Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kapil Dev On Twitter & His Nayi League…

kapil dev on twitter

In the month of april,2015 World cup winning captain Mr Kapil Dev tweeted his first tweet on twitter and ever since then he has been sharing information on a new league he is working on currently. He tweeted to many celebs asking them to join his league which he calls it ‘Ek Nayi League’ and many of the celebs tweeted back saying they would be delighted to be a part of his league…

Kapil Dev even tweeted that he was glad to be on twitter and very happy to have got a chance to connect with his fans on a platform which was direct. After a couple of days he joined on twitter the star of cricket tweeted a few video in which he mentions about his fabulous and unique league which when played with heart will hit the wicket bang on! At first I was a little too sure it was some league to do with sports as Kapil Sir rigorously tweeted and tagged his sports friends on twitter plus the videos he tweeted where based on sportspersons.
He even tagged Yuvraj Singh in one of his video’s . Curiosity got the better of me and I watched the video to find out Kapil Sir talking about how good a crickets man Yuvraj Singh is. he further went on to tell that he was very happy when Mr Yuvraj was getting a huge sum of money for his talent.
The next video he tweeted was tagging ace badminton player of India , Sania Mirza . He went on to tell how fond of Sania he was and how he supported her wholeheartedly. You can see the tweet he tweeted below where there is a video attached in which he speaks about the women of India joining badminton sport and how Sania Mirza being among just 300 women who opt for playing for their country reach in the top 50’s ranking of best badminton players in the world.
He also tweeted a video where he praises Dhoni for his work as a captain and how Dhoni should stop talking about his retirement as he knows a captain picks up a team with his heart.
After watching all these videos where he ends every video with telling the audience that he would soon reveal what this Eak nayi league is all about in his next tweet he finally broke the ice by tweeting about the league today..
I am not sure what ITL actually is about but after a lil research I found it is a Championship for Investors and Traders!ITL is a pan India competition which allows all of its participants to showcase their investing and trading skills and outperform other market participants in an environment which is real and set across asset classes including stocks, derivatives and commodities to win the ultimate respect of being India’s Best Trader and win a whopping prize of one damn crore ;)

You can follow Kapil Sir on twitter to keep track of all the events he is a part of and interact with him on his handle @therealKapilDev and know more about his Nayi League here
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  1. This is a nicely done research Najm. I watched those videos and was really confused as to what they are about. esp when he talks about playing from the heart and losing. I was wondering - Is there really any other way to play??! :o ..

    PS: I hate to be a purist, but there might be a small typo there, it mentions Sania as badminton, I think you were going for tennis there or Saina Nehwal.. Sorry..

  2. Very well you've put it. Well-researched and presented. :) Kudos