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Evolution of Online Market places !

Its 21st century and the use of Internet has revolutionized the way we do everything. By everything I mean every single thing out there ! We humans have pretty much become dependent on the internet for everything, from social media to information and entertainment to shopping and ecommerce.  It has also changed the way we buy and sell our products and services. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers , single sellers have discovered the increasing amount of trade been carrying out online and are active to participate and profit from selling and buying online. Hence when a website with no middlemen was out , everybody wasted no time to register and benefit from it, it is here were comes in the picture.

However, advertising can be very expensive and it may either not reach the right people or it may only reach a few of the right sort of people. Having a website is a good idea, but just having it does not necessarily mean that you will get visitors to the site or that your customers can find it on the web.

With a huge number of online shopping portals flooding the internet what I missed was some kind of online classified that could bring a seller and a buyer meet together without a middlemen involved. And with Quikr here it is a dream for those wanting to buy or sell with no middlemen whatsoever!


Quikr have literally taken the Indian classifieds by storm due to its user friendliness and ease of access; not only has it made life a whole lot simpler for people all over India; but, in fact, Quikr has brought almost everything you could be looking for under a single roof!

There was a time when we had to run around every nook and corner to search for something we wanted buy or wish you could sell it because you were relocating your house or you were gifted the same product thrice by your numerous friends and relatives or wish to sell it simply because you don’t use the item anymore ,which is nearly impossible with printed advertisements (Which ofcourse will cost you more than you expect it to) Well no more worrying as now you can just sit back and relax while you do your searching around from the comfort of your bed. (Doesn’t that sound wonderful ;)

Quikr is one of the India’s largest online and mobile classifieds portals all over India.Quikr now supports the customer with finding, renting, or buying any product or service just by giving a missed call!

But ofcourse most of you out there might have a hunch if the adds placed on quikr could be trusted . First of all its important that you take a few precautions while dealing with stuff on quikr but all the while I’ve never experience any kind of problem till now , but today is a trusted online classified portal where you can easily place an add for free in multiple and exhaustive categories through which you can directly reach out to the buyer or seller.

My experience with

Aviary Photo_130600348613983940

I have been using Quikr from like past 4 years ! It all began with renting out our apartment and my first add on quikr stayed not more than 12 days, it was through quikr when we were introduced to our very nice tenants who evacuated our apartment previous year. Not just that I have been advertising on quikr on several occasions and everytime I was left satisfied. It was not until recently did I know that we could sell used products too ! That is something. All of these aside I was not so worked up about buying on quikr but until recently where blogadda shortlisted me for the shop and write a C2C experience on quikr website.

Selling and posting an add on quikr is something I was familiar with but buying something I wanted on quikr was a whole new story for me, so when I grabbed the opportunity to shop on quikr. The first thing I did was downloaded the quikr app on my cellphone and went on to window shop for not more than 40 minutes before I zeroed upon a very alluring product. *Smirking*

Quikr app

Quikr app on my mobile.

How it runs:

I was looking out to buy something worth 5000 INR and I found it was easy peasy to find the desired product I was looking for.

Procedure for buying

If you wish to buy a product on Quikr, all you have to do is choose your location (below is a snapshot of the first thing which appears when you visit quikr) and the next step is to select the category of the product you’re interested in buying. Now browse through the adds and directly reach the seller who put the add! That simple!

Procedure for selling:

You can place an add in just 30 damn seconds ! you heard it right ! you don’t even have to login to place an add on Quikr ! Isn’t it wonderful when all you have to do is

   -Click on ‘Post Free Add’

   -Select a category for the product

   -Post the add

  And all this for FREE!

My buying experience:

quikr fiesta

I found these flipkart GV’s for sale on discounted price ( ran around in circles for finding it so quickly). As I already registered with quikr , quikr search showcased sellers from my city, which made it even more easier for me to pick up my seller! After which everything went so fast , so smooth that I was tempted to go on shopping spree right away on quikr all over again !

All I did was went through the categories , (Quikr has categories numbering over 12 and sub-categories over 100+ range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs,discount coupons, entertainment, furniture, electronics and much more!) and finally found what I wanted on the discounted category in just 3 clicks ! yes ! (Home And Lifestyle---> Discounted & sale items----> Search Desired Product )

After which I contacted the sellers via mail. Tell you what , not more than 4 hours passed when I got replies to the mails and I chose the best discounted product and contacted the seller accordingly.

After which everything went so smoothly not to forget I the vouchers I bought within 24 hours of sending the mail !Yes , so quick ! ( After which I started wondering if the name ’Quikr’ was actually derived from the word’ quick’ I know very silly of me but which turned true in my case!)

--Mailed sellers

--Selected the seller with the best discount on the product


-- Gave him a call.

--Finalized and got his bank details over whatsapp.

--Logged into my online bank account and added him as a beneficiary .

--Made payment after beneficiary was confirmed after 4 hours ( SBI you need to improve here okay?)

-- Asked the seller to acknowledge once payment was received.

-- Seller sent Gv immediately upon receiving payment.

quikr snapshot

-- On receiving voucher ( value of one voucher worth 5k + value of another 200  ) I confirmed they were all working and of promised value by checking it on Flipkart Gv sec.

And both buyer aur seller had one happy hassle free experience on Quikr !

Tada! And I had the vouchers ready to shop in no time ! But I was happy to have a found a seller who was soft spoken (It helped that I was from the same city) he was a kannadiga :D

-- And then it was time to shop fro the GV’s I had bought (FLIPKART! WHEE) As flipkart was running discounts on the clothing section , I went shopping o the apparel and the dresses which I bought were for so less ( First of all discounts on the GV while buying em on quikr , second of all discounts on the website so I was a happy HAPPY girl at the end of this MAHA shopping spree) *Jump of joy* (Not to forget my mom was all praise of me when I told her about the discount story on quikr ^-^ *More jumps of joy*

Aviary Photo_130600360668875849

Few of the products I shopped for from the discounted GV’s I bought on Quikr. *Cheeky grin*

Whether you are looking for buying or selling a product or a service,be it a new one or a used one, Quikr is by far the best place to market it on! Undoubtedly Quikr is buyer aur seller ka the perfect matchmaker! Do try it today !

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  2. Have heard so much about the site...though I'm yet to try it out...thanks for such a detailed review.

  3. Wonderful review done, you provoke me to check out the site :)

    1. I am glad I have provoked someone to take the a great move. :)

  4. Great review !
    Would u like to follow each other n stay in touch.

    1. Thank you Ananya !
      Now following you :)

  5. Nice one Najm.. They seem to have come up with a very user friendly application. I specifically liked the image, did you design the first one? It has come out brilliant :)

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