Friday, May 15, 2015

Anywhere, Anytime, Always Recharged : My Airtel App!

MyAirtel App
I am a Airtel Broadband user and ever since Bharti Airtel introduced their MyAirtel App I have been running around in circles with joy ! I remember times when I wanted to know the balance amount and I had to call someone and cut the line so I could know how much balance amount is left for making calls. And there were times when my data usage would turn zero and I couldn't even buy a data pack because no access to internet ! The new MyAirtel app is a life saver for people who face problems like these! Now internet data recharging and mobile postpaid recharging is at my finger tips *yayy* No more going to the shop keeper wala bhaiyya and asking him to recharge ! Smartphones have really made lives easier and apps are the malai on the milk :P
MyAirtel app review
The new 'my airtel' app is a boon to Indian subscribers as it lets them to manage their mobile, fixed line and DTH services! I downloaded the app, which is absolutely free from Google Play Store and for those who intend to download the app through SMS can do so by messaging 'myairtel' to 54321.
I so loved the buy products from airtel option, all those wanting to buy a new connection can easily do so now that the super app is out for downloading! The app is simple and user friendly and does not complicate one ! I am so glad I downloaded the app immediately on its release ! My most favorite features of this app are as follows:
Favorite MyAirtel App feature
1. I want To feature : This feature allows one to add favorites like quick recharge , paying bills and one can get access to everything with just a single swipe in the app ! Isn't that cool! The first that I added in the 'I want to' feature was mobile recharge ! 
2. Speedy Recharge & Faster Checkouts: Remember times when you had to use third party apps/sites to recharge your prepaid and postpaid line. From getting a 2G/3G pack to recharging and making payments -Its so EASY and Quick! No more logging into a third party account and then selecting the pack which we want to recharge it with!
3. Low Data/Low balance Reminder : Even though I have a feature of data usage warning on my mobile , it tends to get all confused and I end up using more than I intended to, hence the feature in the app which allows to set data usage alerts or reminders is love only!
Overall its a the new MyAirtel app is a very handy app which allows us to manage all of the Airtel services straight from our cell phones !The new MyAirtel app has made life simpler for all those airtel customers out there! I highly recommended a download, especially for all those people with more than one Airtel connection.


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