Monday, November 24, 2014

Fat Cat Gaming App review for Android!

Todays youngsters with every passing day are on the on look for more excitement and fun in whatever they do in life , hence when it came to gaming what better way than putting that extra interesting content by making it a lottery gaming app ? You heard it right ! The all new FATCAT gaming app will not only allow you to play games, share with your friends but you also stand a chance to win some fabulous prizes that will blow your mind !
Sometimes playing a game and also winning something can be a fun and exhilarating experience. The rush of seeing whether or not you’re a lucky winner is an exciting thought and unique concept can even be pretty fun. Online, social and mobile gaming is red hot, experiencing phenomenal growth which is forecast to continue. Now that most of our lives have gone mobile, lottery games have gone mobile too and you can take that exciting experience with you no matter where you are.
Wish play win
SHM Entertainment Ltd has designed an online gaming platform whose apps are marketed under the brand, “Fat Cat” ! Currently the platform allows players to play two unique games on their smartphones and tablets. It Compatible for Android and IOS users.
You can be a part of a real Game Changer! They are also crowd funding ! Fantastic returns from a unique lottery concept!
How many of you even indulge in traditional lottery at present? I am pretty sure the answer would be in very less digits but when lottery is introduced into play games on mobile they are more fun and entertaining than traditional lottery yet still allow players to compete for the chance to win life-changing prizes! Voila ! You play and win , and by win its not just some badge its Cash prizes and luxury holidays ! Way to Fat Cat Gaming app!
When we play a game we want it to be adventurous, exciting and entertaining. Every single time. You might also want it to be convenient and easy to play. Gaming is now hobby of so many youngsters out there but with Fat Cat everything changes, the games becomes fun along with challenging.
Fat Cat game is definitely simple to install and has no complicated rules. Best of all you get to to win a prize. Yes, a meaningful prize.
Its not just some points to buy another skateboard or some badge or some other achievement ! It gives you opportunity to win a PRZE ! :D
Here’s my profile on Fat Cat Gaming app ! I abso-LOVING-lutely loved the gaming app!
Save fatcat
Fat cat save link
You just have to sign in from your mail Id , you’ll receive an activation link from the registered mail Id you used to login. Once you click on the activation link you have to press a 5 digit passcode( which will be your password for future login purposes) ,after which you’ll play a fun game and tada just after that you get choose the 6 brands you want to associate with based on which you’ll win prizes!!! That’s it ! Your ticket will be confirmed and you just have to sit back to see if you win it or not ;)
Overall Fat Cat game app is a fun, engaging and social app, offering players the chance to win life-changing prizes!

Go check out the app here ! You’ll love it <3


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