Monday, March 16, 2015

School of style : India’s first video magazine !


The Internet has drastically altered the way in which latest style tips and fashion based news are put forward for viewers. first it was paper magazines and then the e-magazines but the latest to have made a grand entry is India’s first ever video magazine where beauty –travel bloggers along with fashion personas share style tips along with relationship and DIY ideas with us ! Its so much more than just a video ! these videos with all kinds of style tips, latest fashion news and videos that most of the Indian population can connect with has had a profound impact and is here to rule !

There are days I want to experiment with my eyeliner and there are days I have wanted to try some very complicated hair braids during summers hairstyles and I watch youtube videos again and again until I master these things!

Youtube undoubtedly the most visited place when a person wants tutorials on trending hairstyles, DIY ideas , makeup tutorials and even saree draping tutorials , but #LakmeSchoolOfStyle brings to us so much more than that ! ‘Lakmé School of Style’ is a first-of-its-kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world, but also created a platform for all fashion and style bloggers a fame and recognition field.  Famous fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen to Indian viewers under one platform ! I happened to check out a couple videos on 11 things a woman must not do to other woman ( Funny and humorous!) 5 things Sex and city taught us ( Do check it out its awesome ), and 5 shoes a man must own , see so much diversity ! But there were two to three videos which I found very helpful , lemme share them with you !

1. The first video I liked was a tutorial with a tutorial on contouring and highlighting by Sahibba Anand: For me no matter how many times I read magazine slots, beauty blogs , I cannot , I simply cannot get the contouring and highlighting part right! Its not that its complicated, its just that sometimes I end up with wrong products or wrong makeup brushes or sometimes with the wrong tips. Hence videos like this one shot beautifully with the mention of the shade of the make up product and step by step process of applying the perfect bronzer and foundation is a life saver for girls like me.

2. The second video which caught my attention was ‘5 must have bags for women’ by Sanjana Banaik: It’s a simple yet beautiful shot video where Sanjana lists 5 must have bags for women. I love fun posts and this one was a simplistic and chirpy video. I do have this thing that she picked up bags from top most labels, I just wished she had picked up bags from brands that most of the Indian women could connect to. Most of the bags cost way too much <atleast for me> :P (She picked up a Louis Vuitton structured bag, Botega venneta clutch and a Gucci Holdall bag ) #Iwant :/
I am loving the collection videos on YT Lakme School of style channel ! Have you checked it out yet ?

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  1. I agree with u Najm. I too rush to youtube to learn anything n everything.

    1. Bingo ! All fashion and style lovers take the youtube route ;)