Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time to raise our voices. NOW. (Swachh Bharath)

There are many instances where we come across such things where we know they’re absolutely wrong and you cannot help but raise your voice against it ! If I start listing down those social issues where people like me and you should stand up and speak up against, it’ll probably take forever.  It can be a random guy urinating in public , or a woman spitting out beetle remnants or  someone littering the roads shamelessly.
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So when do we put a stop to all of this? Akhir Kab bolega yeh Desh? Strepsils has come up with an innovative way to spread awareness among the nation. And I am glad to be a part of it.  We know that raising our voices against all that is bad in our country is a power that we all have. Let’s put that in use and the power of our voice & work towards a Swachh Bharat.
Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega !
Afterall who wouldn’t agree that we all know when we need to speak up for a cause ! It might also happen that we could end being the first person to stand up for something which you must. Also its true that a single person cannot make the whole of the nation clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness. And its true to its word.
No matter what happens we must thrive to speak up when it comes to swachhta of our motherland! I would inevitably raise my voice against the following 5 social causes :

Speak up when someone is cutting down trees !

I love nature and all the beauty it has gifted us with. And when someone tries to destroy them I can’t help but feel my blood boiling. I almost got into a fight with a house owner in my neighborhood when he got a tree cut down, I did not want to give damn that they had permission for it. It was strong and beautiful tree from ages and on the roadside! Not like it was in the middle of your site or something. I wish more people could speak up when trees where cut down because last time I raised my voice for it , I remember it was all by myself. yes , nobody I repeat nobody stood up with me and the dumb owner got away with the brutal act of murdering a beautiful life. If there are no trees how do you think we will have a clean India? Time to think.

Raise your voice when you see someone littering :

The whole nation is buzzing with the Swachh Bharth campaign started by PM Narendra Modi. One must raise their voice but most importantly we ourselves have to stop littering (that includes me) So the next time you see someone throwing away chocolate wrappers or waste polythene bags or any other waste, go to that person and speak up. Let us all be a part of this noble cause and make our country a better place to live in!

Raise your voice when you see people smoking in non smoking areas:

So Govt is doing everything from banning sale of lose cigarettes to fining , but the waery masses fail to understand this. They continue to smoke thinking it might look cool (Not including those who call death upon themselves by telling its their addiction) I have seen guys in my campus smoking and how I wish I had the strength to speak up ! But I am always warned to keep away ( Rowdy hai mat ulajh blah blah)  Smoking is as injurious to someone who is not smoking, but is standing beside someone who smokes. We must make use of the law which states smoking in public is banned, and speak up when you see someone smoking in public or at places where smoking is banned. It pathetic to see people smoking in hospitals and child play areas ! High time we put a stop it!

Raise your voice when you see someone pelt stones at the street dogs:

Not just pelting but I have seen spoilt teens burst crackers near street dogs and make fun of them !  This should stop. Seriously abusing animals is not fun. Beating them or hurting them because you think it is funny is not a joke. Throwing stones at animals cannot be accepted. STOP it, and speak up.

Raise your voice against dowry:

I had no idea how badly India was affected with dowry cases until I watched Dawat e ishq two months back. The cases of exploitation of women because of dowry demands keep coming every day. Again, this is an illegal thing but it is very much persistent. Stand up, and speak up against it.
High time we realised the importance of speaking up.Time to STOP being a silent spectator NOW. Let’s speak up. Speak up for a clean and happy India.
This post is written as a part of an initiative by Strepsils on Indiblogger.
You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter also.


  1. This is a nice one Najm.. We all are very responsible citizens, sometimes something seems to hold us back. It may be multiple reasons but it reminds me of a dialogue from Batman begins - "It is not what you think but what you do that matters". I guess that is the bit about being proactive too :)

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