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10 Things a woman wants to hear ! #3WordsSheWantsToHear

Men always keep wondering what’s going on in a woman’s head. to prove that is the latest block buster movie ‘ Gone girl’ starting scene where Ben Affleck asks His wife’ what are you thinking? ‘. Have you always wondered what a woman is thinking? What did she want to hear ?  What could you tell her to make her feel good ?
Well well twitter for one reason knows exactly what she wants to hear ! You might have seen that #3wordsSheWantsToHear has been trending on twitter since yesterday and still going strong on the trending topics.
Most of the men out there would agree that when it comes to compliments and sweet nothings, we women can never have enough of it. The more we get them, the more we want! Haha , its women nature I guess. But although some of the men are pretty sure they know what they want to say (because you, bless you, are an incredibly thoughtful man) you always end up telling the wrong thing to her.
Lets look at a few commandments or let me put these phrases in just 3 words for you!  Most of the words I listed below are things I love to hear when I am with a man. And most of these phrases would probably please most ladies, but I could potentially be a little bias. *wink wink*
Thought I would share some of my favorite things that I love to hear in phrases with just 3 words ;)
1. You are perfect : Nobody is perfect so what? Hasn’t she done a whole lot of things and made sure you were happy and taken care of every single time? Be it your mom or your loving wife. Say it ! You are an angel, you are lovely, You are the best mom, you amaze me are a few other synonymic phrases for this ;)Don’t be stingy when it comes to wooing her with a shower of compliments. The more you give, the more you are likely to get in return.
2. You lost weight : Ahem ahem. A few years back I would have laughed if someone said me that this phrase would actually top second in my ‘things she wants to hear list’ but now that I have followed the footsteps of Vidya Balan :p this phrase sounds like music to my ears ! Not that I am fat or something but losing weight is what a woman works hard for. So if you think she has lost even a kilo gram ,you compliment her !
3. I love you: Even the savviest single woman melt at the thought of hearing her man utter those three little words. I believe only a few men realize or appreciate the power of saying “I love you.” You boy remember that by saying those three magic words (and by it say it only when you really mean it!), you are acknowledging an attachment to your woman and satisfying her most basic emotional need ie to know how her man feels about her and she loves to hear it! Again and again !
4. I was wrong: Yeah baby ! You were wrong, she was right. Say that. Again. Haha .
5. Its on sale ! : SALE ! MAN how much we love this word ! All shopping sites please note if you want our attention put the damn thing on SALE ! I go wreck less when it comes to shopping during sale season. End up emptying everything :D
6. You over football* : *replace Football with anything your man is obsessed with here*
You love cricket, we understand it. You love blah blah and blah. Shut it. We know it. They are your hobbies or your players or something you love. We women get it. But we are women. We need attention. We need all the love you can ever give. Choose us. Over them. That’s it. We are not telling you to stop loving all of those other things but once in a while say these 3 magical words, they make us women feel better !Okay?
7. I bought cake : Or Ice-cream ! Aaaah ! Ice cream or be it cake or be it cupcake or be it luxurious chocolates or be it flowers the word bought is something we women lurvvvv ! :D We are always open for free pizzas and free cake just like men are always open for free beer ;) Give a girl her favorite pastry or her favorite ice cream and she can even kill for you ;)
8. Take my credit-card : You giving us women free consent to shop to our hearts content? We love it . Period. But make sure you give it whole heartedly and trustingly ! Its another whole new thing that she knows how much to spend ! She will not bankrupt you but she loves the idea of her man wanting to spend on her!
9. Let me cook : Break the Indian stereotype of looking at women ! She is looked as a housewife and its great that she loves to cook ! But hey once in a while she needs a break too. If you come across a time where you see her tired or if she has more on her hands than she can take it offer to cook for her and the whole family too ! Not just your wife , be it your mother , your sister or even your best friend ! It shows you care and who knows you might end up with a bunch of compliments at the end of your cooking venture ;)
10.Be my bride : Call me old fashioned but there is this special thing about getting married , and it just gets better when your man bends on a knee and proposes you with a diamond ring! I think I am bitten by the Geet syndrome (remember the chirpy OTTP Kareena Kapoor in Jab we met?). You love each other, that’s great but that doesn’t mean you take her for granted and go ahead with a marriage. Ask her out , make her feel special and then pop the question even though you know you both are getting married, it will make her happy ! Women love it !
So women do you relate to any of these? And men how many of you agree? ! Raise your hands.
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  1. Nice list...I always wonder why they want to hear "I am wrong' more than you are right :P I miss you could have also made the list. :-) :D

    1. Keep wondering on that thing :P Umm I think I miss you does come under the 'I love You' phrase :)

  2. Nicely composed list........ Thanks for the share.....

  3. lovely have covered almost all the things but I think Gaurab is right.. "I miss you" could also become a part of it :)

    1. Thank you Vartika. As I said 'I miss you' does come under the category 'I love you' :)

  4. He he he he :). .Nice one Najm, a fair mix of fun and the simple stuff. I was laughing out loud reading the first few :D

  5. :-P... awesome list it's time to make another list for guys ... hehe

  6. So true! :)
    You compiled them all.