Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Currently Loving- #MyASUSZenFone !

Curently loving ASUS zenfone 5
The only gadget I am crazy about is a good phone. I am not quite into tablets or fancy headphones blah blah blah! Hence being equipped with a good phone has always been my top priority . My current favorite is none other than ASUS zenfone ! Lemme explain why this has caught my attention. I ended up with this phone after reading a million positive reviews and heard genuine praise from the users of this phone in my friend circle.
Incredible zenfone 5  welcome asus
You know you are in love with your phone when you keep using it 24x7 ! I remember a time when watching movies included turning on my lappy and feeding the movie stored in my cellphone to my laptop so I could watch the movie on a good screen. But gone are those day :D The movie buff in me is all happy vappy past few weeks! Guess why ? All thanks to #myASUSZenfone5 ! I take movies from my brother’s and friends phones via share it and watch them on a theatre like experience screen- ASUS Zenfone ! Yes ! Its so awesome ! Trust me ever since I bought this phone I am going gaga over the display screen and the quality of the speaker. Gaming and movies is what matters when I buy a phone followed by a good camera and no heating problems.
Asus zenfone 5 currently loving
The next best thing that I loved about this phone was the GloveTouch option. I am used to wearing gloves while travelling, riding a bike or when its cold outside and I have always had issues on getting a phone working wearing them , but thanks to ASUS for coming up with such a unique feature. I found this feature of Zenfone 5 very handy and snapping pictures while wearing gloves is a breeze now !
Glovetouch ASUS 5
Also there is this supernote feature on the phone which is superlove where I can write with my finger on the touch of the phone and the phone copies every single thing in my handwriting, isn’t that awesome??
Only thing I felt it lacked was battery life. Well for that we do have power banks , now don’t we ? ;)
And the best feature about this budget friendly phone is the camera , despite being 8 mp , it thumps up a number of phones offering 13 MP. That good! It has PixelMaster Camera which has included plenty of modes ranging from beautification to HDR to selfie helper that should be able to provide plenty of funto users like me who love clicking pictures! That being said, what actually caught my attention the most was the camera’s Low Light Mode. Check out the pictures clicked at places where
IMG_20150421_171209597 P_20150328_084407
Low Light                                      Day Light
Picture clicked when camera was on auto mode. Unsurprisingly, the picture was brilliant and clear.. The color reproduction on the trees and the surrounding environment is excellent with great details all around.
This picture was clicked just after it had rained. Love the details the camera has caught here.
Myasuszenfone best features[7]
Who else is smitten by this gorgeous beauty ? :**


  1. This looks pretty neat Najm, a handy nice phone. looks pretty great too. I was a bit afraid of the battery option, but yeah having a power bank can certainly save our lives a bit :)

    Enjoy the new phone :)

  2. Yeah Najm ...its a cool sleek gadget dear ! An alter ego for sure ...:)

  3. Great features, hope it lasts long.

  4. yeah zenfone 5 is a good choice. nice pictures.. :)

  5. Yes, it's pretty cool phone..I loved it too... :-D