Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Funny In 140 Chars – Twitter Comedy (IV)

Fun in 140 characters twitter comedy trends

Twitter is a site that never sleeps ! You have loads of tweets flooding on your TL 24X7. How many of you login to twitter and find it hard to logout ? *Me me me* Yes ! Its one addictive hell of a micro blogging site. With millions of users joining twitter everyday twitter has just begun to get way more interesting than it was before. It keeps you entertained with better stuff unlike the saas-bahu sagas on Tv’s ! You just have to follow the right handles on twitter!
Every time I login I wish time stopped and I could keep reading, laughing, @interacting and re-tweeting tweets the whole day ! Twitter is my favorite pass time. Forget stand up comedians you’ll find eak se badkar eak tweetaar comedians on twitter ! Twitter not just about retweets and followers!
I’ll tell you what comedy is KING on twitter and humor is the QUEEN! Tweeple who have any of these are mini celebs on twitter, and those who are blessed to tweet with both comedy and humor you know what I call them? TWELEB :P . Tweeps who aren’t professional stand up comedians and live a normal life have amassed legions of followers by tweeting funny tweets . Their followers later hang on to every 140-character quip of these twelebs.
All those who find it hard to read cartoons and stories to have a quick laugh its time to open an account on twitter and follow the right people ! If you are already a bit funny in real life, the next best thing you can do is follow a bunch of funny people.
Everytime I snigger or laugh like I just read the funniest thing in my life , my family wonders what I am reading , while I actually am LOLing over a tweet on my TL!
Following are few of the funniest tweets I stumbled upon last week ! You are free to #LOL or #ROFL after reading them ! You are welcome

 Waitress: Is this your grandma? Me: My wife. Waitress: ... Me: ... Waitress: I am SO sorry. *walks away* Grandma: Nice one. High five!
          — Uncle Duke (@UncleDuke1969) September 18, 2015
Any top favorite among all of these? Have you retweeted any of them yet? If not how can you not RT these tweets ?! They are awesome !
PS: Not everyone would find them funny. Well different people, different tastes !But don’t worry twitter is full of @heelariious people ;) Iam sure you’ll find a few funny ones soon on your TL!
#proTip: If you want to get twitter famous follow their footsteps :p #KThanxBye
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@Happychirpings aka Najm Nisa ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crane Collapse in Mecca- A tragedy not to rejoice over !


Stop hate- Spread love

Every time the phone rings at late hours during nighttime I freak out ! Its either news that one of my relatives be it close or faraway expire or it’s definitely some bad news. And day before yesterday when my dad received a call at 12:30 am I had a feeling it was very bad news. It was my uncle calling to tell that the sad tragedy of a crane collapsing over the Grand Mosque had killed over a 100 people in Mecca. The crane collapsed after a strong thunderstorm hit Mecca

My parents are leaving for Saudi Arabia this week and this will be their first hajj pilgrimage. Such incidents do scare the public but no matter what the Hajjis will not stop. Maybe it’s the faith, which cannot be moved just like the mountains Allah created . With more than 2 million people to complete Hajj this year this incident will barely have any effect. We can only hope safety measures are taken and more such incidents are avoided.

I hardly read the newspaper and my only source of knowing the current happening and NEWS is through twitter trending topics or blogposts . And recently when a read an article on the crane collapse accident there were awful and hate messages posted by barbaric people . I don’t get it. have people lost faith or are they suffering from a disease that wants them to have a laugh on the name of religion when humanity is hurt. Well if you are happy that people from a religion you hate died why not keep it for yourself and go to hell but o they want to show the world they are hypocrites and barbaric humans.

Lives lost no matter where is a sad thing and not a thing rejoice over. My mother was all tears and said that all those who lost lives are residents of heaven now. I have seen hundreds of people wishing they could die in Mecca , but I guess God has other plans for each one of us. May Allah put their souls to rest and give them Jannah.

You have to give it up to the faith the pilgrims carry in their hearts . No one has turned their backs , the Hajj will go on for sure.My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones at Mecca . I also hope people change their attitude towards the loss innocent human life .

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I was inspired to write this blog post after reading hate messages and messages where young women and men rejoiced over the incident here and stated that this was a moment of happiness as the tragedy took place on 9/11 anniversary. We are all Hindus or Muslims or Christian or Jews capable of getting hurt and having the power to hurt, and its the reason why its saddening to see people enjoying the death of so many innocent people. When will people realise hate does not do anything but spew out more hate. Get over your hypocrisy !May the souls of the innocent victims of this disaster rest in peace!

Until next time,


Najm Nisa