Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giving risk a new dimension : Rise Above Fear !

The world we live in is a delicate one. Every step we take is filled with uncertainty and fear. It is easy to see why we end being inclined to play it safe all the time. But how long before the bubble bursts ? How much longer can you stay away from facing your fears? Someday your fears which you kept ignoring will turn up on you on your face and make sure you are ready for that .
Always playing it safe has risk as well. If you never dare to fail you can almost feel that your goals in life are on a very low. Most of us underestimate our merit and our ability to recover from failure, leading to pass up valuable opportunities. High time we realized that the best way to eliminate fear is to take up all those risks we were avoiding with so much vigor !
We are always surrounded by fears but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a try ? Does it? I however am happy to share with you that I have always believed in taking risks be it the fear of those deadly exams, or the fear of what others would think or the fear of never winning or even the fear of not making it BIG. But hey now when I look back it just feels so silly. In other words I want to laugh at having even thought twice on taking those daring risks because all the while I knew the real in me is the brave heart and dauntless, wanting to take chances and stepping on uncertainties. Its who I am , and its who you should be too.
When you are a girl, people automatically end up expecting thousand times things more than a girl would have the potential off ! I mean if you are a girl you are bound to be good at household work, cleaning, Cooking*, etc. And here is where the fear begins, what if I don’t excel in all of these, what if I end up being a bad cleaner or even worse a bad cook? That is exactly what happened with me. For a long time I was bat-shit scared about how people would react to my bad cooking but then Allah had other plans for me.
Every time my mom complained how I would stay away from the kitchens I would make a face and get away by joking about how I would marry a cook, but the fear was always there. Not because I would get a stupid husband but if I really wasn’t capable of a simple stupid thing , cooking! I am huge foodie and the thing that I couldn’t cook for myself was a big No for me, so guess what after a lot of tweeting and blogging I repeat yes I took to social media to rant how bad I was at cooking , I kicked the fear away !
I started participating food blogging contests, Read every article on how to make cooking food a joyful and happy incident. I searched more ways to get motivated, I burnt all those boats of uncertainty.
And then I finally stepped into the Kitchens. And no my mom did not actually faint when I cooked y very first awesome ! Haha !Slowly step by step I conquered my fears. If people would criticise I would listen, take notes in my mind and make every effort to not repeat the again and believe e cooking is the easiest of them all for me now!
That’s not all after a few attempts , my parents and my family started complimenting and then I knew it ! I just knew it ! I could excel in anything if I wanted too ! I knew I had to take all those risks I was ignoring! And now my wish list hold a convection oven ! Yes , I am now looking forward to baking ! Baking all those delicious cupcakes and cakes I would drool when I visited a store. Not anymore I am so much better after I faced my fears. After which I gave it a try and faced many more fears, so yes cooking has been a life turning experience of mine just as working on their vertigo’s the South super hotties got over their fear of height's!
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This video radiates so much energy !
When confronted with fear Arya and Akhil chose to. #RiseAboveFear. Watch impeccable courageousness shown by actors!
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So how many you have actually given a try to overcome your fear with so much brevity?!
Do tell me in the comments, they’ll make my day !
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