Thursday, May 14, 2015


Pictures captured with ASUS zenfone

The clutch has now turned into a must-have accessory to round out our look and add the glam factor to our outfit. Big blingy clutches soft velvet boxes for parties and functions during day time and precious little clutches in all different sizes during the night .

A clutch is pure love because it lets you carry your phone and money in style . Its important to make sure you buy a clutch which fits your phone, you don’t want to hold a clutch in one hand and a phone in the other, it looks silly hokay. Fortunately for me my Asus Zenphone fits in all of my clutches easily <so sleek and so beautiful:*>

I’m a big fan of accessories and my most favorite accessory is the CLUTCH !. If you are style savvy and have a good eye for trendy pieces, you can pick up a couple of hatke and eye catchy clutches and turn into a showstopper without effort ;)

Well well summer season is here and the number of parties during the season are the highest! Be it a reception of a dear friend or a Saturday party night you’ll have numerous occasions to flaunt your trendy clutches ! And hence here are the 5 must have party clutches which according to me every fashionista must own!

Mex gold studded clutch

I remember seeing this bag at Amazon and instantly falling in love with it! It’s a gold box clutch which has a jewel like flap at the opening. The best part is its so lightweight ! When it comes to studded clutches that too studded on both the sides clutches tend to get heavier but this one from MEX is a steal ! Loved it ! And now this one is a prized possession of mine! A bejeweled clutch is always a good idea and will never go out of fashion, so it’s really worth investing in one that you will use time and time again.

Top 5 clutches

It’s a great size that fits everything you need on a night out!The one ring jeweled clutch looks and feels expensive. I am glad I invested in something so beautiful plus this cultch definitely is a show stopper! ;)

Apple clutch

The third best party clutch is a clutch that will take your breath away ! The Apple wala clutch is one of a kind, fashionable and fruity ;) This sweet clutch is medium sized apple shape silver clutch, studded at both sides from MEX. It was love at first sight ! The moment I laid my eyes on this clutch I knew I had to have it in my Party Clutch collection and hey the next day it was being shipped to my address :D

Satya paul clutch

BOX clutches are the raging fashion trend that has caught up with most of the celebs. And this one is the ultimate party clutch! There is something crazy about carrying a box clutch! Do you feel the same?  I am head over heels in love with my box Satya Paul Satin clutch !

Box clutch

Box clutches that are studded and beaded are also quite a rage with the party goers.. This Purple Aiva Box clutch was a buy from Yebhi and ever since I bought it has been among my favorites!

Limeroad shopping

Clutch makers have come up with bolder and bigger clutches and they are quite a show when carried to a party. Bolder materials like velvet and sequins and in brighter colors. This dark blue clutch was a buy from limeroad and its huge, by huge I mean it! It can carry my Asus , my lipstick,lip balm,makeup,tissue papers, wallet, cards and all phones in my family, LOL-SO BIG! I love the embroidery on this and the oval shape which makes it easy for us to carry in my palm.

All of the pictures clicked for this fashion post are by my Asus Zenfone , yes. I know its hard to believe but Zenfone 5’s camera is beautiful and captures pictures that you can use to write a blog post ! I recently got Nikon point and shoot camera and I have to say I am finding it so hard to click pictures from it :/ So complex and hence I have shifted to easy clicking of pictures from my ASUSZenfone with which I have had zero problems so far *Happy dance*


  1. Woah! All the picks are mesmerizing...however my favorite would be the Purple Aiva clutch!

    1. Purple is one of my favs too dear :) btw Purple looks fabulous on you ;)

  2. omg Najm i am jealous of you. All the clutches look so blingy and glam <3

    1. Teehee ... I am jealous of all the makeup you own..lets say i am only trying to balance it out by showing off my clutches ^_^ :P

  3. I like the apple clutch best. Enjoyed your post :)