Saturday, January 31, 2015

I am Brave. I survived , I survived a pimple !

 The Long Road… a pimple less face.
Pimple doodle
A few weeks ago, I was reading TOI and couldn’t take the crap happening around the world, Conjoint babies, Modi’s self love suit, Bombings, killings, Gosh some minister losing his teeth. And then I read about Farah Khan coming up with a sequel of HNY *Kill me* , People going haywire over Ghar wapsi, deformed babies , and creepy surveillance of how brands have started injecting veggies and fruits with Pig fat and other animal fat to increase their growth and improve their taste in the name of genetic engineering *pukes*
But I read all of this, and I was like oh dear, that’s nothing! I would endure all of that AND SO MUCH MORE! I would watch HNY sequel,Apply the perfect winged eyeliner, Get Brazilian waxed and so much more only if I were promised that the rest of my life I would be Pimple free !
Not here to discuss skin problems but want to talk about my struggle towards one obscene & annoying problem thing that used to take long walks on my face. (Is it too dramatic to call the surviving through a pimple a struggle?)
health-beauty-teen-teenager-teenage_girl-spot-spotty-lgon36_lowI know this is extreme , but hey I’ve got a PIMPLE on my face hokay!
The affect a small tiny & teensy weensy pimple has on me:
I cannot count how many times I've looked in the mirror during a bad pimple breakout and burst into tears literally because I had to go somewhere important and I felt so hideous and embarrassed and spotty and depressed and murderous. Or not wanting to join my friends at a meet out or because I'd rather die than leave the house without makeup. *smh* There have been countless other situations that I've avoided simply because I knew I would feel insecure and uncomfortable with that dime sized pimple that wouldn’t budge to vanish even with time! It may sound vain and I guess it is,  and it's so easy to judge "wow, that's so stupid and dumb..Oh my its no big deal! Just get over it and live your life" but this is our face we're talking about here. The first thing people see when they meet you and the main thing they're looking at while you're having a conversation is your DAMN face ! And imagine an insecure woman having a conversation when you keep staring at her pimple FACE!
What effect a DAMNED pimple can have on you, both emotionally and psychologically.:
I am not the only person who wakes up in the morning and dreads looking at her face in the mirror.
I can totally relate to your frustration with not having flawless skin complexion! I am too always struggling with breakouts time to time!
Bye bye Pimples:
The only thing that helped me get rid of pimples was makeup Face washes ! No really. They kept my face clean and actually reduced the acne and pimples. And recently my sister happened to buy this Facewash and it was I who emptied the whole tube like in two weeks flat *grinning* ,Loved it so much.
Everytime a pimple would pop on my face, those who actually cared about me would suggest I apply neem leaves paste or use some neem based cream, which I would definitely not go for, (Given the lazy perfectionist I am)I am not a fan of neem leaves. Who is? Disappointed smileThey smell like Dead caterpillar's and stink like taste like Bitter guard (Yes I happened to taste them too, don’t ask how) Hence it always seemed a prob when it came to using raw neem leaves. I did use a few creams which might have given .05% positive results. But neem face washes are love only ! So are Neem leaves based body washes Open-mouthed smile So when I find a neem based facewash I am the first one to grab it and make sure I use it on a daily basis to make sure I clean bolt all those dirty creepy pimples staying on my face without paying any rent *Angry face*
Penning some love for Garnier Neem Face Wash:
Dear Garnier Pure active Real Neem Face wash,
Life before you was anything but posh
Tiny red pimples all around my face
Making me succumb in disgrace
Popping and vanishing without a trace
My face would look all gross and red
It was so horrible I found myself wishing I was dead
It would itch and prickle my soft skin
I would try hard not to pop it with a hairpin
No compacts no creams could cleverly hide

those pimples that covered my face from side to side

But that was until you came along Oh Garneir Real Neem
You clean swept my pimples & made me beam
It was decade since the problem begun
But you solved it & now I am pimple free at twenty one!
Twice a day using you made my skin clean & clear
Now I stare back at myself in the mirror without fear!
You mesmerized me with your mild & pleasant smell
In love with you , I fell
Your goodness of neem extracts & Tea tree oil mad my days sunny
Oh boy at just 75 Rupees, you are definitely value for money!

  Garnier real Neem Pure Active Face wash
So there you have it, my whole experience where I tried being brave throughout my entire life and how actually survived and got ride of nasty pimples ! Lemme just end it with the last thing that having beautiful skin and no pimples also requires a proper healthy diet because you are what you eat! But aside from that, you can try Garnier Neem face wash!
PS: Please don’t hate me for the sloppy poem :P
I know I suck at poetry, but nevertheless it’s a humorous try :D

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  1. Lol..the poem was fun! All the best :)

    1. Thank you Bushra :D All the best to you too :)

  2. really really well written especially the poem!

  3. Loved the poem... the post is nicely done ...touching the psychological chords :-D...Best of luck dear... :-)

  4. Creative poem :) Can identify with your views!
    Nice images & apt points.
    But, I liked HNY & can watch the sequel too! Proves how great a Bollywood fan I'm!
    Best wishes for the contest :)

    1. You like HNY :O *Passes you the biggest Bollywood Fan ever Award* :D
      And Thank you for the wishes dear ! :)

  5. Loved your post. So much weird things happening around, plus pimples - life is doomed. You write fun and HNY sequel - let the cast have pimple problem so that can't shoot. :P

    1. Thank you dear, and HNY's cast facing the pimple problem after we had to face their torturous movie seems like music to my ears ;) :D

  6. A very lovely poem. All the best for the contest.

  7. Well written post, lov the poem :)
    Best wishes for the contest !