Friday, November 28, 2014

Even after 20 years, DDLJ trending strong on Twitter.

Who hasn’t heard about the SRK and Kajol starrer blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge ? Then my dear you are definitely not an Indian or there;s something wrong with the kind of movies you watch ! Indian Cinema’s iconic love story that redefined love for the generations to come will complete its 1000 weeks of timeless romance.

Anywhoo DDLJ completed 1000 weeks and making it even more extravagant  was Yash Raj Films is in full mood to make 1000 weeks of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ an extravaganza by releasing a new trailer of the movie.
To celebrate the success of the film, the king of bollywood ie SRK along with Kajol devgan will appear on the television show Comedy Nights With Kapil. Considering the fun the film shares and love it spreads across the whole of nation, Comedy Nights With Kapil is the perfect place to celebrate the happiness this film has delivered across billions of people for 1000 weeks.
Celebrating 1000 weeks of “Timeless Romance”, this new trailer was trending on Twitter with hashtag #DDLJNewTrailer.
Released on October 25 1995, the Shah Rukh- Kajol starrer movie will complete its 1000 weeks at box office on December 12 2014. (So in love with the new trailer)
And today Twitter was buzzing with DDLJ jokes (What DDLJ would look like if it were filmed by some other person) .And I must say I haven’t enjoyed a trend so much since long, its good to see twitter bringing back the humor touch in its trending topics. First Simran took trending which was later followed by DDLJ.
DDLJ and Simran trending on twitter today (28/11/2014)
Below are a few tweets which actually made ROFL. No kidding they are so damn funny :D

Which one of them made you laugh or smile ?  Do lemme know by commenting <3
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  1. Aaaah!! This is a really neat thing to know. It had some amazing bits in the movie, a nice plot, amazing acting and of course Kajol :)

    1. yes, I am happy this is a movie that stayed back with the masses :)

  2. One of the few movies which I saw more than once. :)

    1. Really ?! I have seen it more than 30 times :D

  3. This is a nice reminder into the flashback ;)