Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crazy wali bucket list: 10 things to do before I die…

“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.”
Bucket List

As creative people we tend to get lost in our day to day projects of our lives and lose focus on the things we would like to experience in life.
So it is best we make a list of all the goals we wants to achieve, dreams we want to fulfill and life experiences we desire to experience before we die. We all have our own wishes some want to be rich, to be known, a few want to have a fandom and be successful . It is always good to make a list of our dreams, goals, adventures, and life experiences we’d like to have.
A few days ago, I came across a beautiful topic on Indispire. It quickly inspired me to create my own wish list !

So here are the 10 things I would like to do before I become ' Pyaari to Parwardigaar' :P
  • Own my dream closet:
I have always been a fan of glamour and fashion. It has always been my dream to own all the gorgeous heels & pretty dresses in the world ^_^ . Hopefully someday I’ll be able to dress like a princess everyday..

  • To go on a hajj pilgrimage with my family every year :
Amidst all the complications and excitement of life I would like to take out time for a pilgrimage of love and peace every year along with my family to the holy place Mecca ! It has been one of my biggest dreams. :)

  • Receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter:
Ever since I was a child I was a crazy fan of the whole of Harry potter book and movie series. I was so obsessed with the books , I have forgotten the number of times I have reread them again and again. As for the movies I fell in love with Daniel and Ema a long time ago ! When I was a child I used to get this weird dreams of going on a adventure with trio bestie in Hogwarts and dating malfoy aka Tom Felton :P Harry potter has been a very important of my life since the book 1 and I consider JK Rowling a great role model. So you can see how attached I am to her books and just like so many other Harry Potter book fans out there I too wish to receive a letter from Hogwarts stating that I was a wizard all along living amidst the muggles ( Ps: an apology letter for sending in so late would be appreciated :P)
Twitter has taken the world by a storm and I am no survivor, the twitter addiction has caught up on me and I just lurvvv tweeting * pappis and jhappis to twitter * It’s the best thing ever happened to social media and I wish to get a million followers and feel what it is to be like a twitter celeb :Dbecome a twitter celeb
  • Move out on my own:
It has always been my wish to move out on my own be it just for a month or even a week! I have always wanted to experience how it is to live and sustain all by myself ! I am sure it would be fun !
  • Go on an adventure with three hottest celebs.
World is brimming with hot men and I want to go on an adventure date with not one but three of my most favorite good looking men who made it to my best 10 list ! And the 3 men are Johnny Depp , James Mc voy and Chris pine. I want it to be a Steamy raunchy eventful adventure *ahem *

fashion brand
  • Be in a cupcake eating contest.
One thing about me is I hate questions like “ Want another cupcake?” I mean common who would say NO to a cupcake ?!!! I Love cakes, cupcakes or anything with the word cake in it , one reason why I gatecrash birthday parties of far far away annoying relatives also :P If you give me free cake you can make me do anything! So yeah its very easy to manowofy or bribe me! just a box of cupcakes and our work is done ;) It has always been my dream to participate in infinte cupcake eating contests.These contests are like food heaven for a cupcake lover!
  • BE RICH. Donate more than a ten million to an important cause:
  • Women and rich are two terms that we women love to see together ;) I you are rich you get to shop to your hearts content, own villas, travel around the world , fulfill every wish in your bucket list , so ou see being rich is so important :P So yeah I want to be so rich I can donate much of my wealth!
  • Be trained in firearms and hand-to-hand combat:
Ever since I watched Resident evil and Salt I have this thing for guns and fights. Not just that I have watched almost all movies filled with firearms and combat action! When I was in school I joined in for karate classes but couldn’t go on after my 9th as we were cut in from such activities for the sake of board exams :| I have always wanted the stamina and strength to carry out all the heroic firing and fighting ! So yes, I want to  fight aggressively with firearms and combat before I die . Hmph!
Bucket List
  • To own a library :
I am hard core book lover. What would be better than owning a library of my own !
Have you penned down your bucket list yet? If not I suggest you create one like NOW ! :D #LifeDeathBucketList


  1. I am totally on board for the 10th one Najm. It has been an eternal dream of mine to own a huge library, the place of solace. All I can think of is an English Study, with some chairs and a lot of books, peace and quiet all through :)

    1. Your lovely description of a library makes it even more enticing & tempting to own one of my own libraries. And yes ofcourse eternal dreams filled with books is a the most beautiful dream :D

  2. I shall take your number nine and ten with a tea drinking contest :D
    I guess I should make one soon :)

    1. Tea drinking contest? Umm I would love to try this one too :D
      Oh yes you must make one too !

  3. Some interesting points ! Becoming twitter celebrity Liked it :-)

    1. Thank you for reading and liking it Paresh :)

  4. Wow thats the most interesting and creative post in the list ! liked :)

    1. Thank you :) Your's is a quite interesting list too dear :)

  5. So wonderful :) I want!
    Let us join having cupcakes :) Even if we lose the competition, we'll still have had lotsa cupcakes!

    1. Hahaha exactly dear, who cares who loses when we are in a cupcake eating contest * Huge grin*

  6. Wonderful must have taken a lot of effort in making this one, good thing is that the outcome totally justifies it. :-)

    I also want to be a twitter celeb and get into the Hogwarts ;-) I think I will keep a tab on the owls in my area...they might have lost their way in finding me ;-) I already have a library...there are some profits to be in a family of bibliophiles.

  7. I want to be in a cupcake eating contest...NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ahh what a crazy list! You earned my attention with Angie :-P
    May your wishes get fulfilled!

  9. Oh my God.... I loved this list to the core...!!!

  10. Yes I can contribute for your #4. All the best! Amen...

  11. I like the variety :) Seriously!
    And the 10th one is mine too.

  12. Nice List!! Makes me want to write one of my own as well. :)