Sunday, April 26, 2015

Men’s Clothing Trends for 2015 !

mens clothing for men 2015

Its important for every person to spend some time on their appearance, as appearance plays an important role in the building of a persona. I remember a time when people had to be super rich to buy branded apparel and experience the luxury of branded clothes. Men would crib how the prices of branded cloths were sky high . Not anymore , with so many sales and competition brands have made apparel for the common man and just for those who have a fabled a lottery or for super rich men for whom money is no object. Well who wouldn’t want to be associated with a well known brand ? Be it a wallet, shoes or a tee, there is no doubt that branded apparel tend to be a favorite among men as they excel in both quality and the time usage period of the apparel. Hence taking all these in consideration the Men’s clothing trend for 2015 include branded clothes that exude elegance! lets take a look at the 5 trends in branded clothing that are going to stay for the year 2015 !
1) Mixing Tailored suit pieces with denims and tee’s: Getting casual doesn’t mean one has to take the tee and jeans route always ! Suits and tailor made apparel might be a must for every well dressed man’s must have’s but casual looks need not always mean denim and sporty pieces. According to the latest buzz mixing a tailor made suit key piece along with a  casual piece of clothing is Hot ! Have you tried this ?
2) Denims : Tada ! This is a fashion trend which is for keeps and I am sure is going to stay for many more years to come ! A man might be living under a rock if he doesn’t own atleast a single denim clothing! Wearing a denim automatically comes off to keeping it neat, sharp and dark in hue. Jackets and shirts in denim are raging hot in 2015 and I think denims give a rustic appeal to every man out there donning it!
3) Smart Casual : Branded Tee’s with witty logos paired with hot pants. What’s trending in casuals is the loosely woven sweater over a full sleeved tee paired with raw denims for instant smart casual texture.
4) All Whites : Firstly whites include creams, soft beige and light shade whites !Head-to-toe brilliant white is certainly the more ambitious look and is trending hot this year!
5) Bomber jackets : Bomber jackets are hot and happening established in the modern man’s off-duty styles. It is a wardrobe staple for stylish men and branded jackets are love !
Thankfully brands have made it easier for men to wear branded apparel and still not burn a hole in their pockets! Which of these styles and trends do you plan to put in use this year? Temme ! :D
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  1. Thats some interesting lines of clothing. I think I follow the first one to an extent. Even today, my favourite wear is a black tee shirt with light jeans and a dark blazer on top. Kinda maintains that cool look :)

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