Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G ~ A speed magnet!

In my previous post, I spoke about how elated I was to hear about Airtel's new 4G sim. The 4G sim is hyped to be a game changer and phenomenal invention by Airtel which boasts speed. What with it's stunning performance and connectivity, it's rapidly gaining a lot of fame all over the globe.

Being a social media addict myself, I personally know how crucial speed is when it comes to an internet connection! A slow internet connection kills you, especially if you are social media freak. It kills to wait for your videos to load, kills to see that the download time left for your favorite movie is 10 hours and so on!

Keeping all this in mind, Airtel introduced the 4G sim which came as a blessing to all fast network lovers. Airtel has been doing a lot of promotions, out of which the most interesting was when they gave out free 4G sim cards to Airtel users to try out their creation. The free sim cards were home delivered to anyone who applied for it by simply sending a tweet to @AirtelIndia using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G. I got mine with an hour of applying, my sister too! :) What really moved me was the fact that it was raining cats and dogs the day I applied for the sim and the poor courier guy came all the way to my home in that rain to home deliver it. It was a touching gesture by Airtel :)

I am totally impressed by my new 4G sim's speed! There's no lag while using any app and movies/videos get downloaded within a matter of minutes. What surprises me is apps and games like Minion Rush, which normally take 5 hours for complete installation on a normal network took just half an hour! This was when I fell in love.

Now with such a fast internet network under my hood, my social media life will see wonderful days :D There won't be any slow connectivity stress and it will be a boost to my health too. Lately, I have had to travel a lot which is why I have become more of a cell phone person than a laptop one. Which means that mobile network means a lot to me. I have heard Airtel's made 4G available for laptops too. Will try it out soon. I am sure it'll be as impressive as this 4G sim or maybe more. Can't wait to try!

Meanwhile, I am totally loving the 4G sim and totally recommend all you wonderful readers to go and book yourself one ASAP! :) For more info on the same, you can check out their website. You can also do as I did, send a tweet to @AirtelIndia on Twitter using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G for a free 4G sim home delivered within 2 hours. I guess the offer's still on so hurry!

Asta lavista!

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  1. 4G, speed on the go :). Good luck with the happy hours Najm. I only hope that the connectivity improves to make the best out of 4G :)