100 other reasons to love Bangalore overshadow the cons of this beautiful garden city

Each one of us is emotionally and physically attached to a city or that particular place which they grew up in. It simply doesn’t matter if it is a small town, village or a big metropolitan city, it will always remain close to your hearts because of the memories and nostalgia that surrounds it. I was born and bought up in Bangalore and this city holds a close space to my heart. It’s a  place that embraces me in every sense. But looking at how beautiful my city is I have no doubts in saying that people from other cities, those speaking different languages, expats  also love this city .
Apart from the best shopping complexes, wonderful and pleasant weather, Nightlife and safety , Bangalore can be termed as the most beautiful city-Pensioner’s paradise! Loads of job opportunities, tasty food, numerous restaurants and art theaters- you’ll have a hundred reason to love Bangalore No matter how beautiful place you go to and how comfortable you feel there’s the place you itch to be back at the end of the day and Bangalore is that city people and here are a few reasons why Bangalore should be termed as a winner by Tata Motors when it comes to the best city in India in terms of its design, Drive and connect !


With numerous highways and cleanliness its easier for you to drive around the city.

Look at the roads when it rains in front of my home. Yes , no stagnant water and clean and peaceful and what not! Every home in my neighborhood have no problems with rains as there is any sign of it after the shine shines bright.

Don't have a vehicle of your own? The bus facility and the taxi service is great here. You’ll find an Ola every 2 mins on the app. There’s no need to sweat it as KSRTC and BMTC bus facility .The public transport system is undoubtedly excellent in Bengaluru. The BMTC buses are large in number, clean, efficient and safe.


If we are talking about The Garden City then it is impossible to skip that its surrounded by best parks and lakes. There’s greenery everywhere, and you know I am not lying! Hence no matter where you live, you will always be close to nature!

The walls aren’t dull or boring or scribbled , they have murals on them :D  Bangloreans know how to keep it beautiful even in the most unique ways !

Loads of IT companies ,Good education and healthcare centers make it the perfect city to stay in!

Bangalore city is pretty well connected from one end to the other. The bus service to the airport is especially very frequent and efficient.


Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city with loads of people from around the world. Surrounded by Malls and restaurants at every turn you have no complaints finding the right place to shop and eat your favorites.

We have loads of exhibitions, theatre performances, amusement parks  and museums where you can enjoy yourself. With so many  people from all over the country in Bangalore so you will not feel alone. You can survive in the city even if you don’t know the regional language. Hindi or English will just do fine :) Plus the festivals and celebrations in the city are celebrated throughout the year.

Well I can go on and on about the reasons why you cannot say Bangalore is #MadeOfGreat :)


  1. I stayed in Bangalore for 3 years when I was doing my graduation from there. The pleasant weather all year round combined with the awesome public transportation made my life a breeze.

    1. Couldn't agree more ! Bangalore be the best :))

  2. I lived in Bangalore for 1 year. I just loved that place & their people.