Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bangalore Meri jaan ! Quikr kare sab asaan !

Anybody who lives in Bangalore or is now currently staying Bangalore would go gaga over the fantastic weather ! But hey Bangalore is not just about weather its one heck of a place to live ! Few cities in the world compare to the grandeur and beauty of Bangalore. India’s Silicon Valley as it is fondly called has over the last decade transformed into a mecca for people, looking for a better standard of living. But what makes Bangalore so different from other metros

Few cities in India can boast of the best of everything life has to offer, like Bangalore can. Bangalore being India’s IT capital and green garden city, Bangalore is one of India’s most planned and meticulously laid out cities. Bangalore takes pride for it is spread with modern infrastructure bisecting verdant greenery and open spaces, bustling modern life coexisting with age old rituals and peaceful little enclaves calls to you! This city surely has something for absolutely everyone! No wonder bangalore is cramping up But how does it fare against other cities vying for the title of India’s most coveted place to live in!

You know that! I am not being partial hokay!

With so much happening around the city , everybody is relocating ! It was just a few days back when I heard my maid complaining “ Didi ab toh yahan Paer rakhne ke liye bhi jageh nahi, bus mein bhi latak ke jana padhhta hai’ See, this is the kind of love Bangalore is receiving ;)

With so many of the relocating its certain that it is nearly impossible for a person to find the perfect place to stay when she or he has plans of relocating to Bangalore.
With hundreds of Real estates opening all over Bangalore you might think it is not hard to find a home in the heart of the city, but you might just be proved wrong. Real estate's will end up charging such a percentage you’ll regret it in the first place. That’s where Quikr comes in the picture!
I myself use Quikr for posting rent adds and thanks to it I have saved so much money plus all of my tenants who contacted me via Quikr were awesome ! Never ever had problems !
If you had to choose between going from one place to another in search for the perfect home or even getting a broker done the same for you who would charge a stupid 12% of the advance amount how satisfied would you be after the whole thing?

Lets have a look at Bangalore.Quikr:

You can find almost everything ! real estate , Home and lifestyle , Electronics and appliances , and the best thing you can even get services and a tab on the communities and events you might be interested in joining ! Wow and how !

How Bangalore.Quikr is now here to solve all relocating Problems!

From Housing to apartments to cars and pets , everything ! Every single damn thing is now available 3 clicks away , thanks to Quikr re !

Quikr have taken online classifieds by a storm and emerged as a winner!I have been using Quikr from like past 3 years ! It all began with renting out my apartment and my first add on quikr was up for 4 days and I received calls and after a few days my apartment was rented out. It was through quikr when I was introduced to our pleasant tenants who evacuated our apartment two months back. Not just that I have been advertising on Quikr on several occasions and every time I was left satisfied. Quikr is now one of the renowned online classifieds throughout India due to its user friendliness and ease of access; not only has it made life a whole lot simpler for people looking to relocate in Bangalore but, in fact, Quikr has brought almost everything you could be looking for under a single roof!

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  1. Well, I have to agree to everything about Bangalore :). I was working there about 6 years ago. Coming from Mysore, the only reason I loved it was that Mysore was just a weekend away. The ease of life, weather and of course people makes it a lot more easier to stay in Bangalore. But now that I have relocated to Mysore, I can safely say that i love it more here. Esp with the pace of life here, less traffic and of course the theatre activities here.

    As for quickr, I haven't used it much but I have used olx to find house for rent. It did give a good solution. Nice to know that the internet life is booming and well adjusting to the requirements of people :)

  2. Yeah! Very well said- Bangalore meri jaan, quikr kare kaam asaan.


  3. Nice Post !
    Happy Weekend :)