Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reasons Why You’ll Love ASUS Zenfone 2!

When it comes to smartphones, all conversations start with its camera and battery life. I have heard a few biggies have surpassed this test of emerging out as a winner in both fields. The latest to enter the arena of the big dogs is the supercool Asus Zenfone 2 !
Zenfone 2
The ZenFone 2 makes for a tempting purchase solely on the basis of its specs and superlative performance. At Rs.19,999 it's also a great package considering you get a phone with 4GB RAM, 32GB of storage and 4G connectivity. It’s a phone that is beautifully crafted with ultra thin edges!
And the best feature about this budget friendly phone is the camera ,  it thumps up a number of phones offering 13 MP. That good! It has several filters such as rewind time (so one can choose their  best photo in a few seconds before and after a particular picture) , HDR mode ( for better quality of colors in photograph) , panoramic mode , night shots in low light (a gem of a feature) , selfie mode ( increases the number of people who appear in the selfie , and when you recognize their faces will proceed to make several pictures) , embellishment , miniature, depth of field , intelligent removal (this one removes that person who crosses behind you automatically) , all smiles ( burst of photos, choose the one you like ) and gif animation mode (one of my favorite) . To sum up the camera is amazing. And not just that , it's all together a great buy at a great price ! ZenFone 2’s 13MP PixelMaster camera with its f/2.0-aperture lens captures photos with zero shutter-lag that will make you drool ! It has been equipped with Low Light mode that employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 350+% brighter photos at night or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. Amazing ,isn’t it ?
I always wished for a phone that would stay charged all the time, but hey dreams are so wayward. But thanks to Zenfone 2 Fast charging is now not a dream! ASUS zenfone 2 is equipped with BoostMaster technology which is a ASUS-exclusive technology that charges the battery much faster than in traditional devices. With ZenFone 2, I can now  recharge  my battery up to 60% of capacity in just 40 minutes! *Happy face* A phone that charges so quickly at the speed of lightening has gotta be the best ! Agree?
Plus I love accessorizing my phone so it can stand apart from the millions of same device owners ;) And the moment I read that ASUS Zenfone 2 gives us the freedom to accessorize and that they created a whole range of smart accessories for ZenFone 2 I couldn't help but break into a happy jig :P Flaunting my style via my fav gadget has always been my habit ;) Plus their feature of getting an opportunity to celebrate uniqueness is fabulous!Their Transfusion and Illusion series has got me drooling ! You have to check out the transfusion series, you are bound to love it!
So what do you think of this marvel of a phone? Click here to know more about it. I am just hoping someone gifts me this for my birthday which is today *grinning ear to ear* Sigh ! How I wish, it would be the best birthday gift ever :P And if you want to turn the angel and actually gift me then I'll mail you my address details (Puppy face) :P
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Currently Loving- #MyASUSZenFone !

Curently loving ASUS zenfone 5
The only gadget I am crazy about is a good phone. I am not quite into tablets or fancy headphones blah blah blah! Hence being equipped with a good phone has always been my top priority . My current favorite is none other than ASUS zenfone ! Lemme explain why this has caught my attention. I ended up with this phone after reading a million positive reviews and heard genuine praise from the users of this phone in my friend circle.
Incredible zenfone 5  welcome asus
You know you are in love with your phone when you keep using it 24x7 ! I remember a time when watching movies included turning on my lappy and feeding the movie stored in my cellphone to my laptop so I could watch the movie on a good screen. But gone are those day :D The movie buff in me is all happy vappy past few weeks! Guess why ? All thanks to #myASUSZenfone5 ! I take movies from my brother’s and friends phones via share it and watch them on a theatre like experience screen- ASUS Zenfone ! Yes ! Its so awesome ! Trust me ever since I bought this phone I am going gaga over the display screen and the quality of the speaker. Gaming and movies is what matters when I buy a phone followed by a good camera and no heating problems.
Asus zenfone 5 currently loving
The next best thing that I loved about this phone was the GloveTouch option. I am used to wearing gloves while travelling, riding a bike or when its cold outside and I have always had issues on getting a phone working wearing them , but thanks to ASUS for coming up with such a unique feature. I found this feature of Zenfone 5 very handy and snapping pictures while wearing gloves is a breeze now !
Glovetouch ASUS 5
Also there is this supernote feature on the phone which is superlove where I can write with my finger on the touch of the phone and the phone copies every single thing in my handwriting, isn’t that awesome??
Only thing I felt it lacked was battery life. Well for that we do have power banks , now don’t we ? ;)
And the best feature about this budget friendly phone is the camera , despite being 8 mp , it thumps up a number of phones offering 13 MP. That good! It has PixelMaster Camera which has included plenty of modes ranging from beautification to HDR to selfie helper that should be able to provide plenty of funto users like me who love clicking pictures! That being said, what actually caught my attention the most was the camera’s Low Light Mode. Check out the pictures clicked at places where
IMG_20150421_171209597 P_20150328_084407
Low Light                                      Day Light
Picture clicked when camera was on auto mode. Unsurprisingly, the picture was brilliant and clear.. The color reproduction on the trees and the surrounding environment is excellent with great details all around.
This picture was clicked just after it had rained. Love the details the camera has caught here.
Myasuszenfone best features[7]
Who else is smitten by this gorgeous beauty ? :**

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Men’s Clothing Trends for 2015 !

mens clothing for men 2015

Its important for every person to spend some time on their appearance, as appearance plays an important role in the building of a persona. I remember a time when people had to be super rich to buy branded apparel and experience the luxury of branded clothes. Men would crib how the prices of branded cloths were sky high . Not anymore , with so many sales and competition brands have made apparel for the common man and just for those who have a fabled a lottery or for super rich men for whom money is no object. Well who wouldn’t want to be associated with a well known brand ? Be it a wallet, shoes or a tee, there is no doubt that branded apparel tend to be a favorite among men as they excel in both quality and the time usage period of the apparel. Hence taking all these in consideration the Men’s clothing trend for 2015 include branded clothes that exude elegance! lets take a look at the 5 trends in branded clothing that are going to stay for the year 2015 !
1) Mixing Tailored suit pieces with denims and tee’s: Getting casual doesn’t mean one has to take the tee and jeans route always ! Suits and tailor made apparel might be a must for every well dressed man’s must have’s but casual looks need not always mean denim and sporty pieces. According to the latest buzz mixing a tailor made suit key piece along with a  casual piece of clothing is Hot ! Have you tried this ?
2) Denims : Tada ! This is a fashion trend which is for keeps and I am sure is going to stay for many more years to come ! A man might be living under a rock if he doesn’t own atleast a single denim clothing! Wearing a denim automatically comes off to keeping it neat, sharp and dark in hue. Jackets and shirts in denim are raging hot in 2015 and I think denims give a rustic appeal to every man out there donning it!
3) Smart Casual : Branded Tee’s with witty logos paired with hot pants. What’s trending in casuals is the loosely woven sweater over a full sleeved tee paired with raw denims for instant smart casual texture.
4) All Whites : Firstly whites include creams, soft beige and light shade whites !Head-to-toe brilliant white is certainly the more ambitious look and is trending hot this year!
5) Bomber jackets : Bomber jackets are hot and happening established in the modern man’s off-duty styles. It is a wardrobe staple for stylish men and branded jackets are love !
Thankfully brands have made it easier for men to wear branded apparel and still not burn a hole in their pockets! Which of these styles and trends do you plan to put in use this year? Temme ! :D
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jeweled Fingers - Fashionable Ring Trend !

Ring Trend, Haul Zenphone
Two/three and four finger rings, gold rings, solitaires or supersized pieces. If someone is looking for something that would give them a precious but strong look, one ring is not going to do it. It’s the season of rings! Rings in different sizes and shapes have caught the eye of all fashionistas including me. So yes a single ring , no matter how gorgeous it is won’t grab a lot of eyeballs.To truly go above and beyond and get people talking, one will need a ring that doubles or even triples. 
Three finger ring trend
The two and three finger rings are hot on and off the red carpet. I myself have spotted many fashionable women sporting these beauties effortlessly! And the best thing that happened after them is the four finger ring ! This trend caught up with me and guess what I went shopping on Flipkart and amazon to own these beauties..
Three and to finger ring
In the past few weeks I have been shopping recklessly , no not because there was some sort of wedding or party but because it was the season of sales ;) And the most shopped accessory would be rings and ear cuffs :D And guess what thanks to my Asus Zenphone I clicked some tempting photographs of the rings I shopped for ! So here’s me presenting my fashionable ring haul :P The best part is I bought rings in gold which were jewelled and their beauty startles me everytime I wear them :D
Gold and diamong jewelry rings malabar
Gold finger ring malabar gold jewels
Previously I was using a phone where I had to drag my finger to the camera icon and that is when a picture would be clicked but the Asus zenphone 5 was a breeze ! So easy peasy to click pictures (Muaaaaaaah) ! Simply loved the 8 MP camera in it ! I just had to touch the screen and tada the picture was clicked ! Awesome ! So yep it doubles up as a camera and a phone and to tell you the truth I can sing so many more praises on the camera of my Asus zenphone :P Sharing with you the pictures I captured with my Zenphone !
Double finger ring trend
All pictures are captured from #MyAsusZenFone !I don’t have individual pictures of the pink jewelled ring and the full finger connected chain double ring :/ I have a post coming up with pictures of Beef Biryani which too have been captured deliciously from my ASUS :D Wait up!
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Friday, April 10, 2015

Best Sea Food in Bangalore !

Sea food lovers in bangalore

Sea food is perhaps the most tasty food when it comes to non vegetarian food. But you do know that sea food is something not all can get right when it comes to cooking them. Fresh, perfectly cooked with no odor…ummm that’s how most of us prefer right ? A lot of people tend to fuss over the way certain seafood has been cooked. For example my granny is very strict when it comes to sea food, she goes on to enquire if it was rinsed well  or how long was the fish preserved before it was cooked.
I prefer sea food cooked at home . What could be better than fish and prawns cooked at home by dearest mother but when mom is out of station I hardly have the time to run to the supermarket and buy fish , then clean re clean them and cook them patiently..hence I prefer eating out at best sea food restaurants in Bangalore.

Few of the best restaurants that serve the best sea food where I happened to dine include Fisherman’s wharf on Sarjapur Road . The restaurant gives you a village wali feeling once you step under the clay Gazebo. They have an open kitchen ( This is the best part as you can drool at your order being whipped up :P) The fish and the sea food served here is fresh and melts in your mouth. Love love love ! :D

I also drop in at Fishland in Gandhinagar when I am in the mood for some sea food and don’t want to spend too much. It’s a beautiful place with simple decor and offers only the most basic of comforts but it is the place one should visit if you are die-hard fish lover! Its famous for its Prawn Biryani, Pompreht and fish fry ! *Yummy*

And lastly its Spicy Tree in JP Nagar. Spicy Tree is also simple on d├ęcor but the sea food served there beats everything else. You simply can’t just have one fish dish , so delicious ! My favorites from their menu are Fish manchurian gravy with Rumali roti and Prawn chilli gravy with zeera rice !
What are your favorite restaurants that serve the best sea food in Bangalore ? Temme !

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Southern Indian Flavours: My favorites !

Ask a women what she loves when it comes to food and a quick reply would be ‘anything that is less oily, healthy and tasty at the same time!’ We women are skin conscious. A single Paratha with ghee can be a nightmare for us , yes ! More the calories , more fat and more pimples. Well that is how it goes for me. This is the reason why I go the South Indian way when it comes to food. During my childhood most of my brekfast and tiffin box consisted of low calories and healthy idlis, dosas, upma and chitrana.
south indian cuisine banana leaf
Food is one thing I swear by and South Indian food is scrumptious and healthy at the same time ! Those who have landed up in South India or have a thing for South Indian cuisine can relate to why South Indian food is delicious from the first bite.Not to forget that the visual appearance of all the dishes in the South Indian food menu is very alluring.. I hail from Karnataka and here most of the dishes are vegetarian or dishes made from rice. All those who have happened to travel by train in the Southern of India must hgave come across most of the famous South Indian dishes like Wada-paav, Idli-sambar, Upma , bissi belle baath and Kesari baath..
The cuisine of South India is famous for its light, low calorie appetizing food dishes. The food is mostly rice based and wheat is hardly eaten in the south. The cuisine is known for its wonderful mixing of rice and lentils to prepare yummy lip smacking dosas, vadas, idlis and uttapams. These dishes are tasty, delicious and light on the human digesting system.. and now coming to the very best part of these dishes , they hardly use any oil and if they do its very little ! Yayy ! Now that is something we women love ;) So yep plus points for South Indian food on this :D
Whenever I feel like eating the best of these dishes I head to Udupi hotel nearby to my place but the best south Indian food in Bangalore according to me is served at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms. MTR is one of the oldest restaurants of Bangalore, famous for its Traditional south Indian thali in Bangalore ,they serve food with an unforgettable taste. Currently my top 3 favorite south Indian sweet dishes include :
1. Obbattu: ALso know as Bobattu or Puran poli is a sweet flatbread with toor dal fillings often served with ghee.
2. Sweet Pongal: (Sweetened rice with jaggery) I happened to eat this very sweet dish at one of my friend’s place and ever since then I simply can’t wait to eat it again ! DSC00376
3. Kesari Baath: Kesari baath is a favorite at my home :D And when I cook it I hardly get a spoonful to eat ;) yea yea such good at cooking sweet dishes :P
4. Kajjayas: Ever since I was a child I had a foodie wala crush on this sweet rice fritters, you simply can’t just have one!
Not to forget they are just my current favorites , my all time favorites include almost all South Indian sweet dishes :P
What are your favorite south Indian food dishes? Temme :D