Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday favorites : Sci fi movies !

The other day I was watching Godzilla and I got so bored I actually skipped black dark some dumb machine fighting blah blah  few of the most boring scenes. Oh lets quip the whole movie actually can be quipped for a bore. It sucked up big time. No really with all the hype over the movie I expected much better story & action than borinnnnnnnnnnnnnng dinosaur monster fights. Yawn.
Last 3 months have been a lot of movie time for me and I ended up watching loads of sci fi and action movies of which few were disasters and few just blew my mind off! I am more of balancing hollywood and bollywood movie  types  but lately after I  watched 10 minutes of awful awful very awful salman khan starrer Kick , I lost faith in bollywood until it was restored  day before yesterday after I watched Mardaani :P
Bollywood is turning RemakeDisasterwood now. Sigh. The only movie which emerged as a winner until now of 2014 was Queen, others have left me quite disappointed.The reason why I ended up watching so many scifi movies from hollywood and of which I do not regret at all :D I caught up on the best of 2013 hits I missed watching and I have come with a list of best fives and the worst 5 , which turned out to be so bad I wished I had  not  watched them in the first place.
Best ones :
best of 5, scifi movies

Divergent tops the list. Its a beautiful movie with totally different storyline based on a novel by the same name. (Look out for : Hot kiss, stars hotty theo james , ^_^ :P) A great sci fi movie I must say.
Pacific Rim : When I first heard of this movie, I was not so excited about the movie but hey its a magnificent movie which will leave you breathless by the end of it !
Lucy: Loads and loads of woman powered action ! Did not let me down as I had high expectations from the movie :)
Star trek into darkness: Brilliant again …with all those action scenes you are left craving for more. can’t wait for its  next installment to release :D
Mr peabody and Sherman: Its shouts CUTE from every angle. A dog adopting a boy Aww. :P Plus its so sweet throughout the  frst half except that it falls flat on your face in the second half and you can hardly wait get rid of the movie :| But still its a cute action filled movie ^.^
Special mention for World War Z ! Brilliant in every way ! And Brad Pitt is the cherry on the top of the cake :D ( Watched it a very very long time ago :P But re watched times in 2014)
Worst ones :
sci fi movies
5 not so happening  ones,well I am not going to waste my time on these , except that I expected a lot from Angelina Jolie starrer maleficent and it turned out to be utterly Crap , the story felt so out of order ! Elisium was so err blunt. And Godzilla Boringzzzzzz I dozed off >_< . Coming to hummingbird , with Jason Statham in a more different role I expected so much and it left me SO disappointed  , Gah ! :|
I am hoping to watch X men days of future past , Hobbit and Guardians of galaxy for now !
So what are your favorites in action genre from what you have watched lately? Do share them with me :)


  1. I love your top 5 list :) except for World War Z, and I liked the effects of Godzilla on the big screen - but I would feel that a lot of it might be ordinary on television. As I watched After Earth, I am mostly immune, and don't feel most of the sci-fi movies are bad at all :D Maleficent is a weird fairy tale, and it is a positive only at times :D
    Nice that you added Peabody and Pacific Rim - loved them but people are reluctant to add it to their favourites :)
    Do watch Captain America II and Edge of Tomorrow when you wish to :)

    1. Thanks you Tenny . Edge of tomorrow is next on my list :) I toh loved World war Z totally :)

  2. good list Nisa, I found world war z a little overboard. Nice post.

  3. Turns out, I have missed out on all the movies in this list. I had heard so much about the pacific rim and somehow missed that too. And this year I missed out on Guardians of the Galaxy and I read some amazing reviews about that as well. looks like I am on a proper schedule now :D..

    After reading this, I am now very keen on watching Mr.Peabody

    1. I am looking forward to watch Guardians of galaxy too ! Do watch Mr Peabody, it can be a little childish but totally worth it :D

  4. In the divergent movie, only the leading pair was worth watching. There was many loop holes in the story-line, like what they were hiding from and why did they create such huge bars. The action movies this year are not worth watching. ;) :)