Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Height Trend- High low hemline dresses :My 5 best buys!

What happens when a flirty mini-skirt meets a longer maxi? "High-low" hemlines become a hot trend!
You will get to read all over the internet that a few fashion wizards have come up with a fix for those who debate whether to go with a short or a long dress. A party wear/ ethnic wear from the front and a formal dress from behind. This Wearing this hot trend makes one noticed. What is so special about this dress, and what are the upcoming trend?

One of the most adorable fashion trends for 2014 is high-low hem dresses. High-low hem is a style in which the hemline in the front part of the dress is shorter than the back part of the dress. These dresses are not only fun but  flirty too! These dresses are a great option for women who want to dress up different than the rest . It has emerged as one of fashion's most covetable trends, the outfit provides a cutting edge wardrobe collection!
In past two months I have been shopping ruthlessly (It was the season of sales, who am I kidding?) for these high low beauties and ended up owning atleast 10 of them *mini happy dance* ! Here are the best five ones I am loving at the moment !

high low hemline skirts

high low desi
INMARK High low hem
ira soleil ethnic
deal jeans high low hemline dress
High low hem dresses are also known as waterfall & fishtail  a high-low hem is one that is higher in the front than in the back. It can be both symmetric and asymmetric with the dip ranging in gradient.
High-low hem dresses were in fad in the earlier times as well. Formerly known as fishtail gown, and mullet dress, the outfit pictures the slender legs of the wearer, while also maintaining the elegancy factor.  High-low hems originate from the Victorian era and have filtered in and out of fashion consciousness ever since.They act as a transition from the coveted midi. Churning up the x factor from desi wear to western wear this trend has caught up with the whole fashion world!
People often refer to these dresses best for formal occasions,but these beauties can be so much more! Wear it to parties, college or to office they make you STAND OUT ! Lets not tag this to formals only , they are a great way to spice up any event be it festivals or new year parties ! High-low hems offer the best of both worlds and, in silk and chiffon, are immediately eye-catching among a sea of floor-length gowns. In cotton and polyster for Indian ethnic wear are worth a buy because they look kickass! believe me ever since I bought a high low hemline dress in ethnic range I haven’t been able to stop myself on splurging on such dresses !
The trend also works well by day; shorter styles in jersey will lend a nonchalant edge to your look. Skirts and dresses with a fitted waist are the most flattering, helping to create an hourglass silhouette. It is also believed these dresses make you look lengthy , which I am not sure about. 

Celeb Touch !
Though creating much buzz recently,Celebrities have already started taking advantage of this ingenious design. It has become a preferred clothing choice of celebrities many celebs both in our hometown Bolywood and hollywood.These ladies have been spotted flaunting very beautiful pieces from this new height trend !

Final views:
I am waiting for a Trench coat in the high low trend! it would be interesting to see winter wear in this trend!

With a high-low hem line dress, every woman can channel her inner diva. I can sum off that wearing this dress creates a fairy tale evening. :D

Are you smitten by this elegant trend too?
Let me know
Till then stay awesome !


  1. I have a top in high low hem top, its cute as people say.loved the dresses here

    1. Thanks dear and I am sure you looked too beautiful in your high low hem dress for people not to compliment :)

  2. Deal Jeans trauma *yaad diladiya* :'( Love the post! BTW: LOVE the new header too! <3

    1. Thank you Bushra ! don't you worry will soon find you something better than the traumatic Deal jeans ;)

  3. Lovely collection you have here. :)

  4. They actually look very pretty Najm :)