Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where the wishing never ends.. #AbHarWishHogiPoori with Flipkart!

ab har wish hogi poori flipkart
Everytime you think of good food you are reminded of your home. Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it was our mom's homemade lasagna or a memorable chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past.
Nothing can beat the food cooked by a mother, or a bhabhi or a sister. Agree ? I remember my mom waking up early and preparing hot breakfast for my family and then she would cook for our lunch boxes to take away to school and then she would start the cooking session again after we left for school. This time she would cook lunch and then later at night she would cook dinner. From what I remember she was almost all day in the kitchen making sure her family ate the best and healthiest food every single time. Sigh. That’s why nobody can ever replace a mom. It would be very hard for my mom to look after four of us siblings along with her my granny and grandpa if not for my didi. My elder sister used to get up along with my mom early morning , help my mom in cooking and pack her lunch and pack our lunch boxes, after which she had to run to the bus stop to catch her bus to college.

My mom always made sure we had home made food and we had very little to do with eat outs. We hardly ate in restaurants and my mom was very strict when it came to fast food . She was against all the fast food we would eat outside. But as children we would cringe and not understand her point . We wanted to eat at the school canteen. We wanted to binge on samosas on the street side and eat out at McD every weekend. Thanks to my Di we got what we wished for . Yes. My Di loved innovation while cooking and every time we wanted to eat out she would google the recipe on the desktop we owned and would cook up the exact thing we wished to eat !
It was not until Vidya from wished for an Usha Halogen oven , I hoped my sister could actually be the best cook if she had access to a cute halogen oven like Vidya’s . But hey if it wasn’t for her we would have never had yummy tasty fast food made at home ! She would bake cakes in a pressure cooker and make the best burgers on tawa ! yes ! And 2 months back my Di got married. It was a happy affair but I have to admit I miss her. Like hell. Her smile. Her laughter. Her motivation. And her willingness to make sure we ate what we wished for. So two months back when she was getting married she had to put her job on hold for she would travelling a lot during the next 4 months. This was when one of my aunt suggested that she take up food blogging seriously. My Di used my dad’s laptop whenever she needed but her best buddy was her long time BFF LG desktop which has been in my family for almost 10 years now. She smiled at my aunt for her suggestion but there was this sad smile I recognized instantly. I then realized it was because she had to say goodbye to her desktop after marriage . You know how women get attached to things.
The marriage took place in all grandeur and my Di was to leave for her honeymoon within a week’s time that is when I thought it was time to atleast try repaying a lil part of what my Di did for all of us all through her life. I wanted to gift her something special, something she was in need for, and guess what I bought her a gift she wished for :D
Ab Har wish hogi poori blogger wish chain
Shopping at Flipkart is like a favorite hobby for me. Ever since my first purchase of a novel on flipkart 4 years back I have shopped like crazy on the website. It just got better and better. Flipkart made gifting easier than anyone could’ve imagined. hence my first thought of buying a gift was from flipkart. I has decided upon a laptop. Everybody in my family suggested it was better to buy such a big gift offline as taking a risk online was not worth it. But I trusted flipkart and wanted the best for my sweetest Di who always believed in giving . Hence my search for the best laptop began and thanks to all the reviews I was able to zero upon a HP Laptop within no time. I wanted her to know that we cared for the things she wished for. I wanted her to take up what she loved and I was sure she wanted to take up food blogging , for which she need a good laptop and not a old memory wala desktop. It was time to upgrade and wish for new things.
After consenting my brother who is more knowledgeable when it comes to electronics I ordered a laptop. My sister had to leave for her in laws in two days time. I was worried her gift wouldn’t reach on time and cursed for not selecting next day delivery during checkout. But Flipkart has a tendency to amaze every wisher out there. I wished my sister to be happy. My sister wished she could blog anytime anywhere, and thanks to Flipkart they delivered her gift the very next day !
Ab har wish hogi poori flipkart hp laptop
I had it gift packed and my my the emotions that followed after I she opened the gift were endless. We both were in tears and she hugged me and promised to let me eat every thing she would blog about. ha ha ! It was a moment of bonding and happiness . Love you Flipkart, love you for the amazing price you gave for the gift I bought for her, love you for the speedy delivery even though I hadn’t selected next day delivery. Love love LOVE You gaiz so much !
So have you shopped for a gift your loved one wished for? If not , do now :)
Keep wishing!
keep shopping!
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