Friday, May 15, 2015

Only If Harry Potter & His Friends had a Smartphone!

If you love magic , JK Rowling’s best selling book ‘Harry Potter and the six books that followed’ wouldn’t be new to you. What is it about this fantasy world that has been so astonishingly attractive for so many adults and children you wonder. What magic was to them is what smartphones are to us today. If you are a pottermaniac you must have at some moment thought of all the possibilities the students of Hogwarts would have if they had access to a smartphone ! I am not saying wands and magic potions weren’t enough for them but what if they were to use smartphones in their daily life ? Well well I have always had these crazy thoughts of what it would be like if harry potter and his friends had access to the smartphones ! :D
Its damn outright true that when you’ve got magic, you don’t really need the net or a smartphone for that matter. But let’s just say that in a parallel universe, Harry Potter and the gang get their hands on a smartphone and discover the wonders of the apps installed on a smartphone, what would it be like?! If that happened, then these are the ways I guessed they would benefit from it.
1. No more waiting : Remember how Harry and his friends had to wait for holidays and weekends to taste their favorite Butterbeer ( Well its simply the most delicious drink ever even though nobody has tried it yet!) , Magical sweets, the delicious Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and chocolate frogs. They would travel in the coldest of the winters to the three broomsticks to get a sip of their favorite drink . If they had the power of smartphones they would able to order all these at the click of a button ! Viola , I am sure Hermoine would use the time saved in studying some more. :P
2. No ‘OUCH’ moments: What happens when you have a surprise Yule Ball announcement and your mother has packed your sister’s clothes for you ? Well you don’t want to end up looking like Ron, would you? If Ron and Harry had access to smartphones they would simply login to Myntra/Flipkart via app and shop for the latest men’s suits and end up looking dapper and catching the right girl’s attention!
3. Google maps :
Yes please. You don’t want to end up meeting Malfoy and forcefully having to look at the ill faced Malfoy again and again . Find better paths back to your classrooms via google maps or Hoogle maps (Hogwarts+Google) ;) And Harry won’t get lost while heading to Platform nine and three quarters again !
4. SHOPPING: Book a new Broom at a single click - Ask Harry or Ron or even Ginny what a broom means to them ! Harry will swear by a broom because that’s what got him through the dragons task in ‘'the Goblet of Fire’ plus not to forget Quidditch is impossible to play without a broom! And what happens if you have a Broom breakout or some nasty fat or sleazy student from Slytherin steals your broom? You order a new one from your smartphone that too on next day delivery/Same day delivery ! :D Plus online shopping portals like Myntra have app only offers that always have huge discounts running on their websites ;) No more skipping Quidditch ! And no doubts when you tell shopping from portals like Myntra which have a whopping 80% flat off on app sales , its like MAGIC for the Weasely family considering they have to spend cautiously because they haven’t the income to buy new brooms without discounts :D!
And shopping for gifts would be so much easier for Ron and Dobby who always end up giving the most awkward gifts ! I am sure they would send so much love to Myntra app after Hermoine would kiss him when he got her a romantic gift ;)
5. Apps -Harry Potter Instagram
OH YES ! You can only imagine the amount of fun and help it would have been if Harry and his gang would have access to smartphones ! Endless apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ,Flashlight, Flipkart, Myntra , Gmail, Whatsapp , camera etc Advanced tech apps are a boon to all those who use them ! Endless shopping, instant messaging, immediate access to news and micro blogging . Not to forget every tweet sent out by Harry would be the most favorited and most Retweeted ;) Dobby dropping a happy birthday msg on Facebook profile of Harry and so much more !
So that’s what it would be like if wizards had smartphones! It would definitely feel like magic!


  1. Magic does come true with the Myntra App. Very well put dear. Loved your approach. I'm so excited that Myntra is about to caste their spell through their magic wand called Smartphone. ^_^

  2. Your post reminds me to complete HP series :) Lovely post dear!

  3. He he now this is creative :).. I liked the combination of harry potter with a smart phone. I very recently watched the movies back to back and was feeling quite bad that I don't have anything more to watch.. It sure was an amazing series.. :)

  4. No no nooooooooooo no please :D

  5. This is super fun read. Harry and the addiction of a smartphone - should be in line :P

    Super creative, what a take on the contest prompt! :)

  6. Well done! :) I hope Harry Potter gets a smart phone at least in the next life :D :D

  7. hahah...thats a cool take, esply the google maps one....superb :)

  8. Myntra comes to the rescue of Harry Potter ! What a creative post :)

  9. Lol this is such a creative post. Had fun reading. Al the best, Najm :-)
    A Rat's Nibble