Friday, August 8, 2014

Truly Utterly Beautiful Food ~ Eat with your eyes…

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the visual presentation of food is as equally important as the flavour of the food served…
There is a saying that people eat with their eyes first and while the quality of ingredients, color and coupling of flavours are the key elements in a successful dish, the food you serve in comes a close second. Why not ? Because serve ware plays a vital role in making your food look beautiful!
Gulab jamuns   
Borosil serveware

100_7077   borosil

Chicken samosa
Watermelon juice
Gobi manchuri
Bhindi ki sabzi

matar pulao , dal,laccha paratha
fruit custard
juice , borosil
With Borosil serveware you don’t have to try hard at being creative so you could get the best food presentation ! They are unique and lovely ! I have discovered I am in love with the beauties Borosil sent me :D !

This is a part of Borosil’s #beautifulFood Round 2 Contest held on Indiblogger…


  1. your watermelon juice and pomegranate are quite inviting.. and i love those kadala mittai :P