Thursday, December 18, 2014

Magic of Vacations- Children !

A good vacation is a vacation with kids…
kids travelling
The roars of laughter , the mischief, the storming, the banter , the voice , the smiles of our children is what counts when we are going on a vacation. A vacation with family is the best vacation.
Our parents often took vacations only when we had summer holidays , just not that back in our childhood, our elders made sure all the big weddings took place during the kids vacations so everybody could enjoy their holidays with children. Children just add the magical touch ! A vacation without them would be empty!
And hence as we grew up we got accustomed to the belief that there’s no vacation without the kids. But in order to make sure that the trip planned is fun , safe and enjoyable its important to ensure a few things.
A few things to keep in mind while travelling with kids to ensure they enjoy themselves would be their safety, how they must be entertained in order to not get them snapping and out of control (trust me this is where they have second thoughts on the vacation thing with kids ;) , the travel and the food . etc.
Safety first: Safety is definitely the first measure when it comes to travelling with kids. You can’t enjoy a vacation when you know your kids aren’t safe. Pack all you need, the medications, the snacks and talk to your kids about safety if your travelling by air. And most importantly never let your kids out of sight, saves you a lot of trouble and worry.
Travel Trip tricks : Make sure you get your children to catch their quality sleep when travelling ! it really helps. The food will help them to take it off to the sleep spot. Hence its important you schedule your trip accordingly.
Entertainment, entertainment and some more entertainment : You have no idea how fast kids get bored, ha forget the kids I get bored even faster than them , wait I am a grown up kid too. :P That is why I get bored ! *realisation* Jokes apart they really tend to get bored very fast and its important to take the important measures. Animated movie Dvd’s , scrabble or chess boards and story books are a great way!
Feed the fairies: Food my dear is what seals the deal for us children ;) Good food and half of the travelling has already been awesome :P :D The problem is that kids are picky. “I don’t like sweets “(So annoying! –.- ) “I don’t eat ice cream “(I would kill such kids! , I mean what on earth ! You don’t like icecream?! what the hell honey?!) “I dislike veggies” ( Yeah baby that’s more like it ! Hifi!) So you see. That’s the problem. Make sure you have restaurants nearby to suit the food tastes of your kids
Stay at a sweet ( suite;) place : Also its important to keep in mind about the place you’ll be staying at. Kids can create a big fuss, so its better not to choose a posh , upscale hotel will probably not be as kid-friendly  , so its better to use our correct judgment while choosing one. Choose among the best of best that has all the amenities to keep your kids entertained.
And now I just can’t wait for the vacations. ^_^
This post is a part of Indi Happy hours in relation to Club Mahindra’s Teddy travelogue’s !


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  2. He he.. I love the third point Najm :D :D .. Entertainment, entertainment and some more entertainment :D :D ..

    Surely the vacations are the most wonderful time, so much fun and so many many memories :) :)

  3. 'Stay at a 'sweet' suite place' the punning here.. :-)

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