Saturday, November 15, 2014

#Singlesday on Twitter!

November 10th was single’s day and making the most advantage of it was Alibaba turning the day from’ single’s day to ‘shoppers day’ Alibaba's Singles' Day , reaching the billion was its sales nearing $7bn!

When did an obscure holiday devoted to single people, a kind of anti-Valentine's Day, become China's biggest shopping day of the year ? Singles' Day in China was adopted by Alibaba in 2009 to boost sales and now we tweetaars trend absurd things on this day!

Four days back it was Single’s day ( Not that its important you should know there’s some stupid day like a single wala club day too!)
So yeah , almost interesting trends took to trending on twitter.
Two of which became very popular

1) #HowToEndARelationship :

Funny and few stupid things were tweeted ( even I ended up tweeting a few :not proud: )
Twitter trends have lost their touch since twitterattis were overtly populated by celeb fans and since than most of the trends you’ll see would be either movie name of a next release or Sallu champu fans SRK champi fans fighting who and who is the best actor among the two. (Not to forget long legged deepika’s increasing fans trending 7 years of deepika*vomits* )
But once in a while it is good to see good trends other than bollywood, cricket and politics ! Anyhoo few of the tweets that caught my eye (including one of the tweets I tweeted;) are below


2) Coming to second next popular trend on twitter on #Single’sday was


This is another trend which makes you think what kind of heelariious hilarious people are out there on twitter.
But the first thing that popped up in my lousy brain was logic. Broken hearts go to suicide sites right? So I had a lot of free time on my hand went looking for the best 6 places where these so called broken hearts could go to embrace their destiny
Suicide is always a terrible tragedy that hurts everyone it touches, in one way or another. Even so, some people view the end of their life as a grandiose final act (And this is something I’ll never understand!) , and insist on making a spectacle out of it! I am totally against this hideous act of taking ones own life, but we can only feel sad for those who commit them.

So yep, I now present you the five of the most dangerously interesting suicide landmarks where broken souls can be sabotaged completely.

1. Overtoun Bridge
Even Dogs love this place to end their lives ! No kidding… read on for more
Overtoun Bridge, located in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, is famous because it was found that not just humans buta large number of dogs have leaped from the bridge since the 1960s. An animal habitat expert investigated the area and found that the odors of mice and mink in the undergrowth on the side of the bridge stimulated the dogs, causing them to take the plunge.

2. Eiffel Tower
At first I couldn’t believe , but its sad a place we refer to love is used by many to end lives !It is difficult to connect this romantic dating attraction with suicide.The “Iron Lady” has seen its share of jumpers. So many, in fact, that it is said to be the third most popular means of suicide in the entire country (right behind poison and hanging).

3. Aah the Bridges !: Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It is a must-see attraction in San Francisco, featuring splendid ocean views. However, it is also known as a famous suicide spot.The total number of suicides exceeded 1300 in 2008.

4.Beachy Head
Located in Southern England, Beachy Head, a chalk headland. It is essentially a majestic, 531-foot (162-metre) drop into the sea below. As such, it is one of the foremost suicide spots in the world (around 20 documented cases annually).Known as one of the most "romantic" suicide spots in the world, it is estimated that over 20 people have ended their lives there every year

5.The Gap
The interesting thing about  this point is that the efforts of Don Ritchie, who has been awarded the title "The Angel of the Gap." Whenever he saw a person walking toward the cliff, he would talk with them and invite them to have a cup of tea. He has saved 160 lives so far..
Don was a WWII veteran who lived right next to the most popular jumping cliffs. He had a habit of wandering over to jumpers who were bidding goodbye to the world and engaging them in conversation, often starting with the phrase “Can I help you in some way?” . Well not anymore sadly he died in 2012 but he ended up saving more 150 lives!
Numerous people have chosen it as the terminal station of their lives since 1800.The Gap is the Australian (and therefore automatically more dangerous) version of the Beachy Head we mentioned earlier.

Sadly they look beautifully serene from the pictures I saw, hopefully people realise the value of a life and put an end to this suicidal act.

Also guess who were seen taking advantage of this trend , none other than our beloved @Flipkart , who hit the trend button after they hosted a #FlipkartSingle’sDay contest on the same day.
Till the next twitter post..


  1. Ha ha ha :D .This is hilarious. After all the pomp and splendor for the valentine's day, it was about time that the singles got what they deserved, a day they can celebrate and pamper themselves a little.

    A very clever marketing strategy indeed :)

    1. A marketing strategy that hit of well with the masses :) I am glad you liked it :)

  2. Hehe...interesting indeed..and hilarious too... :-D

  3. Funny tweets :) But, actually serious... relationship ended!
    Thanks for sharing!