Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jab I Met Optimism!

Learn to love yourself and everything else will follow suit..
Whenever I feel sad or gloomy I simply turn on the radio and listen to happy and chirpy Bollywood tracks and mind you it has been very helpful till an extent. Motivation for me comes in many forms for example if my loved one is happy by my baking I happen to work harder to broaden their smiles. Or if my dad says ‘ well done beta’ after I have excelled in something , I just know nothing can ever go wrong! It is true that a single moment can sometimes be a cause of so much inspiration and optimism and Bollywood has been my optimism buddy !
I have always been fond of movies that bring in a good change and speak of optimism. And my moment of optimism which will always remain with me as a fond memory is while watching two of the Bollywood’s biggest hits. Call me old fashioned or drama Queen but two movies actually changed my life and lit a flicker of hope in me every time I watched it. One such movie that has been my all time favorite and a movie that always pushes me to be happy and have a positive outlook on things is Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met !
Jab we met to the rescue
No kidding , the first time I watched it I did it because I was a massive fan of Shahid Kapoor and since the first time I have watched I simply cannot get over it ! Every time I feel low I end up watching this movie again and again. Also I remember the time this movie was released I was going through a breakup. My life had taken a stall and had hit a full time low. And then I watch the movie and trust me it affected me so much ! My perspectives changed and I started de stressing . the movie taught me so many things. Who can forget the moment in the movie where Geet has the most wonderful way getting over painful memories by burning a photograph of your ex or cussing ! And no, I am not as talkative and dramatic as Geet but her personality is something I swear by !
  Optimism, optimism and some more optimism
The moment I watched Jab we met my heart was filled with different kind of happiness, it was like someone had shown me the right path (Given the circumstances you can understand why I am stressing over the happy heart part :P) It had the weirdest effect on me , so much that all of those who knew commented on how I had changed in a short span of time, in a good way ofcourse ;)G-8 (2)
I learnt to refrain myself from stressing too much ! the movie taught me to cope with stress. Kareena’s character teaches the importance to release all frustrations that are held inside, and that too in a never before seen way !
I was filled with hope that life is not over after a breakup and there is no dead end , I started taking things light heartedly and did not fear from taking up for a little adventure every now and then :D

Not all of you would agree to the method Geet uses to get over painful memories which is getting all abusive on phone but it was the best thing for me (No, I did not bring this in use:P ) but the fact that life would be so much easier if we looked  at the positive side of everything was showcased so beautifully here that now after so many years (it was a movie released in the year 2007) I look up to this movie as a source of optimism ! It showed me you can be vulnerable but you can be beautiful in your own way!
And now I have learnt to enjoy the little things in life and now I enjoy my life to the fullest! And its not just about Geet its about the how one should embrace life no matter how many hurdles cross your way ! It gave me hope that it was never too late to be what I might have been!
So yes the moment I watched Jab We Met my life did change , SO MUCH! It is filled with positivity and it’s a movie I will always #lookUp to when I am not in my sane mind! :) What is your moment of optimism ?


  1. I love Geet & Jab We Met! Awesome movie!
    She's a bundle of energy & optimism in the first half & then thankfully her life is put on track in the 2nd half by the hero!
    So nice that you have written about this!
    Great post!

    1. I lover her the way you love her ! :D
      Thank you for reading and taking time to comment Anita :)

  2. Hey .. Its a nice post and i agree, that movie was a song of life and optimism .. I too liked Geet but was floored by Shahid's character:) <3 <3 I agree with Anita completely ..wasie bhi she is humara Encyclopedia Bollywoodia :p :p
    I enjoyed your post heartily :)

    1. I loved Shahid Kapoor's character too ^_^ <3
      thanks for dropping by kokila :)

  3. Ha ha that was one peppy movie. It was a different kind of optimism this movie filled me with, something with a lot of energy and hope. Most importantly it was capsulated in a story form which made it all the more enjoyable.. Nice one Najm :)