Friday, April 10, 2015

Best Sea Food in Bangalore !

Sea food lovers in bangalore

Sea food is perhaps the most tasty food when it comes to non vegetarian food. But you do know that sea food is something not all can get right when it comes to cooking them. Fresh, perfectly cooked with no odor…ummm that’s how most of us prefer right ? A lot of people tend to fuss over the way certain seafood has been cooked. For example my granny is very strict when it comes to sea food, she goes on to enquire if it was rinsed well  or how long was the fish preserved before it was cooked.
I prefer sea food cooked at home . What could be better than fish and prawns cooked at home by dearest mother but when mom is out of station I hardly have the time to run to the supermarket and buy fish , then clean re clean them and cook them patiently..hence I prefer eating out at best sea food restaurants in Bangalore.

Few of the best restaurants that serve the best sea food where I happened to dine include Fisherman’s wharf on Sarjapur Road . The restaurant gives you a village wali feeling once you step under the clay Gazebo. They have an open kitchen ( This is the best part as you can drool at your order being whipped up :P) The fish and the sea food served here is fresh and melts in your mouth. Love love love ! :D

I also drop in at Fishland in Gandhinagar when I am in the mood for some sea food and don’t want to spend too much. It’s a beautiful place with simple decor and offers only the most basic of comforts but it is the place one should visit if you are die-hard fish lover! Its famous for its Prawn Biryani, Pompreht and fish fry ! *Yummy*

And lastly its Spicy Tree in JP Nagar. Spicy Tree is also simple on d├ęcor but the sea food served there beats everything else. You simply can’t just have one fish dish , so delicious ! My favorites from their menu are Fish manchurian gravy with Rumali roti and Prawn chilli gravy with zeera rice !
What are your favorite restaurants that serve the best sea food in Bangalore ? Temme !

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  1. Ha ha ha :D,... Getting fishy! Honestly although I have lived for more than 3 years in Bangalore, I have never really tried the fish there. I loved it when I tried in Mangalore, but never had an opportunity to try elsewhere. Fisherman's wharf sounds interesting, would like to try it sometime :)

  2. I am going semi-vegetarian, but will keep this in mind if Bangalore calls :D