Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A date with coffee in Bangalore…

What do you do when sometimes you sleep late at night (in my case everyday) and get up early in the morning feeling like huge rock. Dead and not ready to move no matter what. You simply cannot leave your bed but you have to its Monday morning or its an important day at work or an examination you were dreading ! Well well that’s when coffee comes into the picture. It turns out when I don’t have coffee, I lose all ability to hold a conversation. I float away in a sea of solitary thinking. Also I like my coffee with crisp biscuits !
Date with Cofee
Nothing like a cup of coffee when I am drained of all energy. There is nothing that awakens my senses like the aroma of brewing hot coffee wafting through the air. Plus the weather here in Bangalore always screams for a hot cuppa of coffee! ^_^  Thanks to coffee shops strewn all over Bangalore now I can spot a coffee shop in every street ! I am not a frequent visitor to coffee shops as I prefer homemade coffee or coffee provided at my office ( I would be a dead plank if not for the coffee at my office) plus I hate black coffee. But once in a while I and my friends meet up at a coffee shop and catch up on everything. Lately I drank coffee at Barishta Lavazza and it’s a beautiful place which is not very crowded unlike other coffee shops, just a little too pricey though.

Me during work hours.

Few of the coffee shops I enjoyed sipping my coffee along with desserts was is the most happening café- CCD ( Thank heavens there are two CCD outlets nearby my office!) . Costa coffee is also my favorite coffee joint hands down.. Love the seating and ambiance there. Good for unwinding after a long day or just chilling with my friends. But yes – pricey and fancy! But hey its tones better than those numerous over priced cafes serving watery coffees. All and all Bangalore has few of the most delicious Coffee shops , I advise everyone who has the likes of coffee to explore Bangalore cafes and their charm the next time on your visit to this city ! Most of the cafes in Bangalore are warm and inviting.
There’s also Brown tree in Malleshwaram , I have heard raving reviews as to how good the coffee is there and unfortunately I never got the time to sip coffee there. Well that would be the cons of being too attached to social network.
A few months ago Starbucks tweeted a happy wala news for coffee lovers in Bangalore!
And No I haven’t got the chance to visit Starbucks, but I plan to sometime soon. Also I am curious , has anybody been to Starbucks at their place? How much does a cup of coffee cost at Starbucks ?
If someone brought me coffee and biscuits I would be on cloud 15. And this is exactly my state when I don’t get coffee on workdays !
Coffee is my solution when I want time by myself! I simply brew up some coffee and drown myself in a thriller novel. Coffee shops in Bangalore are so many but guess where you’ll find the best coffee in Bangalore ? At my home ! Mom ke haath ki coffee iz the best hokay ! Nothing can beat that ever ! :D
The rains are now fast approaching , how do you like to spend time during the rains? Sipping coffee at coffee shops with a friend or at home while watching a movie or reading a book ? Temme!


  1. Very creative projection...Loved the overall impact! :)

    -- Maitreni

  2. Being a coffee fan, I could understand it very well :)

  3. How cool! I like your presentation! :)