Saturday, December 27, 2014

Honesty empowers. The truth sets you free..

“The truth will set you free…’'
It is true that once you have lied its difficult to trust, even more difficult to trust oneself to tell the truth the next few times. Not telling truth puts you in 3 stages of Accountability, Guilt, and Forgiveness.
from childhood we are taught moral values and the importance of telling the truth but when time hits the truth often shakes or maybe the truth seems mediocre.
So when Kinley came up with the thing where we had to narrate the time where we felt being honest was the right thing to do the first instance where lies affected me hugely popped up, first year of college!
It was a time of new experiences , new friends, new place . Everything around was new. There were expectations. There was innocence. And there was fear. Fear that the person might judge us on the basis of our percentage scored in the boards. Fear that our frenemies would laugh at us when they heard we did not get admission in a far better college than we were selected in and so on.
That is how everything begun…The journey of lies and some more lies.  From a different angle it had to be the society which was to be blamed.
All those annoying relatives who never called even if met with an accident calling accidently to know are grades after the boards and brooding and lecturing on what we should select for better careers. I had enough of it, and that is how the lies began, to shut their mouths. The worst of all , it was my so called friends whom I had to lie the most. Lies about how it was difficult to get a seat in science field, lies about the college campus, lies about how this and that and some more lies.
And one day just like that after getting inspired ( not to forget it was some movie I don’t even remember of and a book by the name ‘You Can Win'’ ) I woke up with guilt that would just not budge. What was I doing? Why was I suffering? Everything was backfiring. In the web of lies I had weaved I felt like I was choking. As if there was no escape.
And then I realised , but slowly that I did no have to bend, I did not have to  water it down. Everything did not have to go according to the plan. My soul was suffering. Just like the girl in the add was not getting any sleep. And I decided I did not have to edit my own soul according to the way the cruel world wanted it to. Rather, follow my heart.
I broke up from self pithy and started comparing my life to the less worthy ones, and life seemed so much better. Every time the subject of career and college approached I put on my best smile and told truth, proudly. The endless stupid remarks and comments did not stop, but those comments did not stop me from rising above everything either ! I felt at peace, like I was ready to conquer the whole world. That much power the truth had.
And after so many years I am happy I understood that telling the truth was the right thing to do when I was in the worst stage of my life. And it gets better in knowing that all that who teased and threw insults on my way up where far far behind me…
And now I hardly remember a time where I did not tell the truth *all smiles*

I loved the the new TVC of Kinley where you learn a lesson how the truth will set you apart, will set you at ease...

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  1. A lovely post Najm. I like the way you have woven your experience into learning. I agree that truth never is the easiest thing and not many people appreciate it either. But then again, we are not being true for them, we are being true to ourselves and what we believe in . Like you said - the truth sets us free.

    Loved this post :)

    1. Thank you for your nice words Vinay :)