Saturday, November 28, 2015

It’s the Case Of Creativity: My Quirky Zenfone 2 Inspired LookBook!

Zenfone Elegant Expression enteries contest
One thing that keeps improving in fashion is creativity ! Everything in fashion changes on terms of creativity every now and then. The newest to join the fashion bandwagon are the Phone case covers! At present it isn’t odd for a woman to have a huge collection of apparel or handbags. But now, fashionistas are treating cell phone cases like the newest accessories! Fashion conscious women and men have started to stack up several of them for different looks. The smartphone is no longer just a medium for communication, but an aesthetic object in itself. Phones do so much now and it is typical for people to carry a do-it-all gadget. Women don’t like to repeat their outfits and hence its not a wonder when they keep changing their case covers and buy interesting case covers as they want to spice up their look by adding that lil extra zing to their phones!
I myself fall in this category and was elated to find the contest in which ASUS allowed us to design a phone case cover all by ourselves ! :D In the past few months I have seen people choose a phone case that goes with their moods or life stages.I love designer, multicolored, or trendy designs work on my phone case with a lot of things. Fashionistas have different phone cases based on how they feel a particular day. I consider myself to be a fashion conscious person and absolutely loved making Zenfone 2 case covers for the contest ! Its one contest I completely loved participating in! As you can see above all of the zenfone case covers are enteries submitted by me :D And if ASUS likes my entry I could even end up winning a limited edition zen case cover along with a zenfone 2 ! ^_^
the best part is they have weekly prizes and 1 huge grand prize. Weekly Prizes include a ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) and 1 Limited edition ZenFone 2 case by CutiePieMarzia! Along with it there is a Grand Prize winner too! Best design will be printed as the limited edition ZenFone 2 case. Isn’t that cool?
Its one contest you shouldn’t miss participating in! submit an entry in the contest, the entry can be fun quirky- an photo you've taken or a design you've created but it must be fashion forward and represent your fashion aesthetic! Its high time you find the perfect case to express who you are, match your outfit or even to suit your mood'.
It seems as though every fashion Blogger, Socialite, Celebrity and Fashionista on the street owns a 3-4 phone fashionable case covers! I absolutely loved the limited edition case covers launched by ASUS and created a while lot of look books on them!
Asus limited edition

Following are look books I created to match ASUS zenfone 2 limited edition incredible case covers !
Festive Look Book
Satya paul bling outfit
Remember days when you matched your lipstick with your outfit or your nail color with your heels? Exactly the same way its time to match your lovely phone case cover with your outfit ! During celebrations we tend to choose a cover that is blingy or classy which will act as an accessory in itself!
Meet Out Look Book
e2o bag vega and maybelline
When you meet your friends at a restaurant or have a date with your loved one you tend to carry your sling along and you want to keep things simple and fun, the reason why I chose this particular phone case cover to go with the’meet up’ lookbook outfit!
Chilled Out Look Book
Bebe tote paperworks diary
When you need some me time and go out for a walk in the park or simply hop onto your friends place to chill out in her garden with a book and some good music you want a relaxed and pretty looking phone case cover to go with it and I think this sweet phone case cover by ASUS is perfect for it!
Office Look book
Work lookbook
If you love dressing up for work than you don’t want to stay behind in updating the phone case cover of yours with your office wear and one cant find a better case cover than this classy and elegant to match their office moods !
Finally coming to  two of my favorite inspired entries I posted in the contest ! The first one is a rockstud phone case cover which totally reflects my chic fashionista style!
The Rocker Chic trend with pyramid shaped studs are a rage now which one can find in inverted totes, studded sling bags and studded shoulder bags. The fashion world is mesmerized by this trend and I wanted the same for my zenfone case cover! I picked up an intriguing orange color which would match my fierce personality!If this was to be among the limited edition of ASUS Zenfone case covers I am sure it would become an instant sensation overnight. ;)
Asus elegant expression rockstud entry
I think for some of us, it’s not just about protecting our phone. It’s about bringing I creativity and style in every important thing in our lives  and making it work ! I also submitted an entry inspired by my floral slingbag with pretty brown and cream hued roses on it!
bag elegant expression asus floral case cover
So what are you guys waiting for get set go and create that distinct phone case cover of yours and submit your #ZenLooks entry here and make your dream come true of designing your favorite case #zenfone cover! Until then create loads of creative case covers on ASUS page :D Trust me its absolute fun!

Until next time
Najm Nisa


  1. Like the office wear case :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thank you for dropping by dear..and the office wear case is my fav too:)

  2. U have the gorgeous-est clutches Najm!!! Where do you get them from???

    1. Hehe..Thank you Megha ! This clutch is one of my favorites from Satya Paul ^_^

  3. Your accessories have made the phone look more beautiful ... :-)

    1. Isn't the phone an accessory itself? I guess I have the most beautiful accessories :))

  4. Liked your presentation, Najm. You know the art. :)