Thursday, April 9, 2015

Southern Indian Flavours: My favorites !

Ask a women what she loves when it comes to food and a quick reply would be ‘anything that is less oily, healthy and tasty at the same time!’ We women are skin conscious. A single Paratha with ghee can be a nightmare for us , yes ! More the calories , more fat and more pimples. Well that is how it goes for me. This is the reason why I go the South Indian way when it comes to food. During my childhood most of my brekfast and tiffin box consisted of low calories and healthy idlis, dosas, upma and chitrana.
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Food is one thing I swear by and South Indian food is scrumptious and healthy at the same time ! Those who have landed up in South India or have a thing for South Indian cuisine can relate to why South Indian food is delicious from the first bite.Not to forget that the visual appearance of all the dishes in the South Indian food menu is very alluring.. I hail from Karnataka and here most of the dishes are vegetarian or dishes made from rice. All those who have happened to travel by train in the Southern of India must hgave come across most of the famous South Indian dishes like Wada-paav, Idli-sambar, Upma , bissi belle baath and Kesari baath..
The cuisine of South India is famous for its light, low calorie appetizing food dishes. The food is mostly rice based and wheat is hardly eaten in the south. The cuisine is known for its wonderful mixing of rice and lentils to prepare yummy lip smacking dosas, vadas, idlis and uttapams. These dishes are tasty, delicious and light on the human digesting system.. and now coming to the very best part of these dishes , they hardly use any oil and if they do its very little ! Yayy ! Now that is something we women love ;) So yep plus points for South Indian food on this :D
Whenever I feel like eating the best of these dishes I head to Udupi hotel nearby to my place but the best south Indian food in Bangalore according to me is served at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms. MTR is one of the oldest restaurants of Bangalore, famous for its Traditional south Indian thali in Bangalore ,they serve food with an unforgettable taste. Currently my top 3 favorite south Indian sweet dishes include :
1. Obbattu: ALso know as Bobattu or Puran poli is a sweet flatbread with toor dal fillings often served with ghee.
2. Sweet Pongal: (Sweetened rice with jaggery) I happened to eat this very sweet dish at one of my friend’s place and ever since then I simply can’t wait to eat it again ! DSC00376
3. Kesari Baath: Kesari baath is a favorite at my home :D And when I cook it I hardly get a spoonful to eat ;) yea yea such good at cooking sweet dishes :P
4. Kajjayas: Ever since I was a child I had a foodie wala crush on this sweet rice fritters, you simply can’t just have one!
Not to forget they are just my current favorites , my all time favorites include almost all South Indian sweet dishes :P
What are your favorite south Indian food dishes? Temme :D

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  1. Oooo mouthwatering foooood :) :).. I think that is a commonality I share with you. Love the food here. Although I do like food from other cuisines too, somehow the south Indian version always seems to be my favourite.. :) _