Thursday, July 9, 2015

United By Cricket On UC Browser !

You know there’s a cricket match going on when almost all Indian trending topics on twitter are related to cricket! Forget a match between Indian and other country, hell twitterattis are so crazy about cricket that they even tend to trend matches between other countries !
At malls, there’s always a crowd of people surrounding the TV’s on display or televisions which are for sale. You tell something bad about cricket and they are ready to tear you into half.
Things You Should Never Say To An Indian Cricket Fan
Either India wins or loses a match , cricket is like God send for Indians. Even if you’re the least patriotic person in the world, you surround yourself with flags and jerseys. Cricket is one thing that unites Indians. Be it a classroom, office or a party, everybody talks about the after bouts of a cricket match ! Indians consider cricket a religion and are emotionally attached to the game.They don’t care where they are but they want have to get a score update and not miss watching the sixes and four’s by their fav cricket batsmen . And remember your workplace which was deserted during an Indo-Pak match because they weren’t allowed to watch matches there?
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This is how a workplace looks where televisions are not allowed to be watched during a match.
There are a lot of movies on how much Indians love cricket in Bollywood .
So all of the above proves the love Indians have for the game –Cricket ! What does one do when they are in the middle of something they love and there’s a powercut?

Reaction of Indians who don’t have access to faster browsing during a cricket match when it shows buffering past 1 hour.
Umm smartphone internet might just save them but what if the browser acts like those older version’s of IE and you are left with a *20% loading* message ? I have seen a lot of people hit their smartphones, poor peeps. One cannot just sit at home in front of the television all day and all night long to watch the match. Humans are surrounded with a lot of things and every needs attention. So what do you do when your wife wants to spend time with you or your GF wants to go on a date with you? You can’t possibly say no right? Could you? That’s when the advanced tech gadgets come in handy ! With smartphone use increased highly everybody is connected to their favorite game ! Thanks to browsers like UC which have come up with UC Cricket for all those who are die hard crazy fans of cricket !
UC Browser surf it all app
So now be it a drive to an important office meeting or the excitement to know the score just after the exams , Indians can now surf it all on UC cricket on UC Browser !

 No more being tagged as a lousy cricket fanatic who gives a miss to all the sweet and important things in life for cricket ! I generally keep in touch with the score with the help of the live twitter update by twitteratis :D So how do you keep in touch with the game without missing on the small things in life? Temme !


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