Sunday, December 13, 2015

Beautiful Bangalore – Come Fall In Love!

There is no doubt that there are very few cities in India like Bangalore that have developed a lot since past 10 years. Bangalore in very little time has nestled modernity, tradition, culture and technology in such a harmonious way . People living in the city will agree for surely on this. It does has cons but the beauty and 100 other reasons to love Bangalore overshadow the cons of this beautiful garden city

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Recreation Of The Delicious Phirni !

rice pudding , heerni, phirni simple recipe
Dessert is my favorite part of the meal ! My mom makes the best desserts but there’s some magic when she cooks a pot of the sweet pudding hailing from North of India – The delicious phirni ! Every time phirni is cooked at my home it hardly lasts in the fridge for it is emptied within a day ! Trust me phirni made by mom is so delicious one can not be satisfied with just one bowl of phirni! Though it’s a sweet pudding my mom would make sure the amount of sugar used to make the dessert does not harm our health and at the same time does not lose the taste of sugary heaven .
Since many years my mom has substituted honey instead of sugar in desserts . Recently my dad complained how long it had been since he had eaten phirni and that’s when I decided to whip up the delicious phirni but with a twist. Substituting Sugar free natura instead of Sugar ! It was the most delicious phirni ever for the phirni pot was empty within 24 hours (At my place a dessert is judged on how fast it is consumed by family :P)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

It’s the Case Of Creativity: My Quirky Zenfone 2 Inspired LookBook!

Zenfone Elegant Expression enteries contest
One thing that keeps improving in fashion is creativity ! Everything in fashion changes on terms of creativity every now and then. The newest to join the fashion bandwagon are the Phone case covers! At present it isn’t odd for a woman to have a huge collection of apparel or handbags. But now, fashionistas are treating cell phone cases like the newest accessories! Fashion conscious women and men have started to stack up several of them for different looks. The smartphone is no longer just a medium for communication, but an aesthetic object in itself. Phones do so much now and it is typical for people to carry a do-it-all gadget. Women don’t like to repeat their outfits and hence its not a wonder when they keep changing their case covers and buy interesting case covers as they want to spice up their look by adding that lil extra zing to their phones!
I myself fall in this category and was elated to find the contest in which ASUS allowed us to design a phone case cover all by ourselves ! :D In the past few months I have seen people choose a phone case that goes with their moods or life stages.I love designer, multicolored, or trendy designs work on my phone case with a lot of things. Fashionistas have different phone cases based on how they feel a particular day. I consider myself to be a fashion conscious person and absolutely loved making Zenfone 2 case covers for the contest ! Its one contest I completely loved participating in! As you can see above all of the zenfone case covers are enteries submitted by me :D And if ASUS likes my entry I could even end up winning a limited edition zen case cover along with a zenfone 2 ! ^_^
the best part is they have weekly prizes and 1 huge grand prize. Weekly Prizes include a ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) and 1 Limited edition ZenFone 2 case by CutiePieMarzia! Along with it there is a Grand Prize winner too! Best design will be printed as the limited edition ZenFone 2 case. Isn’t that cool?
Its one contest you shouldn’t miss participating in! submit an entry in the contest, the entry can be fun quirky- an photo you've taken or a design you've created but it must be fashion forward and represent your fashion aesthetic! Its high time you find the perfect case to express who you are, match your outfit or even to suit your mood'.
It seems as though every fashion Blogger, Socialite, Celebrity and Fashionista on the street owns a 3-4 phone fashionable case covers! I absolutely loved the limited edition case covers launched by ASUS and created a while lot of look books on them!
Asus limited edition

Friday, November 20, 2015

Walking In His Footsteps: #MadeOfGreat !

inspiring journey to greatness
“Wash all of the filth away & alter my dead heart
Make me alive again, give me a fresh start
So change my heart please and wash the filth away
Don't leave me drowning here alone and astray…”
- Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed (DB)
There comes a time in life when you feel all time low , dejected and find reasons to cry all the time. No? You are lying if you haven’t experienced something such as this feeling of what I call ‘the dead heart’. One might have a good job and a happy family yet find it strangely sad and lonely in the inside. That’s the ‘dead heart stage’ . The heart’s beating but its dead. You can hardly feel anything . And this is the stage where you look up for every little detail of motivation passed into your way. Thanks to my father for he introduced me to that particular person who from head to toe is undeniably #MADEOFGREAT!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Keep Calm And Gift An Asus Zenfone! #HarPalHappiness

Joy, happiness, excitement, whatever. We all know the festive season are really about presents. Last month was one of the best months of this year because of these reasons. It was either joy from shopping online or happiness received while buying a gift for my loved ones! And with Diwali around the corner the excitement just doubles up! I believe there is a connection between gifting and happiness.
We all are happy during Diwali, no doubts there. Happy because all our close ones living far by fly back home to spend special time with the family, happy because we get to eat the most delicious delicacies*My favorite part* , happy because one can simply sit on the terrace and watch the night sky flicker with millions of colors ( I LOVE SKY scrapers) plus not forget the most important thing GIFTS ! YES ! Once a wise man said “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.” I am sure most of you believe in this principle. If so, then perhaps you have wondered what kind of giving is the most valuable. What kind of giving really produces that deep sense of happiness that eclipses real joy? For me its buying gifts that will brighten up my loved ones lives. Isn’t the emotions and their memories formed during Diwali that we cherish throughout the year until the next Diwali?
Diwali Mobile Offer

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Funny In 140 Chars – Twitter Comedy (IV)

Fun in 140 characters twitter comedy trends

Twitter is a site that never sleeps ! You have loads of tweets flooding on your TL 24X7. How many of you login to twitter and find it hard to logout ? *Me me me* Yes ! Its one addictive hell of a micro blogging site. With millions of users joining twitter everyday twitter has just begun to get way more interesting than it was before. It keeps you entertained with better stuff unlike the saas-bahu sagas on Tv’s ! You just have to follow the right handles on twitter!
Every time I login I wish time stopped and I could keep reading, laughing, @interacting and re-tweeting tweets the whole day ! Twitter is my favorite pass time. Forget stand up comedians you’ll find eak se badkar eak tweetaar comedians on twitter ! Twitter not just about retweets and followers!
I’ll tell you what comedy is KING on twitter and humor is the QUEEN! Tweeple who have any of these are mini celebs on twitter, and those who are blessed to tweet with both comedy and humor you know what I call them? TWELEB :P . Tweeps who aren’t professional stand up comedians and live a normal life have amassed legions of followers by tweeting funny tweets . Their followers later hang on to every 140-character quip of these twelebs.
All those who find it hard to read cartoons and stories to have a quick laugh its time to open an account on twitter and follow the right people ! If you are already a bit funny in real life, the next best thing you can do is follow a bunch of funny people.
Everytime I snigger or laugh like I just read the funniest thing in my life , my family wonders what I am reading , while I actually am LOLing over a tweet on my TL!
Following are few of the funniest tweets I stumbled upon last week ! You are free to #LOL or #ROFL after reading them ! You are welcome

 Waitress: Is this your grandma? Me: My wife. Waitress: ... Me: ... Waitress: I am SO sorry. *walks away* Grandma: Nice one. High five!
          — Uncle Duke (@UncleDuke1969) September 18, 2015
Any top favorite among all of these? Have you retweeted any of them yet? If not how can you not RT these tweets ?! They are awesome !
PS: Not everyone would find them funny. Well different people, different tastes !But don’t worry twitter is full of @heelariious people ;) Iam sure you’ll find a few funny ones soon on your TL!
#proTip: If you want to get twitter famous follow their footsteps :p #KThanxBye
Until next time
@Happychirpings aka Najm Nisa ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crane Collapse in Mecca- A tragedy not to rejoice over !


Stop hate- Spread love

Every time the phone rings at late hours during nighttime I freak out ! Its either news that one of my relatives be it close or faraway expire or it’s definitely some bad news. And day before yesterday when my dad received a call at 12:30 am I had a feeling it was very bad news. It was my uncle calling to tell that the sad tragedy of a crane collapsing over the Grand Mosque had killed over a 100 people in Mecca. The crane collapsed after a strong thunderstorm hit Mecca

My parents are leaving for Saudi Arabia this week and this will be their first hajj pilgrimage. Such incidents do scare the public but no matter what the Hajjis will not stop. Maybe it’s the faith, which cannot be moved just like the mountains Allah created . With more than 2 million people to complete Hajj this year this incident will barely have any effect. We can only hope safety measures are taken and more such incidents are avoided.

I hardly read the newspaper and my only source of knowing the current happening and NEWS is through twitter trending topics or blogposts . And recently when a read an article on the crane collapse accident there were awful and hate messages posted by barbaric people . I don’t get it. have people lost faith or are they suffering from a disease that wants them to have a laugh on the name of religion when humanity is hurt. Well if you are happy that people from a religion you hate died why not keep it for yourself and go to hell but o they want to show the world they are hypocrites and barbaric humans.

Lives lost no matter where is a sad thing and not a thing rejoice over. My mother was all tears and said that all those who lost lives are residents of heaven now. I have seen hundreds of people wishing they could die in Mecca , but I guess God has other plans for each one of us. May Allah put their souls to rest and give them Jannah.

You have to give it up to the faith the pilgrims carry in their hearts . No one has turned their backs , the Hajj will go on for sure.My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones at Mecca . I also hope people change their attitude towards the loss innocent human life .

saudi arabia, mecca accident, mecca mosque collapse saudi, mecca mosque collapse, saudi arabia mosque collapse, mecca Grand Mosque collapse, saudi arabia news, world news,

I was inspired to write this blog post after reading hate messages and messages where young women and men rejoiced over the incident here and stated that this was a moment of happiness as the tragedy took place on 9/11 anniversary. We are all Hindus or Muslims or Christian or Jews capable of getting hurt and having the power to hurt, and its the reason why its saddening to see people enjoying the death of so many innocent people. When will people realise hate does not do anything but spew out more hate. Get over your hypocrisy !May the souls of the innocent victims of this disaster rest in peace!

Until next time,


Najm Nisa

Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G ~ A speed magnet!

In my previous post, I spoke about how elated I was to hear about Airtel's new 4G sim. The 4G sim is hyped to be a game changer and phenomenal invention by Airtel which boasts speed. What with it's stunning performance and connectivity, it's rapidly gaining a lot of fame all over the globe.

Being a social media addict myself, I personally know how crucial speed is when it comes to an internet connection! A slow internet connection kills you, especially if you are social media freak. It kills to wait for your videos to load, kills to see that the download time left for your favorite movie is 10 hours and so on!

Keeping all this in mind, Airtel introduced the 4G sim which came as a blessing to all fast network lovers. Airtel has been doing a lot of promotions, out of which the most interesting was when they gave out free 4G sim cards to Airtel users to try out their creation. The free sim cards were home delivered to anyone who applied for it by simply sending a tweet to @AirtelIndia using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G. I got mine with an hour of applying, my sister too! :) What really moved me was the fact that it was raining cats and dogs the day I applied for the sim and the poor courier guy came all the way to my home in that rain to home deliver it. It was a touching gesture by Airtel :)

I am totally impressed by my new 4G sim's speed! There's no lag while using any app and movies/videos get downloaded within a matter of minutes. What surprises me is apps and games like Minion Rush, which normally take 5 hours for complete installation on a normal network took just half an hour! This was when I fell in love.

Now with such a fast internet network under my hood, my social media life will see wonderful days :D There won't be any slow connectivity stress and it will be a boost to my health too. Lately, I have had to travel a lot which is why I have become more of a cell phone person than a laptop one. Which means that mobile network means a lot to me. I have heard Airtel's made 4G available for laptops too. Will try it out soon. I am sure it'll be as impressive as this 4G sim or maybe more. Can't wait to try!

Meanwhile, I am totally loving the 4G sim and totally recommend all you wonderful readers to go and book yourself one ASAP! :) For more info on the same, you can check out their website. You can also do as I did, send a tweet to @AirtelIndia on Twitter using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G for a free 4G sim home delivered within 2 hours. I guess the offer's still on so hurry!

Asta lavista!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Keep Calm And Choose 4G with Airtel !

keep calm and choose 4g network
Ask a man what angers him the most, and you’ll not be surprised to find the answer is nothing but slow internet connection. Gone are the days when you used to wait for ages for a movie to download or wait for several minutes before google appeared with what you searched for.
Well well no more getting angry on a network that runs slower than a snail, its time to Keep Calm and Choose the 4G ! I remember the times when I was using 2G and I must agree it wasn’t all those motivational quotes or those speeches that got me to be patient , it was 2G network on my phone ! *Pun Intended* . Thanks to technology we keep progressing and with Airtel coming up with 4G god decided to actually reward us for all the patience we passed during 2G and 3G network connections. The icing on the cake is well my new buy the Moto G 3rd gen. My family is freaking crazy about Moto G 2nd gen and I was the only one stuck with an oldie phone and when I finally decided to buy a Moto G flipkart came up with an upgraded version of 3rd gen and guess what it supports 4G :D So yes I ended up buying Moto G 3rd gen that would mean I bought a phone that supported 4G unknowingly :P *mini happy dance*
moto g 3rd gen 4G LTE
The only problem that seemed to stop me from getting a 4G was a SIM . I could walk into my nearest Airtel store and switch to a 4G SIM But thanks to Airtel again , these gaiz are giving us a way to swap our SIMS to 4G free of cost *breaks into a jig* All I had to do was go to their website and request for a 4G SIM and Airtel will deliver it to my home! And now that I have requested for the SIM I can’t wait to get my hands on it and start using the fastest network ever!
airtel 4g fastI have been hearing a lot about Airtel's 4G speedy network and ever since Airtel launched their new TVC on Television today I can’t help but wait for my doorbell to ring !
Get free 4G sim airtel
Airtel launched their TVC today all across India. Pretty interesting TVC I must say.The TVC shows a woman winning a challenge with the help of 4G speed network on her phone. It also shows her winning every challenge including downloading a movie first , finding the best MBA colleges within a couple of minutes! Have you watched the TVC yet Well its an intriguing one. Do watch it! It got me started and I actually ended up requesting for a 4G SIM!

Plus its so easy to switch to a 4G SIM !
The cherry on the cake is that Airtel throws a challenge at us that if any of of the other networks we are now currently using beats their 4G network they are ready to pay are bills for life! Now to challenge something like that one definitely has something big in store !

new airtel 4G
With 4G available at the price of 3G from Airtel, you can certainly invest in this device and take advantage of good speeds. So what are you guys waiting for get started with 4G speed internet! With 4G internet I am sure everybody would be reacting this way ;)

Hence I conclude Airtel’s 4G is the key to happiness ! :D

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where the wishing never ends.. #AbHarWishHogiPoori with Flipkart!

ab har wish hogi poori flipkart
Everytime you think of good food you are reminded of your home. Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it was our mom's homemade lasagna or a memorable chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past.
Nothing can beat the food cooked by a mother, or a bhabhi or a sister. Agree ? I remember my mom waking up early and preparing hot breakfast for my family and then she would cook for our lunch boxes to take away to school and then she would start the cooking session again after we left for school. This time she would cook lunch and then later at night she would cook dinner. From what I remember she was almost all day in the kitchen making sure her family ate the best and healthiest food every single time. Sigh. That’s why nobody can ever replace a mom. It would be very hard for my mom to look after four of us siblings along with her my granny and grandpa if not for my didi. My elder sister used to get up along with my mom early morning , help my mom in cooking and pack her lunch and pack our lunch boxes, after which she had to run to the bus stop to catch her bus to college.

My mom always made sure we had home made food and we had very little to do with eat outs. We hardly ate in restaurants and my mom was very strict when it came to fast food . She was against all the fast food we would eat outside. But as children we would cringe and not understand her point . We wanted to eat at the school canteen. We wanted to binge on samosas on the street side and eat out at McD every weekend. Thanks to my Di we got what we wished for . Yes. My Di loved innovation while cooking and every time we wanted to eat out she would google the recipe on the desktop we owned and would cook up the exact thing we wished to eat !
It was not until Vidya from wished for an Usha Halogen oven , I hoped my sister could actually be the best cook if she had access to a cute halogen oven like Vidya’s . But hey if it wasn’t for her we would have never had yummy tasty fast food made at home ! She would bake cakes in a pressure cooker and make the best burgers on tawa ! yes ! And 2 months back my Di got married. It was a happy affair but I have to admit I miss her. Like hell. Her smile. Her laughter. Her motivation. And her willingness to make sure we ate what we wished for. So two months back when she was getting married she had to put her job on hold for she would travelling a lot during the next 4 months. This was when one of my aunt suggested that she take up food blogging seriously. My Di used my dad’s laptop whenever she needed but her best buddy was her long time BFF LG desktop which has been in my family for almost 10 years now. She smiled at my aunt for her suggestion but there was this sad smile I recognized instantly. I then realized it was because she had to say goodbye to her desktop after marriage . You know how women get attached to things.
The marriage took place in all grandeur and my Di was to leave for her honeymoon within a week’s time that is when I thought it was time to atleast try repaying a lil part of what my Di did for all of us all through her life. I wanted to gift her something special, something she was in need for, and guess what I bought her a gift she wished for :D
Ab Har wish hogi poori blogger wish chain
Shopping at Flipkart is like a favorite hobby for me. Ever since my first purchase of a novel on flipkart 4 years back I have shopped like crazy on the website. It just got better and better. Flipkart made gifting easier than anyone could’ve imagined. hence my first thought of buying a gift was from flipkart. I has decided upon a laptop. Everybody in my family suggested it was better to buy such a big gift offline as taking a risk online was not worth it. But I trusted flipkart and wanted the best for my sweetest Di who always believed in giving . Hence my search for the best laptop began and thanks to all the reviews I was able to zero upon a HP Laptop within no time. I wanted her to know that we cared for the things she wished for. I wanted her to take up what she loved and I was sure she wanted to take up food blogging , for which she need a good laptop and not a old memory wala desktop. It was time to upgrade and wish for new things.
After consenting my brother who is more knowledgeable when it comes to electronics I ordered a laptop. My sister had to leave for her in laws in two days time. I was worried her gift wouldn’t reach on time and cursed for not selecting next day delivery during checkout. But Flipkart has a tendency to amaze every wisher out there. I wished my sister to be happy. My sister wished she could blog anytime anywhere, and thanks to Flipkart they delivered her gift the very next day !
Ab har wish hogi poori flipkart hp laptop
I had it gift packed and my my the emotions that followed after I she opened the gift were endless. We both were in tears and she hugged me and promised to let me eat every thing she would blog about. ha ha ! It was a moment of bonding and happiness . Love you Flipkart, love you for the amazing price you gave for the gift I bought for her, love you for the speedy delivery even though I hadn’t selected next day delivery. Love love LOVE You gaiz so much !
So have you shopped for a gift your loved one wished for? If not , do now :)
Keep wishing!
keep shopping!
Until next time

Monday, July 20, 2015

Currently Loving – ASUS Zenfone 2

When it comes to smartphones in android, all conversations start with a great camera and excellent battery life. I have heard a few biggies have surpassed this test of emerging out as a winner in both fields. The latest to enter the arena of the biggies is the supercool Asus Zenfone 2 !
You know your life sucks when you have to work 24x7 and yet keep up with house work and parties. What makes life simpler at these times is a good phone. Yes. With hundreds of phones emerging in the android market it is hard to find the perfect phone but I am thankful that I got my hands on the all new ASUS Zenfone 2 ! A beauty in all sense! It is a win-win phone when it comes to performance and camera .
I had heard raving reviews about this phone and after one of my blogger friend recommended it I had a peek into the zenfone 2 history. It’s a phone which has gone wild and people are buying it ruthlessly, no wonder the phone is praised so much.
Coming to what I liked about the phone are the amount of specs ASUS is offering at a lucrative price !5.5 big inch screen along with powerful quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and large battery it’s a phone to die for. It’s a phone all those price conscious phone lovers crave for, which includes me *grinning*
The designing is cool and I like it how Asus adds in the element of color in their phones. The beauty of this phone is doubled by the slim 3.9 edge, undoubtedly an engineering feet. Its beautiful in every way and extremely comfy to hold in my small hands.
The best part about this phone is that it comes with a camera so good you know you have bought a phone worth every penny! ZenFone 2’s 13MP PixelMaster camera with its f/2.0-aperture lens captures pictures that are of high-resolution and can be used even for blogging purposes. Yayy! Also I loved the Low Light mode that captures up to 400% brighter photos in low-lit areas without the need for a flash.
And in addition to all of these another feature which actually caught my attention is the fast charging one. Imagine 60% of Battery Capacity in 39 Minutes! Wowsome ! With Zenfone 2 now you can always have a charged phone. I am so loving this feature *Happy face* A phone that charges so quickly at the speed of lightening has gotta be the best ! Agree?
Currently I am in love with the Zenfone 2 ,thanks to the faster processor, more storage, and the bundled quick charger. It is now in my wish list and I simply can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty. What are your views about the phone, temme !

Thursday, July 9, 2015

United By Cricket On UC Browser !

You know there’s a cricket match going on when almost all Indian trending topics on twitter are related to cricket! Forget a match between Indian and other country, hell twitterattis are so crazy about cricket that they even tend to trend matches between other countries !
At malls, there’s always a crowd of people surrounding the TV’s on display or televisions which are for sale. You tell something bad about cricket and they are ready to tear you into half.
Things You Should Never Say To An Indian Cricket Fan
Either India wins or loses a match , cricket is like God send for Indians. Even if you’re the least patriotic person in the world, you surround yourself with flags and jerseys. Cricket is one thing that unites Indians. Be it a classroom, office or a party, everybody talks about the after bouts of a cricket match ! Indians consider cricket a religion and are emotionally attached to the game.They don’t care where they are but they want have to get a score update and not miss watching the sixes and four’s by their fav cricket batsmen . And remember your workplace which was deserted during an Indo-Pak match because they weren’t allowed to watch matches there?
Embedded image permalink
This is how a workplace looks where televisions are not allowed to be watched during a match.
There are a lot of movies on how much Indians love cricket in Bollywood .
So all of the above proves the love Indians have for the game –Cricket ! What does one do when they are in the middle of something they love and there’s a powercut?

Reaction of Indians who don’t have access to faster browsing during a cricket match when it shows buffering past 1 hour.
Umm smartphone internet might just save them but what if the browser acts like those older version’s of IE and you are left with a *20% loading* message ? I have seen a lot of people hit their smartphones, poor peeps. One cannot just sit at home in front of the television all day and all night long to watch the match. Humans are surrounded with a lot of things and every needs attention. So what do you do when your wife wants to spend time with you or your GF wants to go on a date with you? You can’t possibly say no right? Could you? That’s when the advanced tech gadgets come in handy ! With smartphone use increased highly everybody is connected to their favorite game ! Thanks to browsers like UC which have come up with UC Cricket for all those who are die hard crazy fans of cricket !
UC Browser surf it all app
So now be it a drive to an important office meeting or the excitement to know the score just after the exams , Indians can now surf it all on UC cricket on UC Browser !

 No more being tagged as a lousy cricket fanatic who gives a miss to all the sweet and important things in life for cricket ! I generally keep in touch with the score with the help of the live twitter update by twitteratis :D So how do you keep in touch with the game without missing on the small things in life? Temme !

Friday, May 15, 2015

Only If Harry Potter & His Friends had a Smartphone!

If you love magic , JK Rowling’s best selling book ‘Harry Potter and the six books that followed’ wouldn’t be new to you. What is it about this fantasy world that has been so astonishingly attractive for so many adults and children you wonder. What magic was to them is what smartphones are to us today. If you are a pottermaniac you must have at some moment thought of all the possibilities the students of Hogwarts would have if they had access to a smartphone ! I am not saying wands and magic potions weren’t enough for them but what if they were to use smartphones in their daily life ? Well well I have always had these crazy thoughts of what it would be like if harry potter and his friends had access to the smartphones ! :D
Its damn outright true that when you’ve got magic, you don’t really need the net or a smartphone for that matter. But let’s just say that in a parallel universe, Harry Potter and the gang get their hands on a smartphone and discover the wonders of the apps installed on a smartphone, what would it be like?! If that happened, then these are the ways I guessed they would benefit from it.
1. No more waiting : Remember how Harry and his friends had to wait for holidays and weekends to taste their favorite Butterbeer ( Well its simply the most delicious drink ever even though nobody has tried it yet!) , Magical sweets, the delicious Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and chocolate frogs. They would travel in the coldest of the winters to the three broomsticks to get a sip of their favorite drink . If they had the power of smartphones they would able to order all these at the click of a button ! Viola , I am sure Hermoine would use the time saved in studying some more. :P
2. No ‘OUCH’ moments: What happens when you have a surprise Yule Ball announcement and your mother has packed your sister’s clothes for you ? Well you don’t want to end up looking like Ron, would you? If Ron and Harry had access to smartphones they would simply login to Myntra/Flipkart via app and shop for the latest men’s suits and end up looking dapper and catching the right girl’s attention!
3. Google maps :
Yes please. You don’t want to end up meeting Malfoy and forcefully having to look at the ill faced Malfoy again and again . Find better paths back to your classrooms via google maps or Hoogle maps (Hogwarts+Google) ;) And Harry won’t get lost while heading to Platform nine and three quarters again !
4. SHOPPING: Book a new Broom at a single click - Ask Harry or Ron or even Ginny what a broom means to them ! Harry will swear by a broom because that’s what got him through the dragons task in ‘'the Goblet of Fire’ plus not to forget Quidditch is impossible to play without a broom! And what happens if you have a Broom breakout or some nasty fat or sleazy student from Slytherin steals your broom? You order a new one from your smartphone that too on next day delivery/Same day delivery ! :D Plus online shopping portals like Myntra have app only offers that always have huge discounts running on their websites ;) No more skipping Quidditch ! And no doubts when you tell shopping from portals like Myntra which have a whopping 80% flat off on app sales , its like MAGIC for the Weasely family considering they have to spend cautiously because they haven’t the income to buy new brooms without discounts :D!
And shopping for gifts would be so much easier for Ron and Dobby who always end up giving the most awkward gifts ! I am sure they would send so much love to Myntra app after Hermoine would kiss him when he got her a romantic gift ;)
5. Apps -Harry Potter Instagram
OH YES ! You can only imagine the amount of fun and help it would have been if Harry and his gang would have access to smartphones ! Endless apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ,Flashlight, Flipkart, Myntra , Gmail, Whatsapp , camera etc Advanced tech apps are a boon to all those who use them ! Endless shopping, instant messaging, immediate access to news and micro blogging . Not to forget every tweet sent out by Harry would be the most favorited and most Retweeted ;) Dobby dropping a happy birthday msg on Facebook profile of Harry and so much more !
So that’s what it would be like if wizards had smartphones! It would definitely feel like magic!

Anywhere, Anytime, Always Recharged : My Airtel App!

MyAirtel App
I am a Airtel Broadband user and ever since Bharti Airtel introduced their MyAirtel App I have been running around in circles with joy ! I remember times when I wanted to know the balance amount and I had to call someone and cut the line so I could know how much balance amount is left for making calls. And there were times when my data usage would turn zero and I couldn't even buy a data pack because no access to internet ! The new MyAirtel app is a life saver for people who face problems like these! Now internet data recharging and mobile postpaid recharging is at my finger tips *yayy* No more going to the shop keeper wala bhaiyya and asking him to recharge ! Smartphones have really made lives easier and apps are the malai on the milk :P
MyAirtel app review
The new 'my airtel' app is a boon to Indian subscribers as it lets them to manage their mobile, fixed line and DTH services! I downloaded the app, which is absolutely free from Google Play Store and for those who intend to download the app through SMS can do so by messaging 'myairtel' to 54321.
I so loved the buy products from airtel option, all those wanting to buy a new connection can easily do so now that the super app is out for downloading! The app is simple and user friendly and does not complicate one ! I am so glad I downloaded the app immediately on its release ! My most favorite features of this app are as follows:
Favorite MyAirtel App feature
1. I want To feature : This feature allows one to add favorites like quick recharge , paying bills and one can get access to everything with just a single swipe in the app ! Isn't that cool! The first that I added in the 'I want to' feature was mobile recharge ! 
2. Speedy Recharge & Faster Checkouts: Remember times when you had to use third party apps/sites to recharge your prepaid and postpaid line. From getting a 2G/3G pack to recharging and making payments -Its so EASY and Quick! No more logging into a third party account and then selecting the pack which we want to recharge it with!
3. Low Data/Low balance Reminder : Even though I have a feature of data usage warning on my mobile , it tends to get all confused and I end up using more than I intended to, hence the feature in the app which allows to set data usage alerts or reminders is love only!
Overall its a the new MyAirtel app is a very handy app which allows us to manage all of the Airtel services straight from our cell phones !The new MyAirtel app has made life simpler for all those airtel customers out there! I highly recommended a download, especially for all those people with more than one Airtel connection.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Pictures captured with ASUS zenfone

The clutch has now turned into a must-have accessory to round out our look and add the glam factor to our outfit. Big blingy clutches soft velvet boxes for parties and functions during day time and precious little clutches in all different sizes during the night .

A clutch is pure love because it lets you carry your phone and money in style . Its important to make sure you buy a clutch which fits your phone, you don’t want to hold a clutch in one hand and a phone in the other, it looks silly hokay. Fortunately for me my Asus Zenphone fits in all of my clutches easily <so sleek and so beautiful:*>

I’m a big fan of accessories and my most favorite accessory is the CLUTCH !. If you are style savvy and have a good eye for trendy pieces, you can pick up a couple of hatke and eye catchy clutches and turn into a showstopper without effort ;)

Well well summer season is here and the number of parties during the season are the highest! Be it a reception of a dear friend or a Saturday party night you’ll have numerous occasions to flaunt your trendy clutches ! And hence here are the 5 must have party clutches which according to me every fashionista must own!

Mex gold studded clutch

I remember seeing this bag at Amazon and instantly falling in love with it! It’s a gold box clutch which has a jewel like flap at the opening. The best part is its so lightweight ! When it comes to studded clutches that too studded on both the sides clutches tend to get heavier but this one from MEX is a steal ! Loved it ! And now this one is a prized possession of mine! A bejeweled clutch is always a good idea and will never go out of fashion, so it’s really worth investing in one that you will use time and time again.

Top 5 clutches

It’s a great size that fits everything you need on a night out!The one ring jeweled clutch looks and feels expensive. I am glad I invested in something so beautiful plus this cultch definitely is a show stopper! ;)

Apple clutch

The third best party clutch is a clutch that will take your breath away ! The Apple wala clutch is one of a kind, fashionable and fruity ;) This sweet clutch is medium sized apple shape silver clutch, studded at both sides from MEX. It was love at first sight ! The moment I laid my eyes on this clutch I knew I had to have it in my Party Clutch collection and hey the next day it was being shipped to my address :D

Satya paul clutch

BOX clutches are the raging fashion trend that has caught up with most of the celebs. And this one is the ultimate party clutch! There is something crazy about carrying a box clutch! Do you feel the same?  I am head over heels in love with my box Satya Paul Satin clutch !

Box clutch

Box clutches that are studded and beaded are also quite a rage with the party goers.. This Purple Aiva Box clutch was a buy from Yebhi and ever since I bought it has been among my favorites!

Limeroad shopping

Clutch makers have come up with bolder and bigger clutches and they are quite a show when carried to a party. Bolder materials like velvet and sequins and in brighter colors. This dark blue clutch was a buy from limeroad and its huge, by huge I mean it! It can carry my Asus , my lipstick,lip balm,makeup,tissue papers, wallet, cards and all phones in my family, LOL-SO BIG! I love the embroidery on this and the oval shape which makes it easy for us to carry in my palm.

All of the pictures clicked for this fashion post are by my Asus Zenfone , yes. I know its hard to believe but Zenfone 5’s camera is beautiful and captures pictures that you can use to write a blog post ! I recently got Nikon point and shoot camera and I have to say I am finding it so hard to click pictures from it :/ So complex and hence I have shifted to easy clicking of pictures from my ASUSZenfone with which I have had zero problems so far *Happy dance*

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fashionable Friday : Watches For Women

Its clear from all the women flaunting their luxury watches that the ‘keeping the accessories minimal’ means donning a luxurious watch and cutting down on all the other accessories. A wrist watch is a staple accessory for most of the women out there. they might not wear earrings or skip the lipstick or even chuck down on carrying a bag but ask them to leave their watches at home and they will glare at you for asking them to leave a part of their body at home :p

Case in point, many of the fashion shows with models flaunting over-sized branded watches evoked a chic watch wear vibe that we want to start rocking effective immediately. The fastest way to get on board with this trend, is to invest in a branded beautiful over-sized watch! :D Extraordinary watches designed for women by renowned brands like Fast-track, Michael Kors and Titan work overtime with day-to-night metals, stylish analog designed, bracelet-inspired designs and sparkling embellishments.

The latest trend caught up with fashionistas is the over sized watches ! It’s a lil hard to find over-sized watches in the women’s range and hence women buy an over-sized watch designed for men and dammit it works wonders on the small wrists of a woman ;) The next big trend is the watch stacked along with a dozen of bracelets. I love the way a watch and bracelets look together! One of my next purchases will definitely be a big, chunky, rose gold watch and an over-sized Fastrack watch ^_^

A beautiful watch can stand alone with a minimal look, or can be added to a stack of bracelets and blend in with a super glam ensemble. This versatility makes this watch trend an investment that will surely stand the test of time. Undoubtedly a branded watch is definitely one of the most versatile accessories that you can pair with everything from a t-shirt to a party outfit. Investing in a cool watch will never go out of style!

Until next time,
Najm Nisa

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kapil Dev On Twitter & His Nayi League…

kapil dev on twitter

In the month of april,2015 World cup winning captain Mr Kapil Dev tweeted his first tweet on twitter and ever since then he has been sharing information on a new league he is working on currently. He tweeted to many celebs asking them to join his league which he calls it ‘Ek Nayi League’ and many of the celebs tweeted back saying they would be delighted to be a part of his league…

Kapil Dev even tweeted that he was glad to be on twitter and very happy to have got a chance to connect with his fans on a platform which was direct. After a couple of days he joined on twitter the star of cricket tweeted a few video in which he mentions about his fabulous and unique league which when played with heart will hit the wicket bang on! At first I was a little too sure it was some league to do with sports as Kapil Sir rigorously tweeted and tagged his sports friends on twitter plus the videos he tweeted where based on sportspersons.
He even tagged Yuvraj Singh in one of his video’s . Curiosity got the better of me and I watched the video to find out Kapil Sir talking about how good a crickets man Yuvraj Singh is. he further went on to tell that he was very happy when Mr Yuvraj was getting a huge sum of money for his talent.
The next video he tweeted was tagging ace badminton player of India , Sania Mirza . He went on to tell how fond of Sania he was and how he supported her wholeheartedly. You can see the tweet he tweeted below where there is a video attached in which he speaks about the women of India joining badminton sport and how Sania Mirza being among just 300 women who opt for playing for their country reach in the top 50’s ranking of best badminton players in the world.
He also tweeted a video where he praises Dhoni for his work as a captain and how Dhoni should stop talking about his retirement as he knows a captain picks up a team with his heart.
After watching all these videos where he ends every video with telling the audience that he would soon reveal what this Eak nayi league is all about in his next tweet he finally broke the ice by tweeting about the league today..
I am not sure what ITL actually is about but after a lil research I found it is a Championship for Investors and Traders!ITL is a pan India competition which allows all of its participants to showcase their investing and trading skills and outperform other market participants in an environment which is real and set across asset classes including stocks, derivatives and commodities to win the ultimate respect of being India’s Best Trader and win a whopping prize of one damn crore ;)

You can follow Kapil Sir on twitter to keep track of all the events he is a part of and interact with him on his handle @therealKapilDev and know more about his Nayi League here
until next time


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reasons Why You’ll Love ASUS Zenfone 2!

When it comes to smartphones, all conversations start with its camera and battery life. I have heard a few biggies have surpassed this test of emerging out as a winner in both fields. The latest to enter the arena of the big dogs is the supercool Asus Zenfone 2 !
Zenfone 2
The ZenFone 2 makes for a tempting purchase solely on the basis of its specs and superlative performance. At Rs.19,999 it's also a great package considering you get a phone with 4GB RAM, 32GB of storage and 4G connectivity. It’s a phone that is beautifully crafted with ultra thin edges!
And the best feature about this budget friendly phone is the camera ,  it thumps up a number of phones offering 13 MP. That good! It has several filters such as rewind time (so one can choose their  best photo in a few seconds before and after a particular picture) , HDR mode ( for better quality of colors in photograph) , panoramic mode , night shots in low light (a gem of a feature) , selfie mode ( increases the number of people who appear in the selfie , and when you recognize their faces will proceed to make several pictures) , embellishment , miniature, depth of field , intelligent removal (this one removes that person who crosses behind you automatically) , all smiles ( burst of photos, choose the one you like ) and gif animation mode (one of my favorite) . To sum up the camera is amazing. And not just that , it's all together a great buy at a great price ! ZenFone 2’s 13MP PixelMaster camera with its f/2.0-aperture lens captures photos with zero shutter-lag that will make you drool ! It has been equipped with Low Light mode that employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 350+% brighter photos at night or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. Amazing ,isn’t it ?
I always wished for a phone that would stay charged all the time, but hey dreams are so wayward. But thanks to Zenfone 2 Fast charging is now not a dream! ASUS zenfone 2 is equipped with BoostMaster technology which is a ASUS-exclusive technology that charges the battery much faster than in traditional devices. With ZenFone 2, I can now  recharge  my battery up to 60% of capacity in just 40 minutes! *Happy face* A phone that charges so quickly at the speed of lightening has gotta be the best ! Agree?
Plus I love accessorizing my phone so it can stand apart from the millions of same device owners ;) And the moment I read that ASUS Zenfone 2 gives us the freedom to accessorize and that they created a whole range of smart accessories for ZenFone 2 I couldn't help but break into a happy jig :P Flaunting my style via my fav gadget has always been my habit ;) Plus their feature of getting an opportunity to celebrate uniqueness is fabulous!Their Transfusion and Illusion series has got me drooling ! You have to check out the transfusion series, you are bound to love it!
So what do you think of this marvel of a phone? Click here to know more about it. I am just hoping someone gifts me this for my birthday which is today *grinning ear to ear* Sigh ! How I wish, it would be the best birthday gift ever :P And if you want to turn the angel and actually gift me then I'll mail you my address details (Puppy face) :P
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Currently Loving- #MyASUSZenFone !

Curently loving ASUS zenfone 5
The only gadget I am crazy about is a good phone. I am not quite into tablets or fancy headphones blah blah blah! Hence being equipped with a good phone has always been my top priority . My current favorite is none other than ASUS zenfone ! Lemme explain why this has caught my attention. I ended up with this phone after reading a million positive reviews and heard genuine praise from the users of this phone in my friend circle.
Incredible zenfone 5  welcome asus
You know you are in love with your phone when you keep using it 24x7 ! I remember a time when watching movies included turning on my lappy and feeding the movie stored in my cellphone to my laptop so I could watch the movie on a good screen. But gone are those day :D The movie buff in me is all happy vappy past few weeks! Guess why ? All thanks to #myASUSZenfone5 ! I take movies from my brother’s and friends phones via share it and watch them on a theatre like experience screen- ASUS Zenfone ! Yes ! Its so awesome ! Trust me ever since I bought this phone I am going gaga over the display screen and the quality of the speaker. Gaming and movies is what matters when I buy a phone followed by a good camera and no heating problems.
Asus zenfone 5 currently loving
The next best thing that I loved about this phone was the GloveTouch option. I am used to wearing gloves while travelling, riding a bike or when its cold outside and I have always had issues on getting a phone working wearing them , but thanks to ASUS for coming up with such a unique feature. I found this feature of Zenfone 5 very handy and snapping pictures while wearing gloves is a breeze now !
Glovetouch ASUS 5
Also there is this supernote feature on the phone which is superlove where I can write with my finger on the touch of the phone and the phone copies every single thing in my handwriting, isn’t that awesome??
Only thing I felt it lacked was battery life. Well for that we do have power banks , now don’t we ? ;)
And the best feature about this budget friendly phone is the camera , despite being 8 mp , it thumps up a number of phones offering 13 MP. That good! It has PixelMaster Camera which has included plenty of modes ranging from beautification to HDR to selfie helper that should be able to provide plenty of funto users like me who love clicking pictures! That being said, what actually caught my attention the most was the camera’s Low Light Mode. Check out the pictures clicked at places where
IMG_20150421_171209597 P_20150328_084407
Low Light                                      Day Light
Picture clicked when camera was on auto mode. Unsurprisingly, the picture was brilliant and clear.. The color reproduction on the trees and the surrounding environment is excellent with great details all around.
This picture was clicked just after it had rained. Love the details the camera has caught here.
Myasuszenfone best features[7]
Who else is smitten by this gorgeous beauty ? :**