Sunday, March 22, 2015

International Day Of Happiness : I am a happy mess!

Things that make me happy ..
I have been asked a hundred times what happiness meant to me, although its hard to to come up with a definite answer on what happiness actually means , My first thought is always that happiness is in all the small things in my life. Either be it seeing my loved ones after a long long time, mom ke haat ka khana, discounts on my favourite brands, baking the perfect cake, well clicked selfie’s or even free wifi ;)!
You might’ve heard that happiness is a state of mind. Sometimes I am so happy and suddenly a single thing goes wrong and all the happiness experienced before wears off that very second. Its something I hate about emotions. So how does one manage to stay happy all the time? You don’t. Simple. Happiness is out there in everything but that doesn’t men all our paths are going to be flowery all the time. Hence I make it a point to stay happy and when sadness or problems hit me I face them with a smile because facing my problems with  bright ‘I can change this’ is also something that makes me happy. It sounds messy right? Lol what can I do I am a happy mess ! :D
International day of happiness is celebrated on 22nd of March every year and on this occasion I would like to share a few simple things that make me happy and brighten up my day :))
  1. Smiles galore: A smile from my parents. Watching the people i love, smile.
  2. Unexpected sweet things: Unexpected hug, from parents, from someone I admire, from him, from siblings <3 . An Unexpected DM :P .An unexpected kiss from someone I love. An unexpected surprise visit from my BF, especially when I least expect it. Receiving an unexpected compliment :)
  3. Shopping: Shopping during a sale, Shopping when I am bored, shopping from flipkart, shopping when someone else is paying :P, A fifty per cent off.Shopping from GV ^_^. Window shopping. Shopping for cute jewelry.
  4. Weddings: Indian weddings (Not the big fat weddings) mischief, Joota churawofying ceremonies, the rituals , the drama, mehendi, dressing up. Makeup. Dolling up. Buying new clothes. And the Food ! Love everything about weddings ^_6
  5. Sweet gestures : Holding hands. Looking into someone’s eyes. Receiving a handwritten letter.Phones on call waiting at twelve sharp. Being given chocolates for free because I was nice to someone. Morning hugs from my mom.
  6. Food: Mom made food. Food that I cooked and everybody couldn’t stop gushing over how delicious it was :p. Fighting for the last piece of cake. Trying my hands on innovative cooking. A bowl full of my favorite ice-cream. When I reach home from a really tiring day and find out mum has made my favorite dishes. Tea with biscuits. Donuts.
  7. Randomness: Twitter. New followers . New clothes. Books. Loads and loads of fictional books. Movies. Watching animated movies with my little niece :) Cartoons. Makeup. Blogging. Heels,the higher the happier. Wind in my hair. Long conversations. Self pampering. Work appreciation.
  8. Precious things : A bouquet of flowers. Roses. Diamonds. Jewelry . A simple ‘I love you’. Wait did I mention heels already ? Heels , high heel, mid heel any heel make me happy :D
Happiness can differ from one person to another. But happiness is the best make up women can ever wear. And I agree with Coco cola when they say ‘happiness is anything that brings a smile to your face!’ So what does happiness mean to you ? Watch the TVC and share with me what it means to you in the comments :D


  1. Happiness means that even when bad things happen, I know it will pass and that the sadness is just for a short time... I don't always succeed but I never give up trying to remember this and use this in my life xox

    1. Awesome perspective on happiness dear Launna !

  2. I feel happy when i talk to my fiance! I instantly feel good :D

    1. Eeeee.... Ditto ! Damn I forgot to mention that in my post :D

  3. Ha Ha Ha Najm.. I think you have covered EveryThing !!
    Am still laughing ..loved your collage and ALL the items/ingredients to brew you perfect happiness... mine is almost similar dear :)

    1. Thank you dear..glad that we both share the same things when it comes to happiness :)